Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 9 August 2020

I Am the Most Holy of all Holiness

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

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Today, during Holy Mass, after I received Holy Communion, I said, “Lord, I had no choice, but to receive You in my hand.”

Today, I held a small tissue in the palm of my hand and received Holy Communion, and then I consumed the Holy Host directly from my palm to my mouth.

Our Lord immediately answered, “Valentina, My child, see how much I Am sacrileged in the Eucharist. They do not realise that I Am the Most Holiest of all Holiness! They do not realise what they are dealing with. I would protect My people if they served Me properly. I would not allow them to be sick, but because they are afraid of the government and its threats, they disobey all My Commandments, and they sacrilege Me so badly.”

We have to have hope. Jesus knows everything. He will change things for the better. For now, we just have to accept the suffering.

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Praying the Lord’s Prayer during Holy Mass

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Many people, during Holy Mass, hold out their hands while praying the Our Father prayer.

The angel came and said, “Tell people, why are they holding their hands up, are they trying to catch apples? Tell them to be humble and join their hands together in prayer.”

Blessed Mother always comes with her hands joined together. She is so holy and yet so humble. Praying this way is a sign of humility.