Maria Divine Mercy personal letter to JTM Prayer Warriors – 3 July 2021

Maria Divine Mercy personal letter to JTM Prayer Warriors – 3 July 2021

2 July 2021: William Costellia received an email from a JTM Global promoter enclosing the personal letter (below) from Maria Divine Mercy. It concerns a very important public Seminar sponsored by JTM Global and scheduled for 17 July 2021. Please read below:

Dear Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Warrior,

This is Maria Divine Mercy.  I would like to personally invite all of you to attend a very important Jesus to Mankind Global Public Seminar. This seminar is entitled “God’s Warning on Hell”. This will be done via Zoom on July 17, Saturday, 9pm Singapore time (GMT+8). To register, click here:

The unfortunate reality is that many people in the world today no longer believe in Hell. It is these children of God, who do not believe in Hell, who are in grave danger of precisely going to Hell.  The truth may not be pleasant, but we need to proclaim it the world.

We need to proclaim the truth that Hell does exist. We need to warn people about the grave danger of losing their soul for all eternity to Hell and Satan. We also need to tell them about God’s infinite love and mercy. We need to share with everyone the various powerful means that God has given us to save ourselves from Hell, and to help save our brothers and sisters from Hell. This is what we will be sharing during the seminar “God’s Warning on Hell.”

I am writing to specifically request all of you to share this important seminar with your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances – everyone. Jesus has instructed us to prioritize at this moment in time reaching out to sinners, the atheists, and those who live their lives so far away from God. They are the priority group that we need to reach with these public seminars.

We are all called to be Missionaries by the Lord in this, the Last Mission on Earth just before Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. You can live out your Missionary calling in this Mission through this simple act of sharing this seminar to as many people as you can, particularly to sinners and those far away from God.

Here is the registration link that you can share with everyone:

Thank you so much for everything you do for Jesus in this Mission.  May the Most Blessed Trinity bless you abundantly! May Our Mother of Salvation cover you and your family with her mantle of protection and love.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Maria Divine Mercy