Real Facts behind Coronavirus – 12 May 2020


12 MAY 2020

The Pandemic of the Coronavirus is a very important punishment from God, but men believe that it is so bad that they have to keep everyone enclosed with very small freedom. Yet it is very clear that the world authorities are using their power to control the people.

This is only the beginning as it is the beginning of the Antichrist’s control. The fact is that even though it is a bad Virus it remains just a little more than other diseases in the world.

The authorities have gone too far closing nearly all ways of living. It would have been better to leave people in the world and place the separation between people, like they did in Sweden – and no Company would be struggling.

So the Antichrist has been able to control the human race. It has been placed in the people of the world’s mind that we need to be controlled and with another Virus coming, they will try to control all of mankind. I ask all people to study the work of Dr. Rashid Buttar (videos on website – see links below).

Dear people, I ask that you think very carefully at what you are doing. If you have the sickness, go to the Doctor; but if you have not, do not get yourself attached to a record. Trust in God and turn to Him, because He has the answers and He loves and cares for you.

Here are the records:

Infecting more than 4,852,424 and killing 243,281. Most of those who have died are people over 70 and all had an illness beforehand.

As of the 7th May 2020 – Covid-19 update:

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597,979 cases: Turkey, Iran, China, India & Saudi Arabia.


1,595,437 cases: the five countries reporting most cases are United States: 1,228,603; Brazil: 125,218; Canada: 63,3496; Peru: 54,817; Ecuador: 29,240.


1,459,723 cases: Spain: 220,3225; Italy: 214,457; United Kingdom: 201,201; Germany: 166,091; Russia 165,929.


8,284 cases: Australia 6,875; New Zealand: 1,139; Guam 151; French Polynesia 60; Fiji 18.


Africa: 2,011

Asia: 20,730

America: 94,122

Europe: 146,293

Oceania: 125



Deaths due to Covid-19:

290,000 world-wide; more than 1 million have recovered

World Population:

8 billion

Deaths per year – other causes:

15.2 million – Heart

646,000 – Influenza

2 million – Aids

2 million – Cancer

3,098,999 – because of lack of food

1 child dies from hunger every 10 seconds

9 million die of hunger each year

800 car crashes with people that die in a week

25,840 die of heart attacks daily

15.2 million die each year of Ischaemic heart disease

3 million – Chronic obstructive

1.7 million – Cancer

1.6 million – Diabetes

1 million – Dementia

3 million – Lower respiratory

1.4 million – Diarrhoeal

1.3 million – Tuberculosis

1 million – H.I.V. Aids

1.4 million – Road injuries

150,000 deaths per day world-wide – 100,000 die aged between (72 – 76)

Leading causes of death: Heart, Cancer, Respiratory, Diabetes

In comparison:

646,000 – Flu estimates world-wide that die each year compared to:

290,000 – deaths due to Covid-19


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