Roman Order – Month of May 2020

The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother

The month of May, the month of Mary

It’s the Month of Mary, it’s the most beautiful month

To the Virgin Darling let’s say a new song

Dear Romanists,

In May, we have the pleasure of admiring the most beautiful flowers in our garden.

In May, our hearts are brightened up because the summer is here. The cold winter gives way to the sun’s rays, and we are happy to take advantage of it. No more greyness of this harsh season. Joy returns.

But what is important especially in this month of May is that it is dedicated to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

Present in our lives, we pray to Her, we confide in Her. The Virgin Mary is Our Mother, Our Confident. She guides and supports us. Thanks to Her, under Her Holy Protection, we are safe and sound. It protects us from the greatest evils.

We can always count on Her, on Her Holy Presence in our lives.

In this month, let’s make Her the Most Beautiful Flower of May, the Most Beautiful Flower in our garden.

In the Gospel according to Saint John, the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary appears only at the Wedding at Cana “Do whatever He tells you” and during the Passion where Jesus entrusts her to the “Beloved Disciple” who is Saint Jean.

With the Apostle Saint John, in this Johannine Year, to live with fervor and piety the Month of Mary, I invite all Romanists to set up a resting place where everyone will exhibit a Marian icon of their choice. Thus, all the Romanists will pray in front of their repository and will do silent contemplation. If you wish, you are invited to take photos of your repository, and share them with us.

Dear Romanists, I would like you to be able to experience in depth The Love of Our Lady in this month. Her Love is Huge, Her Love is Powerful. It is a consolation for our torn, tormented hearts, for our injured hearts. The Love of Our Redemptive Mother is a Repairing Balm. It heals, heals, softens. The Love of our Heavenly Mother is the remedy for all our ills.

The Love of Our Redemptive Mother is Miraculous. It consoles, and soothes. In Mary, we can find Refuge when we are exhausted, when the Cross is heavy. Like a Mother, She is present for us on the way to Calvary, as She was for Jesus.

Our Heavenly Mother is waiting for us to come to Her and ask Her for everything we need. She is the Dispenser of all Graces, The Inexhaustible Source of Mercy. In Her Heart, there is room for all. Her love has no limits, her love is immeasurable.

We must not be afraid of Her Love which is only goodness. And it is not difficult to understand Her Love for us, since She is Our Mother.

Every day when you go to Her, to the Resthouse that you have made in Her Honor, do not be afraid to strip yourself of everything that prevents you from moving forward. Do not be afraid of your Mother. Contemplate Her Beauty, contemplate the sweetness of Her Face of Love, let yourself be carried away by Her beauty and you will be transformed, you will feel comforted.

In silence speak to Her with confidence; and in your heart you will then feel Peace. It will soothe your soul.

Dear Romanists, I would like you to be deeply touched by the Love of Our Mother. Her Love transforms, and makes better. Her Love is the One who leads us to Jesus Our Savior. His Love is Eternal Happiness.

Let us be guided by Her, and She will lead us to the Heart of the Father, for She is the Way to Eternal Life.

On May 8, I invite you to participate in the perpetual recitation of the Most Holy Rosary. If you wish, we suggest that you register for the hours that suit you, so that all the Romanists from the four corners of the Earth are united by a prayer chain.

Our Mother often asked us to pray the Most Holy Rosary, because it is a Powerful Weapon against Satan.

Dear Romanists, let’s not forget that the Blessed Virgin Mary was offered to the world to overcome Evil. Her representations often show Her crushing the head of the Serpent. This gesture only confirms the Omnipotence of Our Mother Mary the Redemptive Mother.

Mary is the One who will open the “Porte Paradis” for each of us. Let us recognize Our Mother as being Mediator, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate. This Marian Dogma is very Important. Her Proclamation is accompanied by very Great Graces. I invite you to pray throughout this month for this intention.

We are called to live in unity. Despite the distance that separates us, we are close by prayer, by Mission. To continue this unity, let us offer the following words to Our Lady as a prayer of thirty:

The name of the Father who separated the waters from Heaven and Earth,

and of the Son who treads and calms the storm

and the Spirit hovering over the oceans.

Virgin Mary, Queen of the waves to whom sailors, even disbelievers, have always been devout,

see at your feet your sons who would like to rise up to you.

Get them: a pure soul like a sea breeze,

a strong heart like the waves that carry them,

a will stretched like a veil under the wind,

an attention that watches without softening like a gabier in the top,

a body well armed for the struggles against the storms of life.

But above all, O Notre Dame, do not leave them alone at the helm,

raise them to the pitfalls where they would run aground

before anchoring, near You, in the port of Eternity. Amen.

Dear Romanists, Mary is the One who guides us on the waves of this earth, it is She whom we must follow to stay forever in the Barque of the Mission.

Our Lady holds in Her Hands the Boat of Saint Peter, and we must anchor ourselves in Her Heart.

Peter II, Peter the Roman holds the rudder. Let us be good sailors, let us hold the sails of the Mission. Let’s help him, and let’s always be ready.

I pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary for each and every one of you. Let us remain under Her Protection by conforming our lives to Her Holy Requests.

I accompany you throughout this month. I would be close to you by Prayer. I give you My Blessing. I love you all

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

The Superior General of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother.