The Truth about the Coronavirus – 21 April 2020

Coronavirus – the Truth

William Costellia

21 April 2020

Dear People of God,

Peace be with you. For many months the world is trying to convince you — that the Coronavirus is what it is. Do not believe them. It is a way to control you in every way. How come great companies are folding-up within weeks — where are their roots.

What you are experiencing is the super powerful organisations controlled by the Illuminati and the Freemason organisations to reduce the world population, so that the Antichrist can take over. It is a means to control the public by reducing movements and bring the world into the Third World War.

This is not the last Virus, as there is another plan to bring a Virus which will be worse.

The Virus is true but it is taken beyond all belief, to control the people. The world will produce a Virus to control all of humanity — making it forceful — to take on a mark of recognition. Do not succumb to the authorities. There are many (and simple) ways of removing the Viruses, but mostly it is by seeking God’s Blessings. Use the remedies for the Coronavirus — the “Good Samaritan Oil” (1). For the next Virus — which will attack the heart and lungs use Hawthorn (2). Turn to prayers as this will protect you.

I wish you God’s Blessings. Have a look at this video:

The Next News Network

“EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES fake pandemic numbers as economy collapses”

William Costellia


See Dr. Rashid Buttar’s website:

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(1) “Natural Medicines” (Luz de Maria website)

See this link:

Search on Google: “Good Samaritan Oil”

(2) See Message 805 – 12 April 2020: [about another virus that will attack the heart and lungs]