Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 1 January 2021

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 1 January 2021

The Cup is Full

New Year’s Day

In the morning, while I was praying, suddenly the holy angel appeared. He said, “Come with me, and I will show you what good fruits you have produced, from the place where the souls were doing their penance.”

Suddenly, we found ourselves in a place in Purgatory. We walked into a building, and as we stepped inside, the angel turned his gaze to the floor. He said, “Have a look at the floor!”

I looked at the polished floor and said, “It looks pretty clean.”

Then we moved further inside, heading towards another door to take us out. As we moved through the building, the angel pointed towards the room’s edges where the floor meets the walls.

He said, “You see the edges, they still need some cleaning, that you can finish.”

The clean floor represents how all the sacrifices, sufferings, prayers and holy masses offered by me, for the holy souls, produced many good fruits for the souls in this place. The edges that still need cleaning mean more prayers and sacrifices are required to remove the remaining dirt. This all represents the cleansing of these souls from their sins.

After we finished inspecting the floor, the angel said, “We are not staying here, now we have to go, and there will be a little surprise for you.”

So suddenly we found ourselves in a place which I knew right away was Heaven. It was a heavenly garden. We entered a building, and in the middle of the room, I saw a little stool which looked more like a child’s desk. Sitting in the centre of the desk was a large silver Chalice. Looking inside, I noticed that the lining of the Chalice was all white. However, over the white lining, I could see many freshly painted strips of colours; red, green, purple, and yellow all kinds of colours, like the colours of the rainbow, but much deeper and stronger. The colours were painted right up to the top of the rim.

In my heart, I felt that it was the little boy Jesus who had painted it and then left it all there.

Instinctively, I picked up the Chalice and carried it to a nearby bench that had a little washbasin, to wash it.

As I was about to wash it, suddenly I could see Blessed Mother approach me, with a beautiful smile on her face, she greeted me, saying, “Happy Blessed New Year!”

“My daughter,” she said, “I wish you lots of good health this year.” We then embraced, and I could feel her motherly love. It was so beautiful.

Then, Blessed Mother talked about the world. She said, “The world is very ill and sick with the virus and full of sin, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better. If people do not change, this year will not be a good year.”

She said, “People panic and worry, but they do not want to change. I want you to tell the whole world that it needs a lot of prayer. That is the only solution. Tell people to be courageous and to pray. Health can only come from God, and only He can heal this sick humanity.”

Blessed Mother looked concerned and worried for her children because they are not listening and changing to live the way our Lord wants them to live.

She looked at the Chalice said, “No, don’t wash it. My Son has put the colours there for a purpose, and you are not supposed to clean and wash it. He put them there. His anger is great, and the Cup is full.”

I understood that the colours represent the anger and the wrath of God, which is about to be thrown upon the earth. We must pray. Blessed Mother is very concerned for us.