Letter to President Vladimir Putin of Russia – 15 June 2021

Letter to President Vladimir Putin of Russia – 15 June 2021

The Letter below is addressed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. If anyone is able to forward this letter to the President — please feel free to do so with the means available to you. Thank you. May Jesus Bless + President Vladimir Putin and Our Lady love him tenderly. Amen.

Download this Letter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dbjnq0n9o7124a/Letter%20to%20President%20Putin%2015%20June%202021.pdf?dl=0

William Costellia

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15 June 2021

President Vladimir Putin

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Dear most honourable President of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin,

Peace and blessing be to you.  I have a message for you please listen to Jesus.

JESUS: “Warn My son of Russia, My son, that its plan to unite China to itself and the countries aligned with them to control the world will happen, but it will be short-lived. Tell My son he is to remove himself from that, because if he does not, Russia will fall, as will China, through a bloody war, which will end all wars and bring many souls into destruction. Tell him, I want him to convert to the Truth, now.”

Sincerely yours,

William Costellia