The real target of the Covid-19 Vaccines – 11 June 2021

BISHOP MALCOLM BROUSSARD: The article (see link below) is written by Lori DeMonia and concludes (in so many words) that an evil form of genetic engineering (a kind of eugenics) is in play on a global scale under the disguise of a response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The major pharmaceutical companies have rushed to produce experimental vaccines in the name of “following the science”. Lori DeMonia sees in their “science” an attempt to equate religious belief with the genetic makeup of the individual person — as if there is a gene connection between the natural and the supernatural in mankind. Consequently, by an imagined statistical analysis and correlation — the dreamed of possibility of genetically identifying persons with religious beliefs is somehow “confirmed”. It is not a big leap for pharmaceutical companies to fabricate medications and vaccines to inhibit certain genes. Thus the evil idea of ultimate population control against Christians and other belief systems by the use of genetic manipulation becomes a reality. This is clearly diabolical.

This form of eugenics in its evil equation of genetic engineering (in the one hand) and the supernatural belief in God (in the other hand) — is simply not comparable because they are two different realities. The personal awareness of the Natural Law is inscribed by God in the soul of every human being and is not subject to genetic engineering. Faith to believe in God is a Gift and Grace of God and not the by-product of a gene. Her article attempts to shed more light upon the evil consequences of this kind of social change and the verbal engineering required to change the meaning of words and medical ethics.

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