Letter to the People of God from the Future Vicar of Christ – 29 September 2021



Today, my beloved souls of Jesus, Our Loving Saviour. Is the Feast of our beloved Archangels: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael.

The world is crucified by the problematic Covid-19, which is causing mankind to be shut down due to the Governments’ weaknesses, which have allowed mankind to be closed off from human reactions, leaving mankind to be led by human beings, who do not follow Jesus, but follow the weakness of man’s inability to recognize the Truth.

To help mankind, I recommend the Medicines, Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. I recommend you do not accept the Medication offered by the Authorities.

Today, on the Feast of the Great Archangels, I ask that you listen very carefully, because the Antichrist is making his moves to destroy God’s people and the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.

As you know the Reign of Pope Benedict, known as (Emeritus) – his time is very near. Keep an eye open to the movements of Russia and China, because once pope Benedict has left Rome you will know that the time has come when I, William John the Baptist Costellia, will take over as the Final Vicar of Christ’s Church, as I will be known as Pope Peter II – also known as Little Abraham II.

I ask my dear children to not feel lost or down, because God and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, will be watching over us, so do not lose heart. The world at the moment is controlled to some degree by the Illuminati and the Elite – and more so, the Antichrist. But God is organizing the Army of Truth, which is 50-million strong and will become stronger as time progresses.

My Dear People, take courage and trust in God’s Goodness, because mankind is becoming blind – but God in His Power and Goodness is watching over you. God has raised the French Monarch and he is working slowly. He is a good, holy man and works together with me, so please don’t forget that God controls the whole world and is permitting the Antichrist to fulfil his plans to take over the whole world, but this time the Antichrist has a set time, then it will come to a sudden end. We can expect the time will range from the year 2022 to the year 2030. Of course we do not know the exact time, but know this, that the full reign of the Antichrist is six weeks after the Great Warning, which we expect after Pope Benedict (Emeritus) flees Rome.

The Monarch and myself are preparing the Remnant Church now, so please remember us in your prayers.

God has not forgotten you, but is asking for many prayers. Please pray for my release from the chains that Satan has put upon me so that I can go to the Philippines to set up the Vatican and lead the Church. Pray that I will be able to travel to Singapore and Germany and many other countries before it becomes impossible. Pray for the Monarch who needs the support of the Church.

My beloved people, do not lose faith, but trust in God and Our Holy Mother, Mary, because Our Lady’s Triumph is very near, when She will be Crowned Mediatrix of All Graces, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate, because all the Miracles are to happen very soon. Remember to pray for me too. I ask Jesus to Bless you: + as I will Bless you: +

May Jesus and Mary Bless you +

William J. Costellia,