Message to Camilo of Japan – 15 January 2021

Message to Camilo of Japan

2021.1.15 at 15:20

(Our Lady): Camilo, My instructions, write down the words.

Camilo, I am the Immaculate Virgin Mary, your Mother, the stronghold of sinners, the Mother of sinners, the Mother of your salvation, the Mediator of all graces, the Mother of all you Christians.

As I told my daughter Lucia, Japan is accepting the poison, and the poison is going to be swallowed by the children of Japan .

And that time has already begun. And the children of Japan will be poisoned and walk against their will.

Pray for the children of Japan , that they may awaken …

Remember that all beginnings can only be accomplished through prayer.

This is what My Son, Jesus, the only Son in Heaven, wants.

You, my children, must pray to the Mediator of all this grace, the Mother of all Salvation, for help.

Do you understand?

You, my children, must pray to the Mediator of all graces , the Mother of all salvation, so that you will not be poisoned by Japan .

And the priests and bishops, who are my children and the servants of  my Son, Jesus, must stand up for this country.

Look to the heavens, and do not be deceived by the things of the world. You must obey the one and only Son, Jesus, the only Son of Heaven, the Son of our salvation.

Pray and receive My Son into your hearts and lead the children of this nation.

All must be able to be with My Father, the Eternal Father, who rules over all the world, and with My Beloved Son, Jesus, at all times.

Camilo, in a few moments you will be going to each pilgrimage site. Be ready.

I bless the children of Japan to wake up and stand up.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Camilo, your mission as an apostle has begun. Always be ready to move at any moment.

In the night, my Son, the Most Holy Son, Jesus, will speak to you again.

Be ready and wait.

And confirm this message to my son, the next Pope.

I will see you again, my son Camilo.