Six Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 2 6 7 11 13 February 2022

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 2 February 2022

There are Many Dangerous Things Ahead of Humanity

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While praying my morning prayers, our Lord Jesus came and said, “Valentina, My child, tell people to repent of their sins, to pray and to change their way of life, instead of depending on the injection they receive. I will then take care of the virus, and I will restore everybody to health.”

“Right now, people should be more considerate about the disasters that are happening so often in the world, instead of trying so hard to receive the injection to save themselves. These disasters are everywhere and are very severe, with many people dying in them, and they keep coming unexpectedly, and still, people pretend nothing is happening. They ignore everything.”

He said, “Tell people that I desire for them to come back to Me, their loving God. I want to protect them and to save them.”

“I want to warn you there are many dangerous things ahead of you. Right on the doorstep is the war they are planning. They are preparing the evil war to happen, which would be very unpleasant.”

“I can protect you from this, but it all depends on whether people change and come back to Me and ask Me for My Mercy.”

Our Lord can take away this danger that is upon us, but people refuse to listen.

Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 6 February 2022

1st Saturday of the month

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Our Lord said I was with the Apostles when He spoke to them

In the morning, while I was praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and in particular the third mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, I was meditating on the lives of our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother.

I said to our Lord, “Lord, that is so beautiful; meditating on the Holy Spirit means that if I were to ask You, would You send the Holy Spirit all over the whole world? If the Holy Spirit descended upon the world, everything would be beautiful, Lord, because everybody would then know You and love You.”

I said to our Lord, “Lord, just like You said to the Apostles, when the Apostles and Blessed Mother were together with You, in the upper room in Jerusalem, and You told them to wait till You go to Heaven and then You will send them something very powerful.”

Our Lord answered, “Yes, I told the Apostles that I would send them something more powerful, which is the Holy Spirit so that when they will receive the Holy Spirit, they will preach My Holy Word and spread it throughout the whole world.”

Then out of the blue, He said to me, “You will probably be shocked by what I am going to tell you now. Do you know that you were already there among the Apostles when I was speaking to them?”

I was shocked by what He said to me. I said, “Lord, that was two thousand years ago! How could I be there?”

Our Lord answered, “In My Wisdom, you were already there, and you are part of all of this. You are part of the prophesying of My Holy Word.”

I was completely surprised and excited but at the same time full of humility when our Lord revealed this to me.

I said to our Lord, “Who can go above You, My Lord? No one! You are full of mysteries and beautiful wonders. I thank You, Lord, and I love You.”

In His Wisdom, our Lord already knew for all of us who will come and who will belong to Him. We are all His children, and He chose us to be His; He chose prophets and the apostles and priests. So, at that moment, our Lord made a Covenant between Heaven and Earth to spread His Holy Word and teach people until the End of Times.

… same day …

Imposter Priests and Bishops Should Not Serve Me

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Today, at Holy Mass, when I offered all the priests and bishops and Pope Francis, I also offered as many priests and bishops that I could think of by name, but there was a slight blockage that prevented me from offering some of them to our Lord.

Even though there was a blockage, which I could feel in my heart, I still offered them.

Our Lord immediately said, “There are many imposters at My Altar, and they should never serve Me. They are everywhere.”

I asked, “Lord, here in this church?”

He said, “They are everywhere, and they should not serve Me.”

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 7 February 2022

The War will Start Soon

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Our Lord Jesus appeared while I was saying my evening prayers.

He said, “The war will start soon. You better preach My Holy Word to people and tell them to repent of their sins and go to Confession because many will die in this war. The evildoers will kill them.”

“The Coronavirus will have a place in this, but it will be completely ignored, as other situations will arise, and there will be a lot of fear through this war.”

“Pray, My children, for the leaders of the world so that they can negotiate peace.”

Let us pray that our Lord will help the world leaders to agree on peace.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 11 February 2022

You Live in My Divine Will

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This morning while I was praying, our Lord Jesus came.

He said, “Valentina, My child, don’t be upset when people upset you. I don’t want you to put yourself down because you will then soon be under their feet if you do that. They will give you all kinds of advice and tell you what to do. You should listen only to Me! Right! Only to Me.”

“This is not what I want, that you put yourself down. You live in My Divine Will, and people should respect you for that.”

“They judge the messages, but they don’t realise that it is My messages they criticise, My Holy Word and not yours.”

“I Am present everywhere; people forget that I see and hear everything. Nothing escapes Me, and I Am the One that will judge each one who ridicules My Holy Word.”

“Do not listen to anyone’s advice.”

As our Lord was looking at me passionately, He said, “Pray for the enemies.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on all of us.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 13 February 2022

It is now Essential to Pray for Peace in the World

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After Holy Mass, as I came up to the statue of Our Lady Help of Christians, I started to pray a decade of the Rosary, the fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, what I foretold the children in Fatima that if Russia is not consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, the evil will spread like shooting arrows throughout the world.”

“It is spreading now all over the world and is starting with this war. It can spread in many countries and cause a lot of suffering, and many people will die in this war.”

“Tell people to return to God and to repent, and only then My Immaculate Heart will triumph. My children pray for peace in the world, which is essential now.”

Blessed Mother is sorrowful because she worries for her children on earth.