The Global Pandemic Scandal – 16 July 2021

The Global Pandemic Scandal – 16 July 2021

By Rev. Malcolm Broussard

On 19 October 2020, William Costellia posted a very important update regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please re-read his article as it will help you understand the connection with today:

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Since that time, the world has seen the deeper and progressive unfolding of more and more misinformation with great consequences.

To date, in Australia the “politics of pandemic panic” are in full swing on the morning TV News channels everyday. The State Premiers with their local Healthcare experts and local Police authorities are pushing government policy very hard in order to have continued lockdowns, pushing for mandatory vaccines, continued social distancing and mandatory mask-wearing — under threat of severe fines. Add to this — the insistence on compulsory contact tracing — people are forced to identify themselves, their movements of place and time. These Government policies are for control of the population to make sure of compliance. There is a hidden agenda.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has revealed the hidden truth behind the Coronavirus. The Message below is one of many. William Costellia received this Message:

Message 830 – 11 June 2021 (extract)

OUR LORD: “My beloved William and all of God’s children – as you know, the world has not progressed very much because of the Pandemic, which is choking the souls of My people, because mankind sees this Pandemic as a fatal manoeuvre. Instead of turning to Me, they turn to the sign of science instead. This Pandemic was formulated by Satan into the hands of an unrepentant generation, causing deaths and uncertainties in society. Yet, man forgets that mankind only has to ask Me and it will be removed. But mankind does not think of God and turn to themselves, but in the end it will cause more Pandemic because the enemy of God wishes to establish his reign upon Earth, placing Me aside.”

“Follow the Science” has been a social mantra from political leaders since the beginning of the pandemic. As you can see for yourselves, the News Media and Political leaders never ask their constituents to pray to God to ask His Help to overcome this pandemic. These Politicians and Healthcare experts — in the name of Science — paint God completely out of the picture. Is it any wonder that the Churches have come under lockdowns? However, there are a few voices of reason in Australia — one of which is Alan Jones who tries to expose the hypocrisy. He recently commented:

Alan Jones: “One thing you won’t get in COVID press conferences is truth”

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Alan Jones: “Everyone is sick of the meaningless recitation of coronavirus cases”

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Joined to this common sense view of the matter, there is also the excellent video presentation on the legal ramifications of a false global narrative. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich in Germany proposes real evidence of “Crimes against Humanity and the Covid-19 PCR Test”. He points out those persons in high places responsible for advising governments — are the chief culprits:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “Crimes Against Humanity and the Covid-19 PCR Test”

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Please take time to view this video (49 minutes) by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It summarises the point of my article. There is included (inline) a typed transcript of his presentation. His presentation is from a legal perspective and is outstanding and clear. I dare say, all of the answers to your questions about “pandemic panic” are answered!

I am sending this post to all of the Australian Members of Parliament. Political leaders need to see the reality of a false global narrative which has caused distrust and apathy in the public domain. Bad political conduct by certain “elite” power groups like the World Health Organisation (WHO) have distorted the pandemic picture. What is needed for the Common Good, is healthcare policies based on the criteria of justice and morality which is rooted in the dignity of the human person created in the Image of God. This is the only way to revive a sense of civic spirit in the general population which feel abused and disillusioned by so many lockdowns and with no end in sight.

I would like to close with this quote from Pope John Paul II:

“… Certain demands which arise within society are sometimes not examined in accordance with criteria of justice and morality, but rather on the basis of the electoral or financial power of the groups promoting them. With time, such distortions of political conduct create distrust and apathy, with a subsequent decline in the political participation and civic spirit of the general population, which feels abused and disillusioned. As a result, there is a growing inability to situate particular interests within the framework of a coherent vision of the common good. The latter is not simply the sum total of particular interests; rather it involves an assessment and integration of those interests on the basis of a balanced hierarchy of values; ultimately, it demands a correct understanding of the dignity and the rights of the person.” (Pope John Paul II, Encyclical: Centesimus Annus – 1 May 1991)

May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen.

Update: Very important video by Dr. Zelenko, MD