Message to Yellow Lily – 22 January 2021

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada — 22 January 2021


OUR LORD: All will be well my children; how many times has the Lord advised not to judge by appearances?  You shall see a great plan come together which will free the world from its enslavement, freedom comes.

My Hand is not removed from Donald Trump, far from it!  My Hand encapsulates him, he is everything I want my leaders to be! Little children, when my full plan is revealed by the victories for all people of God – those who know Me or not, My Hand will be revealed through the minds and hearts of the men I have entrusted to fulfil it.

The older ones will lead.  Be not afraid, be not afraid, be not afraid, nothing, nothing, that has been gained through the holy actions of this, My President, is lost, he is not removed. No, do not judge by appearances – the love of the people for him is the reveal.  You have been protected by him and those with him encouraged him to assist the world. Please remember this is a world event, preparing, indeed, the entire world for My Return; but first, importantly, the restoration of the church.  Worship is to be returned to its rightful place in all nations as foremost to the health of the people.  The Vatican is to topple, Washington is to topple, institutions which have been infiltrated will be no more and wealth shall be returned.  I want My people to live, not by bread, yet, I know – the Lord God knows – wants – all to eat!

Little ones, there are difficulties to be faced, to be sure, the battle of good and evil never ends as long as Christ is away, there is an anti-Christ to be faced, but I will claim a throne on Earth and with Me My chosen king, with other minor kings surrounding him. I Am not a long time away, is this not why this crucible has to be faced now?  Do not lose hope, hope is Me, do not lose Me.

Look to Mary, again I say it; look to your Mother; she did not allow herself to shudder, yet remaining composed, she prayed. She called to God.  I hear you, I have heard you, I do. I will.  Remain unafraid, is not the Will of God to be accomplished in Heaven and on Earth, do we not pray for this in the very words we say?

Little ones, I hold all tightly in My Hand and the very things sacrificed for you, the wounds of The Hands, the whips, the thorns, the sword, are illuminated, holding you! Picture yourself held in this light to My very Breast – do not despair!

Watch and pray in the full confidence of God, do those things which feed your spirit, do not lower it, this is what the evil one wants!  Make frequent spiritual communions, smile to your ceiling and the sky, talk to Me in formal and informal prayer, ask the Mother of God; the first to believe – without waiver or question, an incredible plan of God!  Pray your rosary!  Simple victories lead to complex wonders that God does.

Open your heart to God, find silence and do your work steadily.  I plan much greater things for the world than another victory of Donald Trump – the victory of the church cannot be stopped, miracles and surprises are coming. Trust, think with prayer not with assumption.

I AM not you in ways, only in heart. Trust:  Read My word.  Hope: Jesus has you by the hand.

Amen, your Jesus

YELLOW LILY: My Jesus, meant only as a question because your words are loved by Mary and the faithful:  Our Holy Mother did question how she was to conceive you without knowing a man, please clarify this from the words in your message here.  Love you and thank you!

OUR LORD: The words of Mary were as a question to learn God’s plan, there was no doubt in her heart.  She did not waiver in her humility; steadfast, even knowing her vow of, ‘for God alone’. Her Earnest Heart proved her trust.