Message to Bright Star – 15 June 2021


BRIGHT STAR: After the Adoration, the crucifix in front turned white and grew right up into the sky, huge. The gate in the centre of the cross door has opened up and many angels and saints are coming through. The nine archangels came first and stood around the chapel; they protect us here, also many angels all over the grounds.  It is really beautiful; the angels seem to be happy tonight they are joyous and smiling and not as sad as last time I saw them.  And I see St. Joseph is coming through with Padre Pio and there are many saints coming also through and they are all just taking their places around the chapel, and they are all turning to face the cross.

As our Lady comes down the angels make like a guard of honour and Our Lady comes down, She just glides between the two rows of the angels.  And the saints have turned and faced the cross and they genuflect down on one knee while Our Lady enters into the chapel.  Mother is very beautiful tonight, She also looks very happy tonight. Her Immaculate Heart is exposed, it is Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart tonight, that Mother has come.  And I see Her Heart with white roses around Her Heart, it is really beautiful, the roses are, I just I cannot explain them they are not like whiteroses here, they are just beautiful. Mother is smiling, She raises Her Hand.

OUR LADY: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love and I thank you once again for answering God’s call. You My children have touched your Mother’s Heart by coming here tonight and offering reparation to your God who is so much offended at this time.

Your world My children is now in such a state, you look about My children and you see a false peace. Oh, the world thinks that all things will become normal again, oh My children things cannot come normal by science. Only by turning to My Divine Son will all things come back to the truth.

I love you so much My children, for uniting with all the children throughout the world that are offering prayers on this day.  This My children is so important to be united with all My children.  This is one of the missions of Our prophet to join all together and with you joining with all those throughout the world helps to fulfil this job of his.  Oh, My children, so few throughout the world answered My call, yet so much has been mitigated because of your love for your God.  Oh, My children, the few can still save so many, and I thank you for offering of your time, for offering of your prayers.  Oh, My children, I love you so much and one day when you cross over the veil We will talk about these things and all that you accomplished for your God.  Be strong My children and do not doubt the word of God.

Many My children are asking about the illumination of conscience oh My children be at peace for when the war comes and when you see the revolution in Rome, when you see the cross of My Son in the sky then you will know that the time is right.  Be at peace My children for you are on the path that God has set you upon to bring back your brothers and sisters.  To be an example first in your families and then be an example to all that you meet.  This is so important at this time, My children, for the love of God is slowly dying within the world and only a few will carry the love of God through to the end.  I love you so much My children, I am always at your side, ask and I will be there.  I love you My children and I bless you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: As Mother was blessing us, the roses in Her Heart began to drop petals, many petals.  As the petals were falling more petals were growing and the angels were collecting all these petals, they are beautiful white petals.  The angels have gone and placed a petal in each person here and then thousands of angels have taken petals and gone throughout the world and have placed them within different souls; some of the souls I know and some of them I do not. I know that there are quite a few angels in Australia, and they are giving rose petals to people there, it is really beautiful.  Mother is just looking around at us, as the angels were distributing the rose petals and now Mother raises Her Hand.

OUR LADY: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. This gift I give to all those who participated in this world prayer.  Oh, My children you have mitigated much, you have saved many just by these prayers, My children.  I ask you to continue to pray because these rose petals are for your purity.  I give you the grace of purity of mind, purity of heart, purity of soul and purity of body.  Oh, My children it is so important that you let the love of God shine from you now to all that you meet; for you are the lights that will shine in the darkness.  I love you and I bless you for your strength. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: Mother now looks at each person here present and She has gone quickly to each soul and kissed each person on the forehead and now Mother has returned, She has a beautiful smile on Her face.

OUR LADY: My children you have consoled the Heart of your Mother.

BRIGHT STAR: And now Our Lady is going back into the cross and all the angels and saints are following Mother.