Message to Christina Gallagher – 29 October 2020

Message of Jesus to Christina, October 29, 2020

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The world is sinking into the bowels of antichrist. The humanity of the world begins its Calvary, brought about by you – people who refuse to respond to Truth and to live the call of My Mother and Myself throughout the world. I have called and brought about signs which so many people wanted but to no avail. You people, many of you chose to take part in the flesh and the world’s fruits. You refused to listen but you were able to mock and lead others to disbelief with you. Now you sink into the bowels of antichrist and you will be held bound in its clutches. You will have no control over your persons or possessions in the world and your suffering will be great.

Woe unto the people of the Americas: there were none of you who desired to help in My Mother’s Houses that were given for your protection. You were too busy living lives of the world and in sin. Many of those who did come, came only to partake of its goods, to steal – with no thought or interest to live My call and that of My Mother.

(Jesus then referred in stark terms to the wrongdoing against His Mother’s House in Ohio ….) … and there were only four people who worked in my Mother’s Houses in the Americas who were genuine.

The world will endure unbearable suffering because of its lack of response.

People, if only you had listened and responded, it would be so very different.

He who had an authority over this Mission used his voice and pen to bring its fruitfulness for souls to an end. Woe unto him who is united in the darkness of such evil.

Those who received the gift of healing for all to see and hear about, gave back unto Me only insult rather than thanksgiving.

The Houses of Prayer that were called for by My Mother and Myself were deserted by you, people. As you have failed to respond they have been left barren. The fruitfulness has been lost due to your lack of response but has been regained through My Mercy and through the endurance of sufferings you have imparted to My little one and My brother Gerard. You people have cast every kind of calumny unto them and especially unto My poor little one. You people who have done harm and have caused such pain unto her, need to ask for pardon and forgiveness from Me and from her. I am your Lord God.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.