Message to Japanese Seer – 9 August 2020

Message to Japanese Seer – 9 August 2020

[Sent by Email to William Costellia]

2020.8.9 @23:10 (Our Lady)

OUR LADY: Camilo, write down My words.

Camilo, I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your Mother, the stronghold of sinners, the Mother of sinners, the Mother of you Christ-followers.

Camilo, I come to you today as Mary, the Mother of all salvation.

Read, Camilo, the Holy Book, my heavenly book, the Bible. And hasten to publish the book of truth, the voice of heaven, for the sake of all the children of heaven and of this world.

I want it to be published quickly in this untimely time. For the children of this Japan. For as many children as possible to be saved. May the grace of conversion be given to as many children as possible. I ask.

My beloved son, help you to begin your life in prayer always to fulfill your mission as one of the 12 apostles of My beloved son.

As I told My daughter, My daughter in my image, Lucia, the time is not much longer. How many, the children of this Japan will fall into the hands of Satan. What Mother Mary has been saying to our messengers for so many years has only been understood by a few children.

But everything is beginning to happen. There is no time left. Wake up, children, and wake up. And follow My Son, My beloved Son Jesus, the Most Holy Only Son of Heaven, the Son of Heaven. You must take notice and move, you who have been called. Take the banner of My Son, Jesus, and fight on. Now …

Lead as many innocent children as possible. Give the grace of conversion to as many sinners as possible. Then bow down before God the Eternal Father, our Father in heaven and the Creator of this world, and acknowledge your sins and ask forgiveness for your sins. Admit your sins and ask for forgiveness while there is still some time. Then walk with My Son Jesus to save as many children as possible.

Camilo, my beloved son, you will lead the people from this place. And you must lead as many children as possible and join hands with as many priests as possible. Later on, My Son Jesus will instruct you , but your mission as one of 12 Apostles is to treat and love as many of them as possible. And you need to save their spirits. This is very important, and you must remember that you have My beloved daughter, your beloved wife, Magdalena with you, so that you will not be defeated by the attacks of Satan.

This I entrust to you as the mediator of all grace. Fight with my daughter Lucia and together you will save and convert as many children as possible.

I bless you, Camilo, Lucia, Magdalena and your children.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Camilo, wait for instructions from your teacher and the chief of the twelve apostles, My Son Jesús. All that I said the other day to My daughter Lucia, I, the Mother of all salvation, I, Mary the Mother, have spoken. Do not send them out yet. I will let you know when the time is right. I will see you again, my dear son Camilo.

Confirm today’s message to my daughter Lucia and to the incoming Pope.