Message to Firelily and Bright Star – 24 December 2020

Message to Firelily and Bright Star – 24 December 2020


FIRELILY: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Our Lady has been here since the beginning of the rosary. All the angels, many angels may be thousands it is hard to say how many have been sprinkling what looks like, it is hard to explain, sparkly stuff that you get on Christmas trees sometimes. And it is all falling down upon us, I believe it is graces. It is very beautiful. Our Lady now speaks:

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you My Firelily and My children here present and throughout the world. I ask that you remain at peace. I ask that you keep the joy of Christmas of My Divine Son in your hearts for We bring much joy in this season. The angels are spreading joy throughout the world for there is much turmoil. Keep this love and joy in your hearts for many people are fearful of what is happening and do not understand and do not know what to expect next. Running forth here and there talking to everyone, what can we do? Worried about everything, worried about their jobs, their families, worried about the virus, about their government but My children when you pray you have peace in your hearts. This is the difference if all would just kneel down and pray they would also have peace and all would be well. There would be no virus.

Pray for the Little Pebble for a miracle to happen and to be released from the parole. So that he can carry out what Heaven wants him to do. Pray also for President Trump for a miracle to occur and he can be re-elected for the safety and protection of all involved. My children prayer changes everything, it can move mountains. Continue along the path with your eye on the goal for the Second Coming of Jesus is but a few short years away. Continue with peace in your hearts, with charity loving each other as We love you. I love you My children and I bless you. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Continue with your prayers, your novenas, your Masses; for it gives much help to the world, as well as your families.

BRIGHT STAR: Since the prayers began the white cross appeared behind the Nativity. It grew into the sky and to the right of the cross was [is] a bright star. As the door in the middle of the cross opened I saw the nine archangels come through the door led by St. Michael. There are many angels coming behind them. Now they take a position around the grounds and there were thousands of angels coming through also.

As the angels passed through the doorway of the white cross there was stars falling from the bright star in the sky.  All the angels were each collecting one of these stars and they are all holding these stars as they collect all over the property. They’re everywhere, they’re way down the roads like this whole area is just surrounded with the angels. And there are Saints coming through. I see St. Charbel and Padre Pio. They’re all coming through, the 12 Apostles of old have come and the people who have passed away in the Order have come tonight to be with us in Bethlehem.  It is very beautiful to see.  Because as we were walking down the angels were singing O Holy Night.  It was very beautiful but solemn, that it was really profound when they sang. It is so hard to explain the beauty.

Now I see the Holy Family, coming through, St. Joseph and Our Lady. Our Lady is holding the Baby Jesus in Her left Arm and the Blessed Mother looks very young. St. Joseph He is a little older and the Baby is just lying in Mary’s Arms wrapped in a beautiful snow-white blanket; it is really gorgeous to see. The Nativity scene in front of us has grown like twice the size and now the Holy Family is entering into the Nativity. Mother kisses Baby Jesus on the Forehead and places Him in the cradle and Mother looks around at each person Here. Mother has a beautiful smile on Her face. Mother raises Her hand and blesses us. The Baby Jesus’ Arm comes out of the blanket and St. Joseph raises His Hand, they bless all in unison with the Mother of God.

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love and I thank you for answering God’s call. I have come tonight My children to bring you tidings of great joy, as you celebrate the Birth of My Son as He came into this World to save mankind. Now His Second Coming is on the horizon. O My children so much is about to come upon this Earth.  My children We ask you to pray continuously in these final hours for much is about to unfold in this World.  O My children you have been warned through many messages throughout the whole world that these days would be coming upon you.  These words were met with mockery and laughter and yet people remain blind to the fulfilment of all the prophecies that are being fulfilled at this moment in the world.

O My children look to the land of the eagle, communism is taking over this country but I ask you My children to pray that this does not happen, for if they win the world will suffer much.  I ask you My children to pray, set the things of the world aside now and pray for the salvation of souls for in the coming year there will be much that will take place.  For the just Hand of God is about to go upon the world with a severe swipe and mankind will suffer for his disobedience to his God.

I have gone throughout the world begging My children to turn from your evil ways and to love your God and uphold the truth. O My children but you have turned away, so God now deems that man shall be brought to his knees and understand that God is God.  O My children much suffering will fall upon mankind.  The land of the maple leaf will feel the earth shake. You will know hunger too for you have turned your back on your God. Only but the few go ahead preaching the truth and asking God’s Mercy for many.  O My children I ask you now to be strong, to be a witness. I ask you to come forward and to do the Will of God in all things.  I have (went and) gathered My army but you My children must prepare for the battle.  I ask you My children to grow in holiness and virtue.  Do not let the evil one put doubt in you heart or do not let him sour your heart for thinking that things have not passed quick enough.  O My children your ways are not God’s ways.  You My children must walk through this valley of tears, loving your brothers and sisters above all things.  Be at peace My children, trust in your God. Where is your faith My children, where is your faith?  We love you so much.  We come and We offer many graces to you.  O My children so few listen, so few fall on their knees and ask their God for mercy. Not only for their sins but the sins of the world.

My children the Church goes deeper into darkness for the Antichrist is now in Rome and his influence upon those there is great.  Pray for My Church, My Son’s Church. Pray My children, O so much will happen. My Church will be attacked further in the New Year, many things will be changed and not for the Honor and Glory of God.  Pray My children for Peter II for he will take his rightful place as our last Vicar because Pope Benedict XVI is in his final hours and when he comes across the veil My Church will go deeper into darkness and Peter II will come forward to guide the Church.  O My children I cannot tell you that this year will bring you many joys but I can tell you that We will remain at your side and We will give you the grace you need to go forward.

BRIGHT STAR: I now see all the angels, they are placing the stars in each person and all the angels are going throughout the world and many elect are receiving a star tonight from Our Lady. Our Lady blesses us again.

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.  My children this gift that I bring you tonight for your faithfulness is the grace for you to persevere. The Star of Bethlehem led the Magi and the Shepherds to My Son so that they could adore Him.  My children I place these graces within you that you will be the stars to guide My children back to My Divine Son.  I know My children things look very dark at the moment.  O My children the Almighty Hand of God is about to raise up His children and put an end to the evil that is taking over His Earth.

O My children pray, fast, do penance, help Me save as many children in this final hour as possible.  I love you so much My children and I thank you.  I bless you My son. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.  Be strong My son and continue. Do not worry about the things of the world or do not worry about your family; I have them deep within My Heart and I assure you for your faithfulness your children will be watched over.  Trust Me My children and trust My son because We are at battle with you. You are never alone My children I love you and I thank you for coming here tonight.  O My children you have touched your Mother’s Heart with such a tender love I thank you and I bless you.  In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I will remain My child until the prayers are finished.  I love you My children and I ask you My children to not put your Creches aside so quickly.  Teach the children, My dear children, about the true meaning of Christmas.  Teach My children of the Magi, of the Shepherds, show the children, My children, the way to their Savior. I love you so much and I ask you My children to continue to come here each day until the Epiphany.  I will give many graces to each person who comes here to this Creche each day. I will bless you, I will bless your families and I strengthen you in the days ahead.  In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.