Petition (Votum) for Solemn Declaration – 13 May 2020

L’Ordre Romain de la Mère Rédemptrice

Votum en vue d’une Définition Dogmatique Solennelle de Notre Dame comme étant Médiatrice de toutes les Grâces, Co-Rédemptrice et Avocate.


The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother

Petition (Votum) for a Solemn Dogmatic Definition of Our Lady as Mediator of all Graces, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate.

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The attached forms are in the following Languages: ENGLISH, CHINESE, SPANISH and FRENCH.

The Plan is to gather as many signatures as possible and present them to certain Vatican authorities who will benefit from the enormous flood of requests from the ordinary People of God — that God should be Glorified and His Mother Mary be honoured by Her children, so that many Graces will flow upon the Church and the World. With Mary, may God raise up the Saints of this time around Mary their Queen and Mediatrix of All Grace and Co-Redemptrix and Advocate — and crush the ancient serpent, the devil. May Our Lady bring forward in time the Second Coming of Jesus for the sake of God’s children.

Please send your signed copy of the Form by email to:

If you cannot print this form (below) then just write it out by hand in a simple way then PRINT your Name and Email address then hand write your signature and take a photo of this paper on your smartphone — then send the photo by email to the above email address.


Download PDF Forms (for Signatures)


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