Message 832 – 6 August 2021



Transfiguration of Our Lord and Our Lady’s Birthday

A worse Pandemic will come to mankind – When you go home the Virus will take effect in Australia and the world – Mankind must ask for forgiveness for all their sins, then I will send the remedy – Huge object in the sky will bring fear and anguish – Seas shall rise – All Volcanoes will erupt – Antichrist become public after Warning – Francis to make Public Declaration; will split the Church – Chastisements: Europe, U.S.A., Ukraine, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

WILLIAM: The White Cross is in the sky with two other Crosses next to it – as depicted in the Gospel – one Cross is black, the other red and the big Cross is white. There are two lines of white Crosses forming a road to me, with millions of Angels each side. A beautiful Hymn is  sung – it is the glorious Hymn of one of the Great Composers. I think it is Beethoven. The Hymn is: “Ode to Joy”, and I am humming it.

The White Cross is opening wide and Jesus and Mary come through. Our Lady is dressed like the Statue we have in the Chapel – She is my Bride. It is so wonderful. Jesus is dressed all in yellow, edged in white, with a blue sash around the middle. He looks so beautiful. I have never seen Him dressed in yellow before. The Angels are still singing the song and throwing beautiful flowers over Them. I will remember the Hymn, or song [“Ode to Joy” by Beethoven].

Jesus and Mary glide through the air and both are standing in my room. Jesus’ Sacred Heart is out in front of Him and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart is also showing. Our Lady comes over to me and stands in front of me. She places Her Crown over me, but it joins and makes two Crowns and forms a Cross over us both:

OUR LADY: “With this Crown united to you, We are One in Christ Jesus, working to save the world, as it is in great danger now.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady bends down and kisses my forehead and makes the Sign of the Cross: + Our Lady goes back next to Jesus:

OUR LORD and OUR LADY: “We Bless you son of the Most High and Mystical Spouse of Mary: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

OUR LORD: “Today is the Birthday of My Most Holy Mother – even though it is celebrated in the Church Calendar next month – but one day it will be recognised as such.”

“My Holy son, the road is difficult at this time, because mankind is still in great darkness, even after My children remain suffering under the yoke of the Pandemic. My children, My children, walking with your eyes and ears closed to Our demand of turning your sight on the Heavenly things, which will never pass away.”

“Because of the lack of faith, a worse Pandemic will come to mankind, which will shock mankind, because it will strike the lungs and the heart. We allow such deadly Virus to come to mankind, to bring them back to Us, who are waiting for their repentance. Our children must understand that it is not by God Who has allowed such evil, but by the free will of man.”

“When you go back to your home the Virus will take effect in Australia and the world. Be assured, dear son, it will not affect you, because it is Our will that mankind come to the realisation that they must turn to God first and ask for forgiveness for all their sins, then I will send the remedy. You will be home very soon, My son. It is then, within seven (7) months, Australia will be chastised.”

“The world continues to ignore Us, even though We continue to send Our Holy Words to strengthen them, but Our Holy Directions continue to be ignored.”

“The world continues to follow the inspirations from the Evil One, who has set upon man his evil intentions.”

“The world will continue to remain in darkness until they come to realize, that the reason they have fallen so far into distress, is because they do not believe any more in God’s Existence.”

“Keep an eye on the sky, My sweet children, because soon you will see a huge object coming towards you. Fear and anguish will enter your hearts, then you will cry out to Me asking for help.”

“The Seas shall rise and flood many, many Coastal Cities and Towns – like the storms that were raised in Germany and neighbouring countries. What you are seeing now is only the beginning. There will come a time when all volcanoes will erupt bringing down clouds of destructive ash upon Our children who had lost faith.”

“My children, just because the Pandemic is causing the shutdown of your welfare – it never had to be like that. It is because of the enemy, the Illuminati – being the small elite of mankind – brings the fear of the Pandemic. But you need to listen and read from the true Doctors of the world, who have said the Virus is not as bad as made out to be. Locking everyone down is not the way, nor the wearing of the mask, because all this is doing is breaking the economy, which is the plan of the elite of the world. The Secret Society is in control of the world now and will bring the world to a halt. By doing this they will have numbered as many people as they can.”

“My children, pray hard that the Viruses go – and pray for your protection. Fear not because I control the world, even though because of mankind not listening to Me, they choose to follow the demons.”

“The Antichrist is making his moves, but he will not become public until the Great Warning has happened. So turn to Me, My beloved children, because you have nothing to fear.”

Pray for Australia, because My children must turn back to Me. Soon, Francis – in Rome – will make a Public Declaration, which will split the Church. The Holy Father, Benedict, will soon leave Rome and the events will bring the Great Warning to the world.”

“Pray, dear children, for Europe, because great events will come to her, which will change the course of the world. Pray for the United States of America, because it will go into great suffering. Pray for Russia, because it will make a move to break the Ukrainian country. Pray for China, as it has plans to take the Taiwanese and bring strong control over Hong Kong. Pray for Indonesia, because its land will shake and many people will die.”

“My children, I do not come with pleasant news, but you only need to change, then you will see many Blessings come to you.”

“Today, My children, is the Birthday of My Blessed Mother. Pray that Her Victory will come very soon. “

WILLIAM: I see Saint Michael coming next to Our Lady. Our Holy Mother moves forward – She is very beautiful. Our Lady greets me:

OUR LADY: “I wish to speak to Our loving children. I greet you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved children, today is a Blessed day because We celebrate My Birth on this day. I am sending to each one of My children a special Gift – a Soldier Angel from the Choir of Saint Michael. Each Angel has a special Gift from God to bestow on all of you and each Angel will be given a role to play to guide each soul that they have been given in charge of, to prepare them for their future. Saint Megulouris is your Angel, My child – you will understand later why.”

“The world has gone into more darkness, My children and it is time that the world be changed into a place that will worship God the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Pray children, that My Feast Day be proclaimed – the one of Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix and Advocacy – so that peace will one day be returned to the world. Pray for Britain, because a chastisement of great magnitude is coming.”

“Pray for the Middle East, because the Pandemic will not stop the Nations from bringing forth the Holocaust to them.”

“I Love you, sweet children and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Remain strong, because even though the Cross will become heavier, know that the time for the Return of Jesus to mankind, is but a few more years away. Pray, pray, My children. I will remain with you till the very end. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son of My Heart, be assured I remain with you and I will give you Messages until We come for you to bring [you] to the Third Place of Heaven, where you will be changed and instructed to go back to the world, to guide and lead the world until My Divine Son, Jesus, Returns. You will have much to do when you get home, very soon. Remain at peace. I Love you, My precious ‘Rock of salvation’, My Last Holy Vicar: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Both Jesus and Mary Bless us +:

OUR LORD and OUR LADY: “Until next time. We Love you.”

WILLIAM: Both Jesus and Mary make the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD and OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: The Angels are still singing. +