A Love Letter from God – 10 September 2020


10th September 2020

“It is My Desire to send it around the world and every soul that is touched by these Words will receive a Divine Gift of knowing how to love My Divine Son Jesus” (Our Lady – 8 Sept 2020)

To the Love of My Life from the Bridegroom of your soul.

What is Love?

I AM! I AM yours. You are My ultimate creation of Love from My Divine Essence. You are My Pure Creation. For you I would do everything. And I did. Look at Me Darling of My Heart. What haven’t I done for you? You had a beginning, and yet you were always there in Me as I prepared My gifts just for you.

The Universe – My Universe – an endless world of discovery and mystery, created for you, to show you My endless Love. At its centre the great Firecracker, no man can penetrate, a small token of My Love for you. At night, a starry display is yours – all yours – from Me to you.

What great artist can give his love a greater masterpiece? I AM WHO AM AND I AM YOURS. Wounded by your indifference. You ask for your Lover to compose you a love song? I sing to you each day through the birds that sing just for you. Do you hear Me Darling? My beloved?

Look, My Love – one single rose melts the heart when presented with love from ones lover, I your Divine Lover, created and give to you every flower, so lovingly made in tiniest detail and perfume, for you alone – just you. When spent ones fade away, My Love, I present fresh new blooms to you each day. Can you see them?

Look My love, the animals I sent to serve you, to give you joy, to provide your sustenance. All in perfect order – the order of Love.

I created the great Garden of Eden – Paradise on earth. Purity and happiness. A place of order and Heaven on earth for you. Adam and Eve were only asked a simple request. A tiny test of their love. I made it so easy, to see if they loved Me for Me above all I gave them – above themselves.

You too bite the apple with every denial of My Love for you.; The lack of trust in your Beloved who simply wishes you to surrender to Him as He has surrendered to you.

Cast out of the garden, My Love for them wounded, still remained. What Compassion in the Wounded Heart of God! My Divine Plan to offer them a way back through My Cross. Come back to Me. I will show you how.

I sent My prophets years before I sent My Son. I sent them then, for you now little wounded soul, to show you now, how much I loved you even then. Read My Book of Love, the Bible, My Call to you now began so long ago.

My prophets were rejected and ridiculed until I sent the God Man Himself, My Other Self, My Only Son. Love Itself, sent through a Virgin named Mary. Hidden in Her and with Her for 30 years to show you My Heaven on earth, My Mother, God’s secret to Happiness is your path too.

I lived every moment for you. To lead you in My footsteps. To show you how to be perfect. What earthly lover will do all this? What love is this that has no limits? I love you beyond the beyond.

Before departing this earth I left My Body and Blood Renewed over again at each Mass, My continual Passion of Love on the Altar of Divine Sacrifice. My invitation to the Wedding Banquet of our Love. Please don’t forsake Me at the Altar.

On the Cross I opened Heaven once again for you My Love and then My Father sent the Great Paraclete of the Fire of His Love to remain with you always. On that Cross I gave you My Treasure of Treasures, My Mother as your own.

Have you noticed My Love? Is this not enough to satisfy you and prove My Love for you?

My Heart is broken a million times. My Mother cries out to you through My Prophets. Her Heart is My Heart, Her cries are Mine. Do not forsake God’s Dove Of Truth. Give yourself totally to Her. She will bring you to Me. Pray Her Beads of Love that chain you to Me and set you free from all that is not Me. I beg of you. I am the Royal Beggar at the Door of your heart.

I send My Modern Prophets to call you back. Back from the world which offers you nothing. Back from evil, from the love of evil. Back from yourself. Back from Eternal Death. Listen to My Prophets. Do not judge them and persecute them. They are Mine and the wounds you inflict are on Me.

I’m Coming My Love. Coming to surprise you when you least expect it. Prepare for Me and know world events are already preparing your heart. Is your heart cold and indifferent? I will change it and warm it gently and slowly. You are Mine.

I will NOT let you go, if you want Me. I have given all to you. Give all to Me – your cares, your family. I am to be your ONE True Love – your first and last. You will not have any other love before Me. I will love My people through you with MY LOVE.

Give all to Me and I continue to give all to you. What more can your Divine Lover do for you?

Do you want Me Darling soul?