Message 807 – 13 May 2020


NO. 807

The current Coronavirus is a small chastisement, because mankind has forgotten to pray – Mankind will continue to go into darkness until they turn to God – The next Virus will cause much damage – Israel will be attacked by Iran and neighbouring countries; war will break out in the Middle East to reach France, Spain and Germany; Italy will be invaded – The Seven Punishments of God will still come – The Queen and Duke will be removed.

WILLIAM: I had nearly forgotten that Our Holy Mother was coming today.

I see a huge mountain – it looks like it is in Switzerland. In front and a bit to the top I see the White Cross and it shines all over the world, it seems. I hear the Angels sing: It is Our Lady of Fatima. I see the White Cross open up and Our Holy Mother comes forward dressed in all white as Our Lady of Fatima. I see the children of Fatima, when they had the Visions and behind Our Lady I see all of the Seers since the beginning of the time when Our Lady went to Heaven. The children are in front of Our Holy Mother.

Our Lady comes to my room and there are thousands of Seers and Visionaries with Her. Our Lady is wearing the Crown of Fatima and She is holding a beautiful Rosary.

OUR LADY: “Be at peace, My brave son, William – soon to be Peter II in a most profound way.”

“Today I come as Our Lady of Fatima – The Queen of Peace. I have brought with Me, all the souls who have received revelations from My Divine Son and I and many Angels and Saints, to show Our children of how much We love them and to have the Holy Words of Divinity, to guide Our children in the dark days that you will be going through.”

WILLIAM: Our lady comes closer. Jacinta and Francesco are closer to me and stand behind me.

OUR LADY: “My beloved Little Peter and My children of the Light: Today I come as your Guide in these moments of great trial. Remain at peace and trust in My Hand that will guide you through these dark and lonely days, but be not afraid, as Heaven is with you. Today, I have brought with Me these souls who have won their victory many years ago, to assist Our children, so that you will go through these moments with strength.”

“The current Coronavirus is but a small chastisement from the Eternal Father, because mankind has forgotten to pray and thank God for their lives, as they are busy searching their welfare in life. My children, so lost in the world, have gone into darkness. Why do you not open your eyes to the truth, because if you remain in the snares worked out for you by the Freemasons and the Illuminati, you will not find your road to Our Heavenly Father. Mankind are so busy thinking about their welfare, that they have lost the reason as to why they are on earth.”

“My children, why have you forgotten about God Who Loves you so very much? It is like a parent whose child has gone astray – that has forgotten to seek where it is going – yet they only need to recognize that they have gone off the track and that there is a Loving Jesus with open Arms, waiting for your response.”

“Mankind will continue to go into darkness, until they recognize their fault and turn to God, Who is awaiting their return.”

“The epidemic is only to take away their sense of believing in the truth, but there will be a Stronger Virus that will come to the world, that will shake mankind up.”

“My children of the world have gone too far in this epidemic, not allowing freedom and because of this they have caused the shutdown of humanity causing a great deluge, where all industries have closed causing damage to the economies, losing tens of thousands of jobs and it will take many years to recover. Why, My children? Why did not the people turn to God, Who would have given them an easy way out? But mankind have forgotten to ask Heaven and allowed the evil organizations to gain entrance into their lives. The next Virus will cause much damage; it will be only when mankind turn to God, will [that] all of these punishments go.”

“My children! My children! Do you not understand that the world is preparing [itself] to annihilate itself through a Great War before the Antichrist takes hold of the world. Have you not read the Messages of Fatima and [of] all Public Seers of the world? Did I not explain that the world is in great danger? The reign of the Antichrist is near; countries will go into war where Israel will be attacked by Iran and its neighbouring countries; where war will break out in the Middle East to reach France, Spain and Germany; where Italy will be invaded.”

“I ask you all to now read the Messages of Fatima, especially the Third Secret of Fatima. It is in that Message alone which speaks about the Two Popes and the Third World War. The Muslims are waiting to invade Europe, My children and much suffering will come upon the nations.”

This, My children is the beginning of the trials you will be asked to go through. When all is over with the Antichrist stopping the war, to introduce a false peace, know then that the Great Warning will come, to put a temporary hold on the Antichrist, while the whole earth is converted and most that are evil, will be placed into Hell.”

“But know this, that it is only the beginning of suffering, because even though the Warning is of a small duration, know that the Seven Punishments of God will still come and the full reign of the Antichrist.”

“My children, I ask you once again to study the Vision of the Seers and Mystics over many years, because they hold the Teaching of My Divine Son Jesus and I – and then you will understand of what I am saying.”

“Pray, My sweet children, because dark days are coming. Pray for the French Monarch and for Peter II, the Last Pope, who is also known as Peter Abraham II, because it is important that you know of whom I speak. Follow them, because it has come the time [the time has come] that their roles will be taken, so men will follow the Truth.”

Pray for Britain, because many things will happen and the Queen and Duke will be removed. Pray for Britain, because something of great sadness will come upon this nation, just before it turns to become Catholic in full, once again.”

Pray for Turkey, because it will engage in war very soon. Pray for Egypt, because it has hidden the one who will become the Ruler of the world.”

Pray for America – the U.S.A. – because there will brew many troubles in Government, as My son, Donald Trump must be careful, as many are those who wish to remove him. And pray for the U.S.A. as much suffering is coming its way.”

“As for you, My Chosen Son of Divine Love: I have many Plans for you – for shortly you will be free, as you prepare your long journeys around the world. The Illuminati is trying to uphold you, [hold you back] but they will not succeed, as you have thousands of Angels who surround you all the time. I Love you, My son and shortly you will meet with the Holy Monarch so that you will be able to prepare the way. Be not afraid, because Heaven is guiding you.”

“ I will speak with you privately, which is to remain with you.”

WILLIAM: Our lady gave me a private instruction. She came over to me and kissed me on the forehead and said that I am the Angel of Divine Love: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

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