Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 4 February 2021

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 4 February 2021

Souls of Muslims waiting for someone to help them

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While I was praying my morning prayers, suddenly I found myself in front of St Margaret Mary’s Church, not far from my home. I said to myself, “What am I doing here?”

As I was standing there, a group of ladies approached me. They all gathered around me, and there were a few men with them. From a distance, I could see more of them approaching. The direction they were coming from was from St Raphael’s Church which is just a couple of hundred metres down the road from St Margaret Mary’s Church, where I was standing.

It was a long procession of people coming from the direction of St Raphael’s Church to St Margaret Mary’s Church.

Some of these women and men that gathered around me started talking to me. They said, “Valentina, we have come to ask you if you can help us? We were led to you. By our religion, we were Muslims. We would like to ask you to help us to know our Lord Jesus. We do not know very much about Him. Can you teach us?”

“We worshipped Muhammad while we were alive,” they said.

I said, “No one can go above God!”

“Can you tell me who is this person, Muhammad?” I asked.

They said, “Well, he wasn’t a bad person. He tried to teach people to live a good life and to respect one another. But now we are here on the other side, and we now know that he is nothing. He was just an ordinary person. And we have found out about Jesus Christ. But we do not know much about Him, so we would like you to teach us and tell us about Him and to recommend us to Him.”

We were standing in front of the entrance door to St Margaret Mary’s Church. I said, “Well, see this door! It is the entrance to the church. Come with me! I will take you into the church, and I will show you Jesus Christ.”

They said, “No, no! They told us we cannot go into the church because during our lives we did not honour Him, we did not know Him, and we were not taught about Him, so now we have to learn about our Lord Jesus.”

I explained to them that our Lord Jesus is in the Tabernacle in the Church. I also taught them what happens in the church during the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

They said, “During our lives, we were misled; instead of learning about our Lord and His life, we had to learn about our Muslim faith, and that was very wrong. That is why Valentina, we ask you if you can help us. That is why we are very poor.”

They were nice-looking people, wearing everyday clothing but very poorly dressed. The women were not wearing any head coverings. I noticed they wore stockings with big holes in them. They looked very poor and were lamenting, “Everything is broken.”

I said, “Yes, there are holes everywhere.” It means that they were spiritually poor.

They said, “We keep walking and walking, and we hang around the Catholic Churches looking for someone to help us. We will have to stay in Purgatory for a long time because we have to learn about our Lord.”

They said, “We were not bad people, we tried to do good deeds on earth, but we did not worship our Lord Jesus, but Muhammad, who now we find out was just an ordinary person.”

They keep going from one Church to another, in a big procession, and back again, waiting for somebody to help them. That is why they asked me to offer them to our Lord.

From my previous visits to Purgatory, there are places there where the souls learn about the life of our Lord Jesus, in the form of images shown to them about our Lord’s life.

Some years ago, a group of souls told me, “We are not Catholic. You should be very grateful that you are Catholic people. In Heaven, Catholic people are privileged, but on earth, they don’t know that.”

Even an Indian lady I once met at prayer group, who was not Christian. I prayed with her and placed the Sign of the Cross on her forehead. Sometime later, after she died, she came to me to thank me and said, “Valentina, I would be lost forever if it wasn’t for the Holy Cross you placed on my forehead.”

During the Holy Mass today, I offered the group of Muslim souls to our Lord.

Lord, have mercy on these people. I continue to pray for them.