Message to FireLily and Bright Star – 24 December 2021


[New Brunswick, Canada]

FIRELILY: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. The chapel has been filling up with angels since the beginning of prayers. Through the white cross has come Our Lady and St. Joseph on a donkey, Our Lady is sitting on the donkey; they have come closer. Further away I see the shepherds and beyond that I see the three kings that are journeying here, to the grotto. Our Lady is now standing in front of us, and She makes the sign of the cross.

OUR LADY: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you My dear children here present and throughout the world. Thank you for coming here tonight. There is much you must contend with now in the world, with the pandemic and all the restrictions. But My children keep your eyes on the goal which is the Second Coming of Our Lord which is but a few years away. My children continue along the path never faulting, falling down, or if you do then get right back up. I want you work on the difficulties that you have, your frailties, work on them everyday. Pick out one weakness that you have and try and improve on it. For as we get near the Warning it will be helpful for you if you try to become more holy everyday by doing this. Continue of course with your prayers, your sufferings will also be there to contend with. Your daily duties, make your sacrifices and continue with the Sacraments, particularly confession.

The Warning is not far away My children, I know you have been told this many times. for many years. But keep stepping forward and doing your best each day, particularly in your love of your neighbour, love God above all and then your neighbour and of course love yourself, for you are God’s creation and He loves you for He created you. My children I am much pleased with your prayers and sufferings; they do much for mitigating the coming chastisements. Continue to pray for the mitigation, continue to pray hard for your families, so that they will survive the Warning. There is much sin in the world, and it worsens every day; your prayers help a lot with saving souls. Remember to call on the angels and saints to surround you each day and help, and your guardian angels particularly. I love you My children, this is a beautiful time of the year; the Birth of My Son and I bless you. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

You will continue with the prayers when you reach the grotto. You will leave this chapel in silence meditating on the journey that you are taking in your life and the journey We are taking towards the grotto. Thank you, My children, for all your prayers and I bless you again. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

BRIGHT STAR:  When we started the third decade the crucifix at the top of the grotto began to illuminate much light here on the property, it looks like daylight, it is so bright. The grounds are lit right up because the crucifix has grown right into the sky and became very large. The door in the centre of the cross has opened and there are many angels coming through the opening. First the nine archangels that usually come, have come, and gathered around the grotto here. There are thousands of angels processing all over the grounds and all over the properties here, next door. The chapel is full of angels. There are many saints also coming tonight, Padre Pio is leading everybody tonight. Everybody is looking very joyous tonight, as many saints come through. They just take their place all around the grotto, all around the property, in the sky. Everywhere there are just angels and saints. And they are all singing, Glory to God in the highest and peace to men of goodwill. Now all the angels and saints turn and face the white cross.  There is tremendous light coming out of the white cross tonight, almost like Heaven is so close to earth tonight that it is just beautiful golden like light coming out and falling upon all of us.

And now through the gate I see St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary and She is holding the Baby Jesus in Her Arms. St. Joseph has His staff in His right hand and He is to Our Lady’s left. And Our Lady holds the Baby in Her, facing Her would be Her left Arm but it would be Her right Arm facing us and the Baby is wrapped in beautiful, like a white linen cloth beautiful, it looks so soft and fluffy. I do not know how to explain it exactly but all that is showing is the Baby’s Face and Head. Mother is just looking down on the Baby Jesus, Her Son, She has such love coming from Her face but there are tears coming down Mother’s Cheeks and as they roll down Her Cheeks, they fall upon the Baby Jesus. They come closer and closer until they are right in the grotto here and the Baby has now opened His Eyes and you can almost feel the Love between the Mother and the Child because the Baby Jesus takes His Arm from the blanket and He places it on His Mother’s Cheek. It is such a beautiful sight, you can feel the love between the Two as they just stare at one another. Mother now raises Her Hand and Baby Jesus and also St. Joseph.

OUR LORD, BLESSED M OTHER AND ST. JOSEPH:   In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

BLESSED MOTHER: I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love and I thank you once again for answering God’s call. Oh My children, the world has grown so cold, sin has taken over the world. Oh My children, My son suffers so because His children will not turn back and repent of their sins. My children so much is happening now in the world, the world is in chaos because man chooses to not turn back to his God. Oh My children, your Mother’s Heart is broken because I can see what is about to fall upon mankind. Oh My children, the war is at your door. The Earth will shake in many places and the weather will change and take many lives. Oh My children, in this coming year many children will cross over the vale and if there is not more prayer offered many of these souls will be lost to us in Heaven. This is why My children tonight I call out to all of those in the world, Oh My children, who have offered their life for the love of God and the salvation of souls. I have gone through the world My children, I have started many Cenacles, I have started Houses of Prayer, I have started Refuges. Oh yes and My children I have called many of My children to walk in the community life. My children do not understand the importance of what God has asked of them, because of the delay in the fulfilment of all that God has asked, My children have let their hearts wander. They have let their eyes wander to other things, forgetting the great missions that were offered to them. They have taken vows before their God, they have said yes. Oh My children, where are all My children who said yes, I call you back now. Take up your rosaries in your hand.

The time is now late, the world has gone farther into darkness and My church is about to have a great blow to it. Oh My children, why do you have so many reasons not to fulfill what God has asked of you. We go throughout the world begging Our children to pray, to do sacrifice, to offer penance to your God for all those who will be lost. Many My children sit back waiting for the warning to come, do My children not realise how many souls will be lost if you do not come to their aid now. Oh My children, pray, do penance, come together, this is what your God has called you to; to work together, to pray together, to offer sacrifice for the salvation of souls.

Oh My children, I love you so much please hear this call from your Mother’s Heart which is broken for I see that so many will be lost in the days ahead. I love you so much My children, only but the few listen My children. I call you My children to please hear the prayers of your Mother’s Heart.

Peter II now suffers such a great cross. Many, My children have offered to carry a sliver of this cross. Where My children are you, to help him through this great time of sacrifice. My children you are called to suffer, to pray, to support the church with Peter II in it’s darkest hours.

Oh My children, please hear the cry’s of your Mother, please hear My cry’s for prayer. Do not let the worldly things take you from this mission. This My children is what you have been called for. This is why My Son has asked Me to form all these missions. My children if you forget the great calling that God has placed in your heart I ask you to reread the messages, reread all that was promised to those who live community life. For My children God has asked much but much will be given in return, My children. I love you My children and I ask you to continue on the road that God has called you to. Purify yourselves My children, ask your angels to help you grow in holiness and virtue. Ask them to help you support Peter II who suffers so greatly and gives such a great example. That every day he suffers now, moment by moment, saving as many souls in this last hour, as possible. I ask you My children to take account now of all that you do and I ask you to think about what is important in these last moments, only the salvation of souls My children. This is what you are called to. I love you My children and I thank you for coming here tonight to offer praise and glorify My Son who is so ignored in these days.

Oh Christmas has become so material; I ask you My children to be the witness to all the little ones throughout the world that this day should be dedicated to My Divine Son. For He came into the world on this day for your salvation and to save you My children. My children so many say they desire to live with My Son in Heaven for ever. Yet they all have reasons why they walk this earth, that they do not have time to fulfil the requests of their Mother. I ask you to really contemplate these things My children to go forward, to be the example. Now is not the time to let your faith be under the bushel or My children you should not have your talents buried in the sand, you must stand up for what is right My children. You must defend what is right. The truth My children is what you are to defend. Come forward be a witness to all, all that you come in contact with, all that you see and meet on the street My children. Let the love of God shine from you so all will see that the love of God is above all things. I love you My children and I bless you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: Now the Baby Jesus, Our Lady has loosened the blanket on the Baby Jesus but the Baby Jesus is now, I think maybe two years old, and He has come down and He has gone to the two children that are here. He first goes to the boy and Our Lord places His Hand on his cheek and He kisses his forehead. Our Lord has now gone over to the girl and Our Lord does the same thing, places His hand on her cheek and kisses her on the forehead. Our Lord says: My little ones please go forward and be an example for your God. Our Lord goes back to Our Lady and now St. Joseph raises His staff and He blesses us. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

ST. JOSEPH: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: St. Joseph says:

ST. JOSEPH: I greet you My brothers and sisters and I ask you to pray and do penance, console the Mother of God and your Mother. For She suffers so much now seeing all that will take place in the new year and all that is about to befall mankind. Pray My children, console Her Heart for She intercedes for you everyday. I love you My children and I give you My blessing for purity, purity of heart, purity of soul and purity of mind. These things My children, reflect upon them. I bless you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: Our Lady goes now from person to person and She kisses each person very quickly and She goes back to the front and She is now holding the Baby Jesus again. Oh My children, I thank you for your prayers and your penance tonight, I ask you to continue to go forward. Reflect on My words tonight My children and go forward and be witnesses for My son. For He has called you for great things and My children the world can see that all things have already begun to unfold. Be at peace My children for I bring you the peace and the love of My Son tonight. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. You can continue now, My son with your prayers for I will remain here till the end.