Message to Yellow Lily – 8 October 2011



Vision given by Our Lady to Yellow Lily of Canada

October 8, 2011

YELLOW LILY: On Wednesday Oct. 5 , I was saying my Holy Rosary in the morning, facing the statues of Our Blessed Mother that sit over my fireplace. As I was ending the second decade, coming to the third decade of the Glorious Mysteries the ‘Descent of the Holy Ghost’, I felt Our Most Holy Mother’s presence, and as I was praying I began to see Her, more and more visible. She wore a white mantle and mantilla, with a very pale blue gown, just a hint of blue.

As Our Blessed Mother stood in front of me I began to say the ‘Glory Be’ and became aware of an ugly, furious creature right in front of me where I sat, it was very close; this thing was disgusting and it was raging! It was very short, its head was misshaped, like a flattened oblong, with two tiny pointed ears at the top of its head; its eyes were long and sagging, over-exaggerated; its nose just seemed like two tiny holes on its face, a mouth too big for its face, its lips seemed turned inside out. This thing’s body was disproportionate, with a distended stomach, and its ‘limbs’ thin and almost ‘boneless’; it had large pincers for hands, like a crab.

As I was praying I watched it snarl and spit and growl, it was swinging and hoping with its arms trying to catch me in its claws. I would have been frightened but I felt Mother close, as well, I saw as I prayed a golden glow surrounding me, and this light made me impenetrable – this creature could not hurt me – could not touch me, because it was terrified of the golden glow. I watched as the demon’s hatred grew toward me as it swung wildly at me realizing it was not hurt me, so I began my prayers of the third decade even louder – it was kind of funny!

Although my eyes stayed on the creature, even though I was repulsed by it, I was aware of Mother Mary because I saw Her dress and the edge of her mantle and mantilla draped down, standing beside the thing. I heard Mommy speak from over my head – She said sweetly and softly:

OUR LADY: “Elaine, see!”

YELLOW LILY: So I watched carefully. I watched as I said the ‘Oh My Jesus’ prayer; every time I said Jesus’ name I watched this creature have to bow its head and freeze; when I say freeze, I mean freeze, absolutely immobile! Throughout the ‘Our Father’ prayer this thing was clamped in light, it could not move, and it was in agony! Its ‘black lizard skin’ was scraping off in tatters – like it was being scourged. Its rage growing, but it could not make a sound. During the prayer, the demon would be swallowed/squished in a light so that for a second I could not see it, but it would appear a moment later, even more angry, but it was exhausted.

I watched as I said the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer; throughout the ‘Ave’ this creature looked to have -literally- something standing on the back of its neck. I watched as it suddenly shortened, then slumped down, as being pressed from behind. It was trying to turn its horrible head but had little to no movement and it spit and squealed and hated me. It radiated hate. There is a great difference between anger and hate; I felt it watching this thing.

I watched as I mentioned each of the remaining Mysteries, as I said them and thought about them I saw this thing become terrified and draw itself back in horror. As I said my Rosary, I noticed that the slower, more carefully I repeated my Rosary, the more agony and exhaustion this thing suffered and I am led to know as you affect one demon you affect all of them – the entirety of Hell, so all the damned suffer.

At the ‘Hail Holy Queen’ prayer I watched with great satisfaction, as the demon – against its will, was forced to prostrate itself, it could not move and after the prayer, it could barely get up, its seemed drunk, it was sick, I would say almost killed.

When I said the ‘St. Michael’ prayer, it squealed and squealed, (the worse sound you have every heard), terrifying really, it tried to run but it could not get away. As I finished the Archangel’s prayer, it was violently snatched away from my vision/sight, and everything was quiet.

Mother was standing by her statue of ‘Our Lady of the Sacred Heart’ and she looked seriously at me, solemn but gentle. Mummy said:

OUR LADY: “Now you have been shown this, you have a responsibility to what you know”

YELLOW LILY: I nodded. Mother Mary then said to me, smiling sweetly:

OUR LADY: “Jesus has something in mind for you and I want Bishop Duffy to see this that you have been shown.”

YELLOW LILY: Mother smiled at me and then I did not see anymore.

I offer everything to Almighty God and to Our Most Holy Mother, as their girl.