Three Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 31 Oct to 2 November 2021

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 31 October 2021

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We should think of our Lord’s Nativity

This morning while I was praying, Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus in her arms. He looked to be about one and a half years old and ever so beautiful. Blessed Mother gently placed Him close to me.

Baby Jesus looked at me and said, “Yesterday, you forgot to mention My Nativity to the people there.”

You should think of My Nativity as it is very close. People should prepare now, and they should praise Me and sing to Me!”

Yesterday we were invited to a friend’s home for a prayer gathering, where a small group of people came together to pray and listen to the Messages I receive from Heaven. I had every intention to mention our Lord’s Nativity, but as we were all conversing, it slipped my mind.

I felt deeply sad for not mentioning His holy Nativity. I said, “Oh, I am so sorry, my little Baby.”

Suddenly, to my pleasant surprise, our Lord began to sing with such a beautiful and exquisite voice.

As He was singing, He was looking up; His gaze turned towards Heaven.

Baby Jesus sang the most beautiful Christmas melody, “Glory, Glory to the newborn King….”

He said, “I sing to Myself to let you know and remind you that My Nativity is near at hand. Remember, it is the most important of all.”

I was adoring our little Lord Jesus singing when suddenly, to the left of our Lord, a wicked woman appeared. She had a hideous face and was all in black. Blessed Mother quickly lifted Baby Jesus into her arms to protect Him. The wicked woman then angrily muttered something.

I quickly made the + Sign of the Cross and made an Act of Reparation.

The evil woman disappeared.

Blessed Mother said, “Me and My Son have come to warn you and to protect you. You have no idea how many witches are hovering around now.”

Looking at me with sadness, she said, “See, how many abuses I receive. There are so many evil spirits everywhere on the horizon in the world,”

I felt so sad for Her. We should make reparation to her Immaculate Heart for all the pain and suffering she endures.

To console her, I said, “Blessed Mother, but you know how much you are loved by your children on earth.”

Later on, after I made an Act of Reparation, Blessed Mother once again appeared in my bedroom; this time, she was happy. She came to thank me for making reparation to her Immaculate Heart.

Thank You, Baby Jesus and Blessed Mother, for your protection.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 1 November 2021

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Solemnity of All Saints

Today I attended Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. We all needed to wear a face mask when inside the church, and I found it most uncomfortable wearing the mask.

During the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus appeared surrounded by a multitude of Saints. He looked so beautiful, in a satiny white garment, all aglow and with beams of the most brilliant light radiating from Him. The Saints surrounding Him were all in white garments, and they were praising and glorifying our Lord. Such a beautiful vision.

Suddenly our Lord became quite annoyed and even angry. He pointed to the mask on my face and, in a firm tone, said to me, “Take off that ugly thing from your face.”

I quickly obeyed our Lord and took off the mask, and threw it into my bag. The Saints were watching us present in the church, and they could see how in the Holy Presence of our Lord we were obeying the law of the world and not God’s Law.

Lord Jesus said, “Today all the Holy Saints are present with Me, and they feel very embarrassed for Me, seeing all the people in the church wearing the masks.”

“How are you all going to join the Saints in Heaven one day if you continue to do all the wrong things here on earth?”

“I tell you, there is no Coronavirus here in this church. How little trust My priests and bishops have in Me.”

Our Lord was very serious when telling me this message.

I said, “Lord, we have no say in this. They tell us that we must wear the mask.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us. Holy Saints in Heaven pray for us.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 2 November 2021

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All Souls’ Day

This morning when I was praying my morning prayers, Blessed Mother came, and she was smiling.

She said, “Write down the good news; how many souls went to Heaven today, and they joined all the Saints, and together they praise and thank God for His mercy and His goodness.”

“After all the suffering they endured for a long time, and now having been cleansed and purified of all their sins, which they committed during their life on earth, today came their liberation.”

“They are the most happy to have entered their Heavenly home. However, not all of them went to Heaven today; those who remained behind are not yet ready to go to Heaven. Many have to stay longer in a place to be purified.”

Blessed Mother was then looking at me, and she said, “My daughter Valentina, at times it seems very difficult and hard for you when my Son permits you to endure very severe pain, but if you only knew and could see how many souls benefit from your suffering you would be more than happy.”

“My Son gives you strength every day,” she said.

I said, “My Mother, I couldn’t do it without our Lord Jesus.”

She said, “That is why you must trust Him always.”

Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy was very joyful and smiling for so many souls entered Heaven on the 1st and 2nd of November.

Thank You and praise You, Lord Jesus, for Your mercy and goodness.