Message to Yellow Lily – 2 August 2020

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada

August 2, 2020


YELLOW LILY: After Holy Mass, and the Holy Rosary, I am continuing my prayers, I see in front of me my Holy Angel in white, Saint Cynthius, who asks me with a firm smile, “Do you see me?“ I answer yes and my angel sweeps to my right knelt in reverential prayer. I see Jesus is right behind, stepping forward, Our Blessed Lord is very tall, dressed in a white tunic, with a red mantle over His right shoulder. He is smiling brightly.

JESUS: My People, My Children, do not worry of the noise all around you – the noise of your world, screams, of falsehoods, and lies; I Am with you and you are with Me, we are one together.

Meditate on this Holy image: your Jesus is presented to the crowd all around Pilate’s Palace, a balcony, your Jesus is severely beaten, bloodied and purple, encrusted in His own Blood, and in dirt and in every human filth, He is swollen and torn, red with fever and blue with cold, shivering madly! He has no friends around Him, yet He knows in all the noise, the deafening crowd, screaming, He saw His Mother. She was My means and serenity, she filled Him: her voice, her speech, Her eyes, her face, her beauty beyond telling; her peace in the Will of God. Her Creature, Her Flesh, Jesus, was like melted wax, yet, there was more and more to be faced! Mary was there and is here, with you. Jesus invites you: when the confusion of the world threatens to overtake you, present yourself near Him so He is no longer just Him and Mary, there is you. Bring your family, your friends, acquaintances, bring all you know to Me and Mary so, at the moment of the screaming crowd, rioting for Christ’s Death, – the moment of Pilate’s political weakness and self-serving judgement, you are consoling us. Meditate on the looks of love being shared by Jesus and Mary, then to you, and all those who you share with us.

This is a great meditation, it is more this, – as Jesus says it, so it is. Amen.

My people do not spin as your world spins, do not worry of the noise surrounding you, you have all you need. Let the world that surrounds you be mystified in the mystery you are – a singular creation the world needs, and, the world recreated is destined for! We, your Lord and God, through and with Mary have all in hand. These events are planned, they are brief and ends known. Amen.

More meditations are to follow soon, digest this. Put yourself beside Me, indeed you are, as Pilate – afraid of the crowd – acquiesces, and Jesus is roughly grabbed to complete the Sacrifice; unafraid because you are with Me. Amen.

YELLOW LILY: Jesus now holds a very long taper that thins to a high top, lit. This represents all the souls for Heaven in the world. Jesus continues with me in private matters.