Promises concerning Holy Communion on the Tongue

Promises concerning Holy Communion on the Tongue

The Seer: Catalina Rivas. She lives in Mexico.

30 April 2013

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Jesus´ Promises and Communion on the tongue

Note: Would every follower of the Mission of the Little Pebble unite themselves in prayer in this devotion until 25 March 2021 and make a special request to Jesus that the Little Pebble be released. For those who are stopped from receiving Holy Communion on the Tongue — to place a clean cloth (or glove) on your hand and pray to your Guardian Angel to guard your hands and protect the Sacred Host.

Promises from the Lord to those who may not receive His sacred body in their hands.

(Should be perfectly understandable that promises will be invalidated to anyone who takes Communion in mortal sin)

1. To those who refrain from receiving My body, blood, soul and divinity with their hands, I promise to fulfill them with greater blessings on their hands, heart, soul and their whole essence.

2. I promise them a lot more Graces during their pilgrimage on Earth. With the resulting greater guarantees of Salvation and the increase of essential and accidental Glory, for their whole eternal living that they will share with Me in the celestial dwellings.

3. When taking the Communion, they will feel My presence in their whole being, so strongly and with such a full of height that they will lose their natural wish for touching Me.

4. To those who may act like that, with perseverance, will receive My greater graces and important benefits for their homes.

5. I promise as well, to those who may properly do what I mostly wish, especial powers in their hands to go against the enemies of the soul. And I will give healing powers to many of them.

6. I promise that, if they proceed with perseverance they will achieve everything with bigger intensity, to look only for My greater honor and glory and I will eulogize them for eternity.

7. I will give as well, to those who for the love to carry out all My intentions, may refrain from receiving Me in their hands, for greater worship, humility and holy respect, the gift of discernment of spirit with bigger intensity.

8. Their names will be especially written in My heart, if they, to give Me greater pleasure, may properly take the Communion on their tongue and not in their hand.

9. I promise as well that I’ll increase all their virtues as a reward to that greater humility that supposes that a person would never recognize their own hands to be clean to touch Me.

10. I furthermore promise that they will faithfully spread My doctrine and that they will overcome all kind of temptations easily.

11. Those who may receive Me on their tongue and not in their hands won’t separate their souls from Me, as long as they do this with the proper reverence and they live this way every single day of their lives.

12. I promise as well that those who, moved by tactfulness to My pleasure, may give Me consolation receiving Me properly always on their tongue and never in their hands, won’t find the doors closed for My love.

13. If they persist that way, in order to please Me, taking the Communion in their tongue, I promise they will reach to act only for My heart, with My heart, in My heart, to My Divine heart.

14. I promise as well, to those who may honor Me in this way, to be pleased and intensely listened by My heart.

15. If in this matter so important for me, they give Me the biggest pleasure, they will always be pleased, for My love, the fact of following My divine motions and I will especially recreate them as a sign of My satisfaction in the fact of taking the Communion always directly in the their tongue and never in their hands.

16. This actions will do a lot of good for the souls. However, those who insist on the wish of just touching Me in their hands, they will harden in many things towards My will. And they will be darkened about My own liking, My own preaching and My own teaching.

17. Quite the opposite, those whose hands may shake and don’t touch the consecrated form of the Communion, may be especially prepared in their whole being and at the time of having Me through the Communion may ask to be only Me and nothing them, I promise the grace of shortly reach to a very high Christian perfection. They will look for My face with greater love; they will forget about themselves easily; they will always have My comforted heart thanks to this gesture; they will receive greater celestial lights and they will have greater joy from My heart for ever and ever.

Promises to those who may spread these messages:

1. I promise the gift of the knowledge of the hearts to those who spread these promises.

2. They will reach a sublime Glory in Heaven.

3. They will have a long spiritual life, although not always materialist, but in very few years, as if they had lived a lot of years of saintliness.

4. I will fulfill with big blessings to their family members.

5. I furthermore promise that the more they announce these promises, the more I will pour upon them.

6. I will make possible that they feel Me in an ineffable way, in a growing height.

7. I will not let them undertake those ventures that are not My liking.

8. I will put enough light in their way, so that with very much from My help they may avoid the wrongdoing and do not only the good deeds but what it is My liking.

9. I will even give them greater Graces, countless ones, if they spread them fervently: consider being a very important omission not to spread My own promises.

(With proper authorization)