Message to Yellow Lily – 2 November 2020

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada

2 November 2020


YELLOW LILY: Received at Mass, yesterday: After Spiritual communion, Jesus comes to me in a mask, he removes it impatiently from his face:

JESUS: “Very soon this Arcane, chaotic practice will be stopped.”

YELLOW LILY: Today, Jesus comes. St Michael and my Guardian Angel come too.

I am overwhelmed in my heart as I feel, Jesus is about to say a lot. In a white tunic, with a white cincture wrapped around his waist: My Jesus, I am here, offering all through Mary.

JESUS: “Elaine, I come to you as I know I can, and hear your call of: ready to be used! Peace, sister, what you have heard is correct! I do not intend to take Anyu and Apu away, but want them to testify, witness, experience, and feel first, the renewal I have planned for so many. They will go with you to places; the world does not continue locked down, after the election of Donald Trump, the scales on the eyes of much of the world, the control being exerted unfairly and unnaturally, will be removed and people feeling free to speak.”

“Meanwhile, my Elaine, I free you for a time from the home life …You will be taken to many Parishes, and Churches, miracles through Me. My Blood issued out, will cause a GREAT stir. Be not afraid, you will not be alone! Elaine I will take you to many high places and Capitals, in these halls you will state your purpose: to proclaim God’s Goodness and Love for the world, joy in sacrifice with God and importantly, the Plan of Him with Mary to raise the true Pope: that the Head of the Church is not the one currently occupying the Chair of Peter, but him who carries the name.”

“Little one, do not think you do this on your own, but with you and the miracle of Blood to be poured out, I take this on Myself; with you, together, and with him, the one we defend and love. This is not a far away time! Let Me speak: the miracles I intend will be so powerful of both eye and heart, felt and seen; they prove the truth of the man we claim and there is nothing any “hierarchy” can refute, you being so little and clumsy and honest, what have you to hide? Be at peace, it is natural for your heart to pound and flutter at this I say, but no, be calm, trust Jesus as we go far to the ends of the world, My droplets will touch everywhere and those who choose to listen will have ample occasion to hear. Leave all to Jesus. If I am telling you this know the time is close. Share with your brother, the Pebble, he will examine. Amen.”

“Trump is our friend, you will see him too, but this will not be an open thing. Be at peace my Elaine, do not cry, do not be overwhelmed. For this we have been designed.”

“Amen, I am with you; things will move with great speed once the message is sent to the one it is intended, the one we speak for and the one who, in truth, speaks just for Me, because he is the only one free from life, without agenda, strength and guile. Amen.”

“Jesus, your strength, his strength, all strength.”