Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 2 August 2021

The Imposter Cardinal

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This morning I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and prayed for the whole world and for Holy Souls, when all of a sudden, the Angel came and asked me to come with him.

We came to a group of Holy Souls, at least fifty of them. These souls did not appear to be in deep suffering, as they were moving about freely. I said, “Come with me, all of you. I will take you to be nourished.” I wanted to take them to church in front of the Altar to be nourished by our Lord, to be nourished by the Holy Communion, by the Holy Presence of our Lord.

They said to me, “Oh, that is beautiful. We have never heard those words before ‘to be nourished’. We have never heard such beautiful words.”

Then I could hear them talking amongst themselves, “We thought Valentina was a reserved person, that she doesn’t care much and doesn’t like to talk to people much. We were wrong. What a beautiful and kind person she is! She is going to be a friend of mine for life!”

Usually, I take the souls that come to me or that I meet in Purgatory to church and offer them up to the Lord during the Holy Mass. Since the churches are now closed, I cannot offer them there. But the souls are all waiting.

I took this group of souls with me, and we came to a little black steel gate. I pushed open the gate and entered a garden. Seated in a chair in this garden was an ordinary-looking older man in his seventies. He was wearing a little red cap and a red gown as that worn by a Cardinal. I came in front of him, and I said, “Glory to God, Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, may He be praised.”

I then knelt and said, “It is so nice to come to you, Cardinal. I come to you to receive nourishment, and I brought all these people with me to receive nourishment. Can we receive Holy Communion? Are we late?” I was so happy that I would be able to help these souls.

The Cardinal answered, “No, you are not late. You will not receive Holy Communion anymore because that is in the past. That’s not ‘in’ anymore. It is old-fashioned! You are alright without Holy Communion. It is something that man invented and made up.”

I was stunned by his response. I said, “What man? God gave us Holy Communion.”

He said, “No, no, don’t worry about Holy Communion. You don’t need that, and you don’t need to feel guilty. You can live without that.”

In shock, I said, “No! I don’t want to live without Holy communion. This is wrong. I have to receive Jesus, and I brought all these people with me; they have to be nourished. I will go further up to someone higher.”

Behind this Cardinal stood three ladies, all three dressed in some kind of church vestments. I asked them, “Will a priest be coming to serve Holy Communion?”

They answered, “No Holy Communion! Holy Communion is not served anymore, and we don’t believe in that anymore.”

I was so upset by what I had just heard.

The Angel came up close to me and, referring to the Cardinal, said, “See, he is an imposter.”

“I wanted you to be witness to this and for you to ask the Cardinal directly for Holy Communion; they are all imposters, and that is what is now going on in the churches. That is why the churches are closed,” said the Angel.

I asked the Angel, “How can he be dressed as a Cardinal? What kind of Cardinal would say ‘don’t receive Holy Communion?”

The Angel replied, “You see, that is what is now coming to the Churches. They don’t really want to distribute Holy Communion; there are Cardinals who are against all this, and they don’t believe in this anymore.”

I asked the Angel, “Where are they [the Cardinals]?”

He answered, “I cannot tell you.”

Immediately I thought, “Where are most of the Cardinals? They are in Rome!”

I turned to the people following me and said, “You see, I can’t offer you now. Where can I go now?”

Anyway, these souls were happy to be with the Angel and me. I continued to walk with the Angel with the souls following us. We walked down into this little valley.

I said to the Angel, “Well, our Lord has to nourish these people without me taking them to church. I will take them directly to Him because they are waiting.”

The souls were so happy, and they really wanted to be nourished. But what worries me I said, “Look at the connection, yesterday the telephone call came through, and I talked to Father Valerian, yet I did not see him, but I heard his voice. He wanted me to go to Rome.”

During the day, I spoke to Holy Michael about my experience with the Cardinal, and he said, “He is an imposter, and our Lord wants you to see this. There are many like him, and that is why the churches are closed now.”

When I came back from this vision, the little Boy Jesus came. He was about five years of age. When our Lord comes like this, I am spiritually receiving Holy Communion.

Little Boy Jesus was crying and crying. I asked Him, “Why are You crying so much? What is going on?”

He said, “You know what, I Am so, so much pushed away by the people. Look at what is going on in Australia and all over the world. They push Me so deeply away that I Am going through a combiner.” Our Lord showed me in a vision how He is pushed so hard into a combiner and how He is rotating around and around then thrown in a ditch. Our Lord Jesus was crying and crying.

He said, “The whole world pushes Me away, and they so deeply push Me away. They don’t want Me. That is why I come to you as a little Boy, and I cry in Heaven for this.”

I felt so sad for our Lord that I was crying. It broke my heart to see Him suffering so much.

I still keep asking Him for mercy for the world. I asked Him, “Maybe Lord, if you gave them a little sign, they would be touched, and they would repent and convert.”

I prayed, “Oh Come Holy Spirit. Come and touch the people, to convert them, so that they will stop offending our Lord so much.”

Our Lord wants to help man and to come among men. He said, “I created Heaven and Earth, and I created Man, and what do I get? They push Me so deeply away.”

Our Lord Jesus cried and cried.