Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 30 April 2021

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 30 April 2021

This Church is Right Down to the Ground

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St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta

When I came to church for Holy Mass, I first walked into the Chapel, to the Sanctuary of Our Lady Help of Christians, lit a holy candle and said a prayer to Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus.

I said to Blessed Mother, “I love you, and I thank you for bringing me to church today.”

She said, “Me and my Son, we are so sad for this church. It is right down to the ground, and it is not getting any better. We are crying for this church. There is such a mixture of things going on here. It is so bad and so dark in this church, and nobody really cares about it. People are protesting, but nothing happens. Tell my children to pray a lot for this church as it is really bad, and I don’t know how it will end up.”

I said, “Wouldn’t St Joseph protect it?”

She said, “No, because there is too much of a mixture of things in it. The Bishop has confused everyone. The priests don’t speak up, and they are afraid of him; they don’t say anything, such as to pray for this church. They respect him because he is the Bishop. He has confused everybody, the whole church. The church is really down to the ground.”

Blessed Mother said that unless people really pray for this Church, it will continue to stay down.

After Blessed Mother told me how bad it is in the church and how down it is, I went before the Holy Tabernacle, knelt and prayed the Divine Praises to our Lord.

Immediately our Lord said, “You better write down what Me and My Mother have told you. This is a fact and the truth about what is going on in this Church. This is reality.”

So, if our Lord says this, then I believe in Him. Who is more Truth than God Himself?

Lord Jesus have mercy on this church.