Message to Yellow Lily – 15 August 2020

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada

15 August 2020


YELLOW LILY: I have received a prompt to write; to see and report. After prayers, overwhelmed by the love of Almighty God, I am with my Guardian Angel, St, Cynthius, who as usual when I see them, has a wide, warm smile! How blessed! St. Cynthius says: “Your Queen Comes!”

As I raise my head from writing, I see my Angel, with a robust palm leaf in their right hand, using it to heavily sprinkle me and this scene with the Sacred and Precious Blood of Jesus (just before my vision opened up, I had asked the Eternal Father to cover me with Our Lords Sacred and Precious Blood). St. Cynthius spreads it liberally around, I hear the heavy rustle of the palms leaves as they spread this protection.

My Angel becomes solemn as I look up from writing, looking at me, saying, “Regard” My Angel turns to their left from facing me and I look in front of me and see Our Lady.

She is dressed in a simple gown, high waisted, it is long-sleeved and gathered at the wrists, an elegant lace is the bias, this extends to cover most of her hands. The dress has a lovely design, sprinkled all over this white gown are vivid lilacs, purple flowers gathered in a small, leafy bouquet tied together in a bow with long black thin ribbon.

Our Lady smiles gently as I look and try to describe all her dress!

Her head is covered in a long white mantle, her hands are together in front, I see a purple ribbon scoop down nearly meeting her high waist at the front, within the “scoop” of the purple ribbon on the front of the gown there are two more lilac bouquets as described, in the middle of these is a small pearl button.

Our Lady bows her head slightly and I see resting on the top of her head a little round crown, joined together by three sparkling diamonds one at the front two on either side. As I look up from writing, Our Lady looks up to the ceiling, her face is a picture of joy! Her great feast, reflecting her great honour, that when contemplated and celebrated by her, through her heart for all men, makes her rejoice further the incalculable glory of Almighty God. As she looks up, I hear Our Lady speak almost breathless in her contemplation of God:

OUR LADY: “My Sweet Children, Mark this day with me, in my joy, thanking God for the honour bestowed upon me as the Holy Mother of God! While today is the recognized feast, know this is celebrated perpetually so no day is missed in the Glory of Him: the Love and Salvation of all the world, if only men would avail themselves of it! At your fingertips, men of the world, salvation: the making new of the most scarlet soul!”

YELLOW LILY: I see more angels surround Our Lady as she speaks, they all imitate her look to above. Our Lady slowly lowers her head to face me again,

OUR LADY: “So with me, dear saints in the making, watch and pray as the events foretold spread out before you; a great coming together – we are not afraid as we watch the time emerge! We know, little ones, our roles are lights in the darkness, that are not afraid of this dark, but fighting it with our light. The Assumption of Mary – the Motherhood of Mary, made even more glorious for God by all those in these times. See events for what they are: the remaking of the Church for the new world! As I speak to you, gathering up the bouquets of your prayers so I may distribute them throughout the minutes, unfolding.”

YELLOW LILY: Looking up again to the ceiling,

OUR LADY: “Little ones, pray; do not be taken up with the doom of the world, let them be who have calculated themselves for their own globalist gains, pray only for these souls, anything less leaves your words to be used by the demons who lead these hapless souls; pray ardently for them only, be reminded of my constant presence. Rejoice, because these events are a coming together of what will prove infernal defeat. Pray for all leaders, countries and your brothers and sisters across the world; pray, do not condemn, – this serves no purpose, pray as your Jesus and Mary prayed when He was captured and condemned, crucified and laid in my arms. Cry for your world and all those who work to destroy it, there is an absolution in this too. Be charitable to those who do not have what you have; who do not know what you know; this is your responsibility, this must be your service to God, joining mine.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lady bows her head and I again see her simple crown, she is praying.

OUR LADY: “Little ones, I will not disappoint you in the victory I have planned, there shall be nothing like it for all time as the Son of man and the Son of Mary descends again. This is not a far off time, and he that has earned, accepted, his role for the Church will remain on the throne with his brother and God. Pray for my little son, Donald Trump, chosen by God, even he does not know his full role under God, only to fully understand it when standing with Jesus.

This President is the tip of God’s sword, he is a man of peace in his heart, a lover of nation and people, I bless and thank this man of destiny, God remains with him now; my children, there are still more good than bad and remember, we are always with you!”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lady is again looking up, all the angels I see are bent in adoration. Our Lady makes the Holy Sign of the Cross + and the white ceiling opens up and the angels with Our Lady are lifted up. My Angel stays, rises, looking to me says, write: God of all glory, all might, all perseverance, all hope and light, save all men; especially those most at risk now of Eternal Hell fire.”

There is a dove sitting on my Guardian Angel’s right hand, looking at me for a moment and then flies away to my angel‘s right.

All ends.