Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 5 December 2020

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer

5 December 2020

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A Chinese Lady Appears

Last night I was reading a passage from the Holy Bible. I would usually read something that our Lord would ask me to read.

He would usually say, “Read a passage from the Holy Bible. Everyone should read the Holy Bible daily because it is My True Holy Word.”

Suddenly, a soul appeared before me. She looked Chinese, and she most likely had just died. She came up close to me. I was shocked by her sudden appearance.

She stood there for a few minutes, enough to show me how much she was suffering. Suddenly, her face started to twist and became distorted.

I said, “Lord Jesus I offer and surrender this Holy Soul and her spirit to you. Please be merciful to her.”

Souls are desperate for help. Maybe she had just died at that very moment and did not know where to go. They can die all confused. They need to be directed to the Light, to our Lord Jesus.

Very often, when I am reading Scripture or praying, souls would suddenly appear before me. Many families do not pray for their departed loved ones.

Lord have mercy on the holy souls who die suddenly and unprepared, and there is no one to pray for them.