Petrus Romanus Divine Call – 1 May 2021

Petrus Romanus’ Divine Call

Posted on May 9, 2020 by inspiredbythespirit (Manuel Silveira)

“… Prophecy is directed to the knowledge of Divine Truth, by the contemplation of which we are not only instructed in faith, but also guided in our actions … wherefore at all times men were Divinely instructed about what they were to do, according as it was expedient for the spiritual welfare of the elect.” (Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Part II-II, Q.174 article 6)

There has always been a Prophetic line of Grace in the history of Salvation. Since Old Testament times, such men as Abraham, Moses and the Prophets, Saint John the Baptist, etc — all were instruments in the Hands of God to guide and instruct His People. They prefigured or announced in one way or another the Coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. In New Testament times, the Prophetic line of Grace continued as an expression of God’s Will through charisms given to certain inspired persons for the edification of the whole People: Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Saint Juan Diego, etc. In our times, the Mother of God through Her many Apparitions and words has given guidance and instruction to the Church for the salvation of Her children. A perfect example are the Apparitions and Messages of Our Lady of Fatima. She gave a secret to Sister Lucia — a secret that was written and Our Lady directed that it be reserved to the future Pope to be opened in 1960. This Prophetic line of Grace expressed an important direction for the Vicar of Christ. These are all documented facts which point to this manner of God expressing His Will for the whole People.

In December of 1983 William Costellia (also known as the Little Pebble) received a public Message for the Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese of Wollongong in Australia. From that time forward, the Little Pebble received public Messages to be disseminated to the world. Jesus and Mary addressed all souls of good-will about the need for conversion and reconciliation in view of the signs of the times. Our Lord and Our Lady have explained the Will of God in anticipation of great world events and the rise of a great world leader — Pope Peter II:

OUR LADY: “You must pray for Our beloved Vicar – Pope John Paul II – for he suffers much for Holy Mother Church. He, too, is a special son of Ours. He needs your prayers daily for, soon, We shall come to take him to Paradise where his well-deserved rest is wanting. Remember this, dear children: you are in grave times. When the Maitreya, the anti-Christ, comes to the world to claim his own, a false pastor, false prophet and false pontiff will reign on the Seat of Peter, when We have removed Pope John Paul II. Be not deceived by this false Peter. I have told you about him and his reign through many places throughout the world. However, dear children, when this false pastor reigns in My Son’s House the true followers of My Divine Son will be in hiding. Just the same as the first Christians hid in the Catacombs, so will the future Christians; but know, My dear children, a great and Holy Vicar will be in hiding, Pope Peter II, while the anti-pope reigns on the Seat of Peter. This Pope, Peter II, will be the last Pope of all history – and he will lead the Church in its dark age and dark time; in its final moments of the history of mankind. This history will soon unfold before your eyes, so watch and be careful. Pray and do penance – and the Holy Ghost will then enlighten you. Pray also for the future Pope, dear children, for he needs your prayers. He is not a Priest at this stage, dear children; he is an ordinary family man. However, he knows of the Mission entrusted to him – and so does Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II. Pray hard, dear children, for mankind will feel the wrath of the Eternal Father soon.” (Little Pebble, Message 28 – 13 May 1985)

This Message in 1985 is rich with guidance and instruction. The Mother of God describes a future scenario where a “false pontiff’ will be sitting on the throne of Peter. God’s People will be in hiding. Our Lady speaks about the “last Pope of all history”. It reminds the reader of the ancient “Exodus” of God’s People led by Moses who was the instrument of God’s Command to Pharaoh: “Let My People go …” Our Lady refers to Pope Peter II as God’s chosen one to lead His People: “… he will lead the Church in its dark age and dark time; in its final moments of the history of mankind.” Our Lady explains that this future Pontiff — Pope Peter II, is at that time (1985): “He is not a Priest at this stage, dear children; he is an ordinary family man. However, he knows of the Mission entrusted to him.”

This is an extraordinary prophetic revelation and mystery about a man, who in the future will be Pope Peter II, and at a critical time in the history of the world. In recent years we have witnessed the election of Pope Francis. This remarkable turn of events occurred when Pope Benedict XVI abdicated the administrative role of his Papacy. It is now clear that Pope Benedict XVI never abdicated the Magisterium of Peter — in other words, the Throne of Peter. He remains the true Pope of the Catholic Church at this time. Many believe the influence of Freemasonry and the Illuminati in various high clerical authorities brought about the Conclave of Cardinals that arrived at the election of Pope Francis. In 1991 in a public Apparition Our Lady spoke prophetically about future events:

LITTLE PEBBLE: “I now see St. Peter’s, in Rome and I see it as an ancient building. Behind the dome is a brown, almost black, Cross. Next to St. Peter’s Cathedral is another Church; it looks similar to St. Peter’s, but it has shining glass and other objects, although there is nothing pretty about this building. It is clean, it looks modern, sanitized; I can see a brown Cross which has blood on it. Now another building appears; it also resembles St. Peter’s but it is shining with gold; it looks very, very, beautiful and behind it is a white Cross.”

OUR LADY: “My dear child: you now see the Mystery of the Mystical Marriage; you see the Mystery of the stump of Jesse [Isaiah 11:1+] represented in the old Church governed by Our Holy Vicar, Pope John Paul II and in the middle, My dear child, you see the Church of today, where the old Church has been totally renewed and modernized. You see the Cross that hangs over this Church – it is the Martyrdom of Holy Mother Church in time to come. John Paul II governs this Church too, yet there is [truly] only one. Inwardly, My dear child, you are the Mystical Vicar of Christ, spiritually guiding the Church through your sufferings and your prayers; your counsel of Wisdom from Our Mouths to the Church; silently you govern the new Church. The gold Church that you see, My dear child, is the purified Church that you will lead, physically, upon Earth, until the time My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, returns to the Earth. You, My dear child, will govern this Church with the strong Arm of the Divine Lord. The Church of today must be lifted out of the pits of impurity, debauchery and corruption.” (Little Pebble, Message 333 – 13 June 1991)

The following decades to the present day saw Our Lord and Our Lady call their children to be united — especially in charity, faith and hope. Our Lord gives a deeper insight on why it is so important now. On 3 July 1993 in Message 395, Our Lord made a new Covenant with mankind through His chosen soul — the Little Pebble. This Covenant is singular and most extraordinary. Our Lord explains:

OUR LORD: “… My beloved son, Our sweet Rock’; My son that will rebuild My Church upon earth and lead all My people to the Promised Land: today, I have come with the Patriarchs of Old and My Foster-Father [St. Joseph] to bestow upon you, My dear son, very exceptional Graces — Graces that have been given only to the few. In My Hand, dear son, is the Covenant that I made with Adam, with Noah and with Abraham. As I have already said, through many mystics throughout the world: you are the Abraham’ of the New Era — the one who will lead My people into freedom. In you shall the Triune God Dwell, for you must bring My people into the Light and govern My Church upon earth for many centuries …. It is through you, My dear child, that the new Nations will be born — the new tribes of Israel. From your seed, My dear son, in the fulfilment of My words to Abraham — all the new Nations will come — the seven new tribes that will rule the earth with the five clans. And the seventy-two small Nations will form the cohort of Earthly Paradise, which you, dear child, will lead and govern as the Vicar of Christ; as Leader of My people through the Kingship of the Godhead. It is from thy seed, dear son, that there will be a multitude of billions and billions of souls that will be created before the end of the world. In you I make the final Covenant with man, until the end of the world, when I will come and judge mankind.” (Message 395, to the Little Pebble, July 3, 1993).

I was wondering what was the “Sign” of this Covenant. So I wrote a little letter to Our Lady in care of the Seer Thornbush on the 24th of October 1995. I asked Our Lady: “Mother, I was wondering, what is the sign of the Covenant that your Divine Son has made with your Little Pebble? Is it the stigmata that he carries?” On November 3, 1995, Our Lady answered Thornbush about my questions. Our Lady’s answer is very helpful, so I include an extract here:

OUR LADY: (through Thornbush): “I greet you My beloved chosen Apostle, Little Bartholomew. I am pleased that you are seeking to know more about My Little Peter and the Covenant that God has made with him. This Covenant is within a three-fold … This in itself is still a Mystery. Regarding the Covenant, it is partially through the `Holy Staff of Life’ which has descended from the generation of Abraham the chosen Father of true faith; and it is through the holy wounds that he [Little Pebble] bears; and the third part is as the Prince of the Apostles of these End Times, to eventually become Pope Peter II. This signal Covenant is bound by Divine Love and Wisdom. When it will be time, many more Mysteries shall be revealed ….” (Private Message, given to Thornbush for Fr. Broussard, November 3, 1995).

Thus the name: Three-fold Covenant. This article addresses the third part: “The Prince of the Apostles of these End Times, to eventually become Pope Peter II”. So the Little Pebble is himself the sign of the Three-fold Covenant.

In 1995 Our Lord explains more about the mystery surrounding Pope Peter II:

OUR LORD: “Do not be troubled My son of Light, My ‘Little Pebble of Love’ whom I have chosen to lead My Mystic Church upon Earth – just as I have chosen the Vicar of Christ to lead My Mystical Body on Earth. The Cross of Mine is yours!! But for those who need to know: I once again say, that all which I have Promised you, I will keep.”

“Though you are not infallible, My son, you have the Truth and the Truth will remain with you, to guide My sheep, for you have been singled-out above all My sheep, because it is to you that I have given the Keys of the Kingdom. For those who are now somewhat confused and misunderstand the Words of My Most Holy Mother, let them understand well, that what My Most Holy Mother revealed … that My Spirit has been sent upon My ‘Little Pebble of Love’, as a singular Grace, to guide My Mystic Church upon Earth – let that be truly understood by My children!”

“Be not concerned, My sweet child, for all will be understood in time. The divisions that are now in the Mystic Church will soon be dispersed for – through the mandate from My Holy Vicar in Rome, which will be given to you in a special way very soon – a special Light will be given to Our children to understand the importance of unity amongst all My children chosen on a special Path. Therefore pray, My dear child, pray for all those who do not understand and be not troubled, for My Most Holy Mother has placed Her mantle over all Her children – all those who seek to know the Truth and follow it. True unity will come also in My House upon Earth, because We are directing My Most Holy Vicar in a special way in these coming years, to bring unity amongst all children of the Light.”

“It is true to say, My dear son, you are a sign of contradiction to the Church – just as I, your God, was a Sign of Contradiction. All those who follow the Truth will be signs of contradiction, because that is the path of the cross – therefore, take courage, My son – I have heard your prayers …” (Little Pebble, Message 497 – 7 October 1995)

In 2019 in view of confusion about messages given to Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) Our Lord again identified the Little Pebble as Pope Peter II:

OUR LORD: “My children do not know how to discern the Truth from miscalculations – for it has been since the 1970’s, revelations given to some Seers about the Last Vicar of Christ, when the revelation given to MDM that Pope Benedict was the Last Pope, who would be given the Mystery of the Keys of St Peter. Yet there was another Mystical Mystic, namely yourself, claiming to be the Last Vicar, as Pope Peter II, being the Last Vicar for Holy Mother the Church, but it was a Mystery yet to be unfolded.”

“It was for this reason I gave the Keys of the Papacy to you, My little son, so many years ago, which has been made clear throughout the Messages given to you and hundreds of Seers beforehand, so that My children do not get confused as to when I told MDM that I have taken the Keys of the Papacy to Heaven. This was to make it clear that the Anti-Pope and Antichrist did not get hold of these Keys – of which they did not.”

“So let me make it clear to all believers: you, My precious and obedient son are the Last Vicar for My House on Earth and you will wait for My Holy Vicar to go to Heaven, because it will be a time when the Seat of Rome will be laid empty, for the Keys of the Pontificate have been taken to Heaven, but know this, that the Keys of the Papacy remain with you while you remain in exile and it will remain so, until you have gone to Heaven and returned to Earth to take up your Mission as Peter Abraham II, the Final Vicar for Holy Mother Church and it will be St Peter and St Paul who will inaugurate you as the Last Vicar on Earth, until I come in My Second Coming.” (Little Pebble, Message 793 – 13 September 2019)

In summary, this short article is meant only to highlight some key Messages. I wanted to keep it short. The above Messages (and many others) have opened a spiritual window allowing us to perceive something of the mystery surrounding Pope Peter II. There is even more detail in the most recent Messages. The Light of God that shines through these prophetic words is too beautiful and bright for complete human understanding — what is needed is the Grace of faith, hope and love. These Graces are necessary for us in order to choose the Will of God over everything else. Our Lord and Our Lady have filled-in many pieces of the prophetic puzzle during these last 30 years. At that first Pentecost when Saint Peter preached to the people gathered together witnessing the great Power of God — they were all overcome with desire for conversion and reconciliation and said: “What must we do?”

”Now when they heard this they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Brethren, what shall we do?” (Acts 2:37)

That is the question! What must we do? Now, at this time, God’s children should pray for the Gift of God — faith, hope and charity and strive for unity with and under this future Vicar of Christ. May Jesus and Mary help all souls of good-will to open their hearts and minds to listen to what God is revealing to mankind at this time in our world history.

Bishop Malcolm Broussard