Letter from William Costellia to a Seer – 8 May 2021

Letter to a Seer [Name Withheld] from William,

WILLIAM: Peace be to you and thank you for your help over many years. I hope the Cross is not too heavy for you because God’s Peace will be placed in the world within the next ten years.

Thank you for your help over many years but I have come to ask you to please pray for me and ask Jesus a question as I am somewhat confused about some messages given by Jesus and the Blessed Mother to Saints over many many years and these directions confuse me very much – thank you and God Bless you and your life. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – thank you.

My Beloved Jesus of My Heart, I thank You for all that You have done for me and what You are prepared to do for me in the future.

My Beloved Jesus, I am a little confused about the Revelations. As you know there are hundreds of revelations about the Holy Monarch and Myself. We are working together. He is in hiding just as I am as I am waiting for the government to set me free but instead of releasing me the government has placed me under another three years of restrictions.

Therefore I cannot go home, nor can I travel overseas – the Holy Monarch is restricted and not being able to work with his followers.

The other matter which confused me is this, when MDM came into existence in 2010 she received a message from Jesus saying this is the last 40 years before He returns and saying this is the last era before He returns back to earth in the Second Coming, yet the hundreds of mystics and seers — all of them Saints have received revelations about the Monarch and myself but what is confusing is that we will come after the three days of darkness and we will remain for several decades before the antichrist comes.

But that does not make sense because my understanding is that the antichrist will have full power after the chastisement and the world will be converted but the antichrist will take hold of the world even though the world will be converted and the 3 1/2 years of tribulation will come .

The Monarch and myself will be in power but we will be under great difficulties while the antichrist will rule — please my Jesus, am I reading it right? After the antichrist has been thrown into hell the world will be waiting for the Second Coming.

Please my Jesus,

Please enlighten me

I love you and kiss You

Your loving son xxxx

05/04/21: JESUS: Yes My daughter, I AM the Great I AM, the Great Physician, all who seek Me, find Me, those who turn to Me in strife and hardship find Peace. Come to Me My children, I await you.

Know that I understand My son’s confusion, for many of My children who have followed the messages of My Mother to the many saint’s of which we have appeared to, feel this same way. They are not sent to confuse but to inspire My children to repent, to be renewed in My Sacred Heart so that they may give My Father renewed love to stay His hand from chastisement. Although sin is so grave now, that many suffer and are oppressed  under its mighty weight. The hand of satan plays in here as he causes confusion. His children and minions also are the cause of much of the suffering that My children endure. But if many more of them would rise up and answer the call of their Heavenly Mother and Our Two Hearts, much of this suffering would have been alleviated.

This is why there is much confusion over time, and the happening of events. My Father reserves dates to Himself because He gives His children many chances to respond to His calls. The Father is now exhausted at the results. He has seen His Saints persecuted, hated and killed. He has watched as His beloved daughter Mary is attacked and hated, ignored by her own Priest sons. He has stood by and seen His Son trampled upon and pierced again and again. His sweet White Rock has also suffered much at the hands of those same men and women, as has my sweet Monarch who also, like Saint John the Baptist waits and prays for the fulfilment of this work. This My small son does also, most anxiously.

Have no fear however, for the Father has now said: “All will be accomplished in His Name”. That He will bring His Monarch and Holy Pope out with a strong hand to show all people that it is by He, God Himself, that this is accomplished.

Many things will happen in Nature now. Things that are far beyond “Normal” or even “coincidental”. They will know by who’s hand these things are done.

Do not concern yourself, My little son, with the small  minute details as of yet, for the Father will make right with those who have become misinformed or have strayed from the path they are intended for. Those who are on the right path will be brought forward to continue to finish their works. Make no mistake, the Father will make all things right. Satan in his ploys muddies the waters. However, the Father will not allow some of this to go on any longer, for His saints.

My two sons, Enoch and Elijah, will come after the Warning to begin their given missions. Anti-christ will be on the scene but only to those who know him. He will not enter public life until the stage is set within the Catholic Church and what has been brought about in the World War. At the time of the Warning, all will be told who he is and how to avoid him.

Know My son that the saint’s are right in what they were told, but because the Father has given more time, because of prayer, He will condense some of what was foretold.

You and the Monarch will work together to heal the Church and rebuild Her. The people will begin to convert as hardships and strife has brought their full attention to this point. Anti-christ will only be given a small window of time. My children will be in their refuge by then, led by their Guardian Angels. You and the Monarch will continue your work till I take you to My Heart. Anti-christ will be given his three years and then My “first” second return will happen as My children will then be led into the Era of Peace by you My son.

Do not worry, My son,  about “when and where”, for you will understand more and more as time progresses. You will soon be taken to the third Heaven with the Monarch and the Apostles and many others who will be working with you, to be renewed in body and spirit so as to finish your mission on Earth. You will then be given all knowledge   of events and all will make prefect sense to you. Do not fear My son for all is upon the World.

Go in My peace My daughter.