Message to Bright Star – 15 September 2021


15th SEPTEMBER 2021

BRIGHT STAR: Since prayers finished the crucifix at the front, became a white cross and grew high up into the sky. At the centre of the cross the door opened, and I see tonight St. Joseph is coming first and behind him is Padre Pio. There are many saints coming with them and with them there are many angels who are coming down both sides of, like a road, leading from the cross to the chapel. The angels tonight are all in, like, purple and gold, lilac, beautiful to see but all the angels have like warrior shields and spears; they carry many things. My angel says, to defend us in the days ahead. That these battle angels will help protect us. The whole area is filling up and I see the nine great archangels that come, and they are taking their place around the chapel. And now all present are turning towards the cross and all go down on one knee and Mother is coming through the door. Mother is dressed all in black and has a beautiful black cape all trimmed in gold down Her back and She has a black headpiece on that is like net or something like that also goes right down Her back that goes right over the top of the cape that She is wearing.

Tonight, for the first time I have seen Mother, Mother has a crown of thorns on. As Mother comes over you can feel such a profound suffering of Mother’s Heart, it just weighs on your chest, so heavy. Tears are coming down Mother’s cheeks, there is blood coming down Her temple from the thorns that are piercing Her temple. I offer Mother everybody who is here to console Her Heart. Mother turns, She has such a look of love in Her eyes as She looks at Bishop Pio. As She looked at me the swords that pierce Her Heart began to shoot out light into everybody who is present here; tremendous light is penetrating into everybody’s heart. Mother is so sad but so beautiful, even in Her sorrow you can see such love in Her face for us. Mother has moved now into the chapel, She stands just above the Tabernacle. The bulbs in the ceiling and everything are gone and just the angels and saints are surrounding Mother. Mother looks at everybody here and She raises Her hand.

OUR BLESSED MOTHER: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love and I thank you for coming tonight to console your Mother’s Heart. For I suffer so now because Our children are straying farther and farther from their God. Many have taken the wrong path My children with no concern of their future. Oh, My children you are breaking your Mother’s Heart. I beg of you to return to look at your errors, to turn back to My Divine Son because the hour is already late. Oh, My children I love you so and I do not want one soul to be lost to Us. If you would just turn to your God and repent My Son would forgive you My children and you could come and live with Us forever. Oh, My children the times you live in now are trying, for the persecutions are now great for those who choose to follow My Son. Oh, My children much will unfold in the next few months.”

“I ask My elect from all over the world to join together; pray as one army fighting evil. Evil has joined together to do battle with God’s children, and he is making great headway for they have united, and they are attacking My children on every level. Oh, My elect unite together let the light push back the darkness. I ask My children to set aside your pride and to come together for the honour and glory of your God. My children all virtue is built on humility, sin stems from pride My children. The time is so late it is time to gather together, My children, and pray as one unit, for all to be accomplished for the honour and glory of God. Soon Peter II will come forward, his time is at hand My children and you will be asked to follow him. All those that follow him My children will go through to the end, for this son has been chosen by Me to lead My people. Oh, My children he will lead you into the promised land. I know My children that the times now are very hard, the persecutions are becoming more and more. Persecutions of My elect persecutions of My Son’s church. Oh, My children now is the time to set worldly things aside and pray; pray for your children, pray for your brothers and sisters. I ask you My children is it not worth it to set some pleasures aside to save some of My children? Oh, My children I will reward you. Your God has great things for you in Heaven if you place all aside for His honour and glory. I love you My children and I thank you for coming here tonight to bring Me your love and your prayers so that I can try and turn My children around before it is too late.”

“I ask you My children to take courage, do not become discouraged, My children, for this is the tool of the devil; I ask you to be strong, knowing that all that has been prophesied will come to pass.”

“Oh, My children those who have the light can see the fulfilment of all these things already. I ask you My children to be strong in these days; to take account of yourselves My children. When people hear your words, when people see your actions do, they feel the love of God flowing from you? Oh, this can be accomplished My children, if you try to do all things for the honour and glory of God and if you love your neighbour for the love of your God, all can be accomplished. Be at peace My children, just offer love, offer consolation to many who are suffering all these things throughout the world. Oh, My children things will not get better in this world for all things are now being prepared for the antichrist to reign. Oh, My children the land of the maple leaf, your land, will shake, My children, for you have turned from your God, you have set your God aside for earthly things. Your governments have placed God aside and took on worldly things to prepare for the antichrist. Oh, My children you will have much to answer for before your God, turn back before it is too late. I ask My children pray, pray constantly. I love these children also, My children, and I ask you to pray for their salvation, for they have taken a wide road.”

“I love you My children, I cannot thank you enough for coming, for praying, for offering of yourselves for your brothers and your sisters. I ask you pray and be united to Peter II for he suffers much. I know My children that all My elect have been long suffering. Oh, but My children everything that God has planned is now at hand. Only but for a short time will you have to suffer the persecutions of those who do not understand, for God is going to call all at the warning to understand the truth that He has been preaching throughout the world through these many years. I ask you My children pray for the fulfilment of this, that all will understand, that all will turn back to their God, that all will console a Mother who is so sorrowful at the loss of so many children. I love you My children and I thank you once again.”

BRIGHT STAR: Mother is now going through the chapel. She is kissing each person here on the forehead, as Mother kisses each person a drop of blood from Her forehead drops into the heart of each person here. Mother has now moved back to the front She is looking at each soul.

OUR BLESSED MOTHER: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I love you My children and I ask you to please to continue with your prayers. I know My children that the crosses are heavy now, but I ask you to bear them with love for My Son. He bore much for you My children, are you willing to bear a little for Him. I love you My children and I thank you for your love and your prayers. I send a special blessing to My Peter II to strengthen him in these days. I love you My son and I bless you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

BRIGHT STAR: I now will remain silent. Mother is now going towards the opening in the cross; as She goes the angels are singing to Our Lady, they are singing Hail Holy Queen. And as Mother enters into the cross, now all the angels and the saints are going also into the white cross.