Message to Yellow Lily – 12 July 2020

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada

12 July 2020


JESUS: My People Israel, remember your God is with you always with a plan! Do not doubt my closeness to you, with a plan! It is easy to be taken up with the affairs of the world and for some of you I call to pay close attention, but I say for the more, attend to the affairs of God alone, and armed with your rosary, your earnest love and a smile to above, this is all you need!

Are you not like small children as I call you to be?

I have a plan! A plan for each one, trust Me and smile! Avail yourself to Our Lady of the Smile, Our Lady of the Rosary, by smiling when you recite, be light of heart O Little Ones, many great victories are on there way for you and your world! Pray for all men of power, that they may use it wisely, remembering God exists.

The unrighteous of them are about to be summarily exposed.

To the nation of the United States and to its good people- most of you, I know every name and as you lead the world back to My Truth, so you are the crown of these times!

I call all to pray for its president, My President, Trump. The man chosen, the man who knows My name, has called Me publicly The Lord, nothing shall defeat him.

I tell you, he looks to the Cross, and bears in great measure all he has learned working against Me, his country men and all the people of the world; pray for him. Much is to be exposed very soon, it may alarm you if you are not first armed and settled in prayer, in your souls! Bear with your brothers and sisters what is to be revealed, all for good!

And to him currently occupying Peter’s Chair, you too, more materially exposed. I do not approve of the much you have done, but using you, allowing you to expose yourself and the utter rot existing in the Church, you are not immune, your robes do not excuse you, they accuse.

My language is clear, your ambiguous words fool no one of what you do and what will be reversed; I know what has been spent, filling your gullets with putrid matter, the roof lifted off and all exposed- the fall is coming.

I am the Good Shepherd, my sheep know my voice. Unafraid.


The Christ.