Two Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 23 and 24 October 2021

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 23 October 2021

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Humanity Abuses God’s Grace and Mercy

When I was saying my prayers in the morning, the Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus; He was about five to six months old. She turned Him towards me and said, “I come to bring my Son, as a little Baby, to come and visit you because I know how much you love Him as a little Baby. But today, I brought Him so that you can console Him.”

Baby Jesus was weeping profusely. Tears were running down His little Cheeks and his Eyes watering. He was sobbing so much.

Blessed Mother said, “That is why He likes to come to you as a little Baby so that you can console Him. When a baby cries, they cry for some reason, and that is how my Son cries in Heaven for humanity, for so many do not obey Him, and they are lost when they die.”

Blessed Mother held Baby Jesus, and as I was looking at Him, I said consolingly, “What is the matter, my beautiful Baby? What happened to You?” I kissed Him on both His Cheeks to make Him feel better.

Blessed Mother said, “Console My Son, for He is so gravely offended. Humanity abuses the Grace that He gives them in the world. They totally reject Him now. Most people in the world do not want God anymore. Lately, they abuse His Grace and His Mercy, and He does not know what to do anymore. Even the Churches are against Him.”

“See His Sacred Heart; It is full of Thorns.”

Blessed Mother showed me our Lord’s Heart full of thorns. I could see the thorns constantly pressing deeply on our Lord’s Sacred Heart, causing Him indescribable pain.

“So sinful is the world,” she said.

“So deep are they in the abyss of sin and sinking deeper and deeper. If humanity does not change, I have to let go of my Son to judge the world. Constantly I am begging. Oh, how much I beg and ask humanity to change and not offend God. He is so gravely offended. Humanity does not change. Their hearts are harder than a rock.”

Baby Jesus was inconsolable; He just kept crying and crying.

She said, “Ever since the churches have been closed, many people — now that the churches have reopened — have not returned to church the way they used to; they would rather stay home. But it is not the same, watching Holy Mass on the internet. You have to come into the Presence of the Lord.”

“He is abused in everything. Humanity abuses Him horribly, and the world goes on without God. The world is godless, and the children are growing up godless too. It is only a minority of people that teach their children about God.”

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 24 October 2021

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My Churches Should Never Have Been Closed

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

During the Holy Mass, at the Elevation, our Lord appeared and said, “Now the churches are open, they should never have been closed. I want My Churches to be open. But, because My Priests and Bishops were very afraid of the government and their policies, they obeyed them. They are disobedient to Me, but they obey the law of the devil.”

“Pray that you will not come to the time where you will be locked down again because you never know what they are planning. The churches are the ones they cannot stand. The first to be attacked by the devil is the Church.”

“My Churches should always be open. Pray that the Churches will remain open, and be open more and more to the people, that more people will come and worship Me.”

“Today, I Am still sacrileged in the Eucharist because people did not attend the Sacrament of Confession for a long time. I hope people will realise this and repent of their sins when they come to receive Me.”

“Pray for My Priests, pray for My Bishops so that they will have the courage to stand up for the Truth.”