Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 19 December 2020

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 19 December 2020

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Saturday 19 December 2020

Our Lord’s Heart is a Flame of Love

This is a special grace given by our Lord for Christmas. He wants to share His Love with us, to show how much He loves us, and He wants us to think of Him.

Today, our Lord Jesus surprised me and brought my mother with Him to visit me. He was casually leaning against my kitchen bench with His Arms folded, and talking to my mother, who was at the dining table. He was neatly dressed in a white shirt and creamy-grey coloured pants. My mother was young and beautiful, wearing a long, light blue dress. They were talking quite a lot, especially about the state of the world today.

Lord Jesus was telling my mother, “The world is not how it used to be.”

My mum said, “How things are different today to the way I brought up my children. Of all my six children, Valentina was the most calm and obedient.”

“Not many are like that today, the children don’t obey their parents. That is why I chose her,” He said.

My mother and our Lord then continued to converse, I did not know what they were talking about, and I did not want to eavesdrop.

When they finished, our Lord came to my kitchen sink, where I was washing the dishes and He stood beside me on my left.

He said, “Let me help you!”

I said, “Lord, it’s all right! You’re so holy You don’t wash dishes. You’re too holy to do that.”

Our Lord insisted, and said, “No, no let Me help you. I want to help you.”

He then came even closer and started rinsing the dishes for me. He stood so close to me that suddenly I was overcome by a great wave of Love coming from Him. It was like a huge wave of fire. The heat of His Love completely consumed my being. It was so strong that, at that moment, I was so in Love with Him. We should all be in Love with our Lord!

The power of Love that emanated from Our Lord was so overwhelmingly strong that I thought I would jump out of my body.

I exclaimed, “Lord, this is too much!”

With a beautiful and gentle smile on His Face, He replied, “This is only a little! If I were to give you all My Love, you would not be able to handle it.”

A little longer and I thought that I was going to burst. I felt embarrassed to look at Him. Our Lord looked so beautiful, He is tall and so handsome. I observed His beautiful Hands and long Fingers.

He would rinse the dishes as I washed them, placing them upside down to dry. I could see a few suds left on one or two of the dishes, so I took them back to rinse again.

As I did so, in a cheerful tone, our Lord said, “I have already rinsed that!”

“But there are still a little bit of soap suds on them,” I replied.

Our Lord shows us how He wants to be completely part of our lives, intimately united with us with the littlest things.

He said, “Whatever you do, I give you the grace and the strength and knowledge to do it. I have done all of this to demonstrate to you how much I want people to come to Me and not to fear to come to Me. I am a God of Love and Mercy, and I want to save My children.”

Our Lord was teasing me while He was saying, “I want you to write this; how much I love you, My Heart is burning for you. See how much we are united, and I want you to tell My children how much I love each one of them and My Heart is bursting of Love for them. It is like a fire that you, My children have to extinguish. When you come to Me, and you accept My Love, you extinguish the burning flames that are so much in Me.”

His Heart is a Flame of Love. It is so real!

Lord Jesus also talked to me about the virus in Australia. He said, “People think that I permit the virus to happen only in some countries and only some parts of Australia, but I tell My children that I Am offended by their sins. It doesn’t matter whether it is a poor area or a rich area. I permit for this to happen. I want people to wake up and turn to Me and ask Me to be merciful and help them, but they don’t. If they would ask Me, I would help them and protect that part of the world from the virus, but they refuse My help.”

Our Lord wants to show us how much Love He has to give us and how intimate He wants to be with each one of us. He shows how simple He wishes us to be and to share all with Him.

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your Love and Mercy.