Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 14 December 2020

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer

14 December 2020

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Meeting Souls in Purgatory that I once knew

I received this message on 29 November 2020. In the morning, while I was praying, the angel came and took me to Purgatory.

I came into a building, and I saw on the wall a large sign, ‘All Nations of the World – Petitions’. These were petitions from the living, to the souls here in Purgatory to pray for them. The Holy Souls cannot pray for themselves, but they can pray for the living. I noticed petitions from the Islanders, some Tongan people, and some from the neighbouring countries, Samoa, and Fiji. Of all the petitions on the wall, these peoples had the littlest petition, the smallest.

Then I saw a lady come up, very domineering and almost aggressive. I watched as she ripped off this petition, the littlest one, from the wall and put it down.

I said, “Why did you take it down?”

In a distressed tone, she replied, “I don’t want us to pray for them.”

I beckoned her, “You take it and put it right back! God will not be happy with what you are doing. Every Nation needs prayer, and they have a right to be prayed for.”

“I don’t like Tongan people,” She was saying.

She refused to put the petition back on the wall, even though I kept telling her to do so. She was a soul in Purgatory, but a very restless one.

In this place, where these souls were, it was very cold. Suddenly, I found myself clothed in the most beautiful coat.

I asked the angel, “Who gave me the coat?”

It was such a lovely coat, and as I took a closer look at it, I could see that it was decorated with a mixture of pretty pinkish flowers, and it was so light to wear.

I asked, “Why is it so cold here?”

The angel responded, “Because the souls are suffering here. When souls suffer, they feel very cold.”

The angel then said, “Now, we have to go away from here.”

As we came out of the building, we started to walk down a slope and into a valley. From the valley, we headed up a to a little hill, into an open space. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could see a multitude of people, all dressed in black, waiting and sitting there, mainly ladies. They were all souls.

The angel and I were standing there. He said, “There are more people. They are waiting, and they have been waiting here for a long time.”

I noticed it wasn’t so cold here, so I took off my coat and placed it over my arm. The angel said, “Here it is not so cold.” Looking towards the building we had just walked out of, he said, “But there it is much colder.”

I understood, the closer the souls are to Heaven, the less cold it became, whereas in deeper Purgatory, it is very cold.

The angel instructed me, “Walk amongst them!”

It was like a vast countryside, filled with souls. I could see a little narrow passage separating the souls. The angel and I started to walk through this passage. We passed by a multitude of souls, all sitting very tightly, packed next to each other and waiting. As I walked through, I recognised many of these souls; they were from our Slovenian community. I did not know them personally, but while they were alive, I used to see some of them at our Church.

I recognised a particular lady in this group. I knew her personally. I said to the angel, “Oh, that’s a Slovenian lady. Her name is S.”

She was sitting right near the passage that I was passing through with the angel. I was so happy when I saw her. I wanted to go to her, talk to her, and touch her and say, “Oh S, you’re still here and not in heaven.”

She died several years ago. When I came near her, she lowered her head right down and turned it to the side away from me. She didn’t want to look at me at all.

I felt a little bit uncomfortable, but I still wanted to say hello to her. Why would she turn her head away from me? Again, I turned around to her to see if she would say hello, but she kept her head down. She was dressed all in black. She wasn’t with her husband in Purgatory; she was by herself.

I continued to walk with the angel. All of the souls were in black, pitch black. Black represents that they are still not purified.

The angel asked, “Do you know the lady?’

“Yes, she’s a lady I knew from church, I don’t know why, but she didn’t want to say hello to me?” I said.

He said, “Do you know why? She’s embarrassed. She’s embarrassed in front of you.”

“While she was alive, she was important. She was rich. She was well off, and you were nothing. Now she knows that you are high up, and she is nothing,” the angel explained.

He continued, “And not only that. People were talking about you that you had visions, and she would ridicule you. She would say, ‘I don’t believe that God would speak to her.’ But now she knows the reality, and she feels very embarrassed.”

I said to the angel, “You know, I feel very sorry for her. I have to pray for her.”

As we continued to walk down the hill, I heard a lady, who was in a large group, say, “There will be some big news in England.”

Some kind of news will come, and it will come from England. The souls know something.

I asked the angel about the souls that were all here in this area. I asked, “What are they all waiting for?”

He said, “Jesus wants you to walk through here to see how many people are waiting here.”

“Oh, so many, I’ve never seen so many people,” I said.

Then Lord Jesus said to me, “I want you to take them all to Church and to offer them to Me.”

The angel continued to lead me through this place in Purgatory, to see all of these souls, so that I would take them to Church and pray for them and offer them to our Lord.

I said, “Lord be merciful to them, even to my Slovenian friend S.”