Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 10 March 2021

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

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In the evening, while I was praying at home, and after attending Holy Mass and the Rosary Cenacle Prayers, the Blessed Mother came, and she kept reminding me, now during Lent, to meditate on the sufferings of our Lord Jesus, how much He suffered for all humanity.

While praying, suddenly, a beautiful vision came. A brilliant light appeared so bright, brighter than the sun.

In this light, I could see our Lord Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and all the Apostles were around Him. Our Lord was wearing a long white robe, and He was talking to the Apostles, who were all closely gathered around Him. He spoke to them for a while and then left them.

I could see all the Apostles sitting down on the ground, surrounded by shrubs and small trees. I clearly recognised St Peter amongst the group. They were sitting under one of the small trees, on the side of this little narrow country road leading to the Garden, all in one long line, and St Peter was the first in line. They were all talking to one another. I don’t think they knew what was to happen after this.

Now I see our Lord Jesus kneeling and resting His elbows on the rock, with His Hands held in prayer. He would look up, raising His gaze to Heaven. He looked so sad. Then I could see how He started to be in agony, and then He spoke to me.

Our Lord said, “What I went through, if only humanity would think of Me and tell Me they love Me, it would console Me so much, and I would forget My suffering that I went through. Instead, they offend Me and reject Me and My agony increases daily. Tell people to change. I Am willing to forgive everyone and embrace them. I Am the God of Love and Mercy.”

“I also want to tell you that from now on, many things will change and happen in the world, and people may not have time to ask Me to forgive them. It is always better to be in a State of Grace and repentant, and in that way, your conscience is clean,” He said.

“Valentina, My child, don’t be afraid to speak the Truth, for I Am always with you to protect you. Be My witness and listen only to Me. I love you. Be at peace,” He said.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us here on earth.