Three Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 27 30 31 January 2022

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 27 January 2022

Souls in Purgatory need Our Help

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Today, like with most of my suffering for holy souls, the angel came and took me to Purgatory. I visit souls in many parts of Purgatory, either in the company of angels or with Blessed Mother. I feel very comfortable when I am with Blessed Mother. She shows me what to do to help the souls. I talk to them and encourage them and clean for them so they can be purified, by washing dishes, stacking them, washing clothes, folding them, or tidying and cleaning places in Purgatory. When I am with the holy souls, my body remains on earth in a suffering state, and I, in spirit, visit them.

The angel and I entered a very shabby-looking building.

He explained, “Here, there are sections of places with numbers.”

Immediately I saw the number ‘18’. In this section, souls were waiting for me, so I began washing and cleaning for them and serving them to help them with their purification.

After I did the cleaning, the angel said, “Let us go to Blessed Mother.”

We left section 18 and joined Blessed Mother. She said, “Valentina if you have finished there, come to Section 20; many souls are waiting for you to help them. These souls have suffered for a long time. They would like to go to Heaven.”

In section 20, I saw people crying, absolutely drenched in tears, sobbing uncontrollably. I felt so sorry for them that I hugged them and started crying with them.

I asked them, “Why are you crying?”

They said, “We miss our relatives.”

“Where are your relatives?” I asked.

They answered, “They died a long time ago, and we miss them so much, and because we have to suffer here, we want them to help us.”

To encourage them, I said, “Don’t worry, they are with our Lord Jesus, and one day you will see them. I will help you but don’t cry. You will go to Heaven soon. Our Lord is so kind and loving; He will make you feel happy. You will not cry there anymore, and you will be very grateful to Him, but you must thank Him and love Him.”

They were listening, and this made them feel a little bit better. I promised that I would help them. Blessed Mother was also helping the souls, talking to them and encouraging them, telling them they would be going home soon.

When we finished that section, we came together again; the angel, Blessed Mother and myself standing between the two of them. I said to Blessed Mother and the angel, “I prefer to work in Section 20 rather than Section 18.”

Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy, hugged me and, smiling, said, “Valentina, it is all one! They are called by sections to know where particular groups need help.”

After encountering these souls, I felt a deep sadness, so Blessed Mother hugged me again to console me.

She said, “Now you understand how sad the souls feel, and that is why we have brought you here, to console them and to help them so that they can go to Heaven.”

These souls are generally sad. To help purify these particular souls, I had to wash three large, dirty plates, in the spiritual sense, nonetheless still very real.

Holy Souls cannot console one another; they all want to go to Heaven as quickly as possible. While Blessed Mother, the angels and I visit them, in our presence, they do not have to suffer as much, but they have to do their penance as soon as we leave. If they performed works of charity while alive on earth, that would help in reducing their suffering in Purgatory.

There were many holy souls in this place, and they wanted to follow me.

“You can’t follow me. I have other things I need to do,” I said to them.

I walked out of that building through a door and met an angel standing at the entrance. He was quite tall, dressed in navy clothes, and wearing a glowing, shiny pale-blue sash over his clothes. Since the angel was in Purgatory, he was dressed similar to people on earth.

The angel asked me, “Where do you think you’re going?”

I answered, “I have to go to the other side to see some more people.”

I could see the souls waiting. There were so many of them. The angel was blocking the door, so those souls could not enter.

The angel said, “Well, whatever you want to give them, just leave it here, and I will give it to them.”

I said, “What do you want me to give them? I have nothing. Do you want me to leave my clothes here?”

The angel gently laughed and said, “Oh no, don’t do that.”

Suddenly, a gentleman appeared. He came from the group of souls waiting outside of the building. He said to me, “I know you! For a long time, you used to give us sandwiches. You made beautiful meat sandwiches; there was more meat than bread. And the cakes. I don’t want to mention the cakes; they were delicious. I never ate such beautiful cakes.”

I am looking at him, and I can see that he changed from when I remember him on earth. He used to live on the streets in Parramatta. I remember he once asked me, “Where are you going?”

I said, “I am going to church.”

He said, “Oh, there is nothing of life. There is no use living.”

I said, “Don’t be negative. Do you believe in our Lord? It is beautiful. Our Lord gives us strength. He gives us beautiful weather.”

He said, “It is all depressing.”

I asked him, “Did you have your lunch?”

“No. I really can’t afford it,” he answered.

I would frequently bring homemade sandwiches with me on my way to church, in case I saw people in need. This particular day I had a sandwich in my bag, so I gave it to him.

One time our Lord said to me in church, “The more you give, the more I will multiply for you.”

Remembering the food, the gentlemen said, “My goodness, how much, and such beautiful food you used to give us.’

I said, “I liked to share.” I thought to myself how he remembers. The angel was listening to us.

After this encounter, I came back to my room. I could not go to the other side where more souls were waiting because it was not part of my mission.

Purgatory is full and overcrowded, and the Holy Souls desperately need our help. Please pray for them.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 30 January 2022

I Am Offended by People Receiving Me in Holy Communion Unrepentant

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Today at Holy Mass, during the Consecration, our Lord said, “Valentina, tell people that I Am offended by Communion in the hand, but most of all I Am offended because people, in general, receive Me without repentance.”

“Just imagine this tiny little Holy Body of Mine coming into the darkest place in your soul, and that is so painful for Me. Please talk to priests and tell them to speak more in the church about repentance.”

He said, “Look at people. Do they go to Confession? Here and there, one goes, and the others think they don’t need to confess. Confession is very important because you remove all the guilt you carry due to all the wrong things you have done, your anger and all kinds of sins you have committed.”

“That is why you are so surprised when you see so many souls in Purgatory, because they did not believe in Confession and repentance, so now they have to undergo purification and spend a long time there. I cannot take them to Heaven unless they are purified.”

“Valentina, go and console My Mother; she is very offended. She tries very, very hard to bring her children to God, but not many listen. Speak My true Holy Word to people and tell them to come back to Me to repent because the times are coming for events to happen, and they are very, very close. They are already happening.”

“People ask you when the Coronavirus will be over? They think they will then be free. No, My children, you will never be free because they are constantly planning other things, and other things are to unfold, and it will take a long, long time before things will get better in the world. The devil is very cunning, and he is planning evil all the time to harm people.”

“Tell people to be strong and to love Me. I Am their God and Saviour and their Safe Refuge,” He said.

Today, our Lord and Blessed Mother were both very serious and sad. Blessed Mother is worried for her children because they do not listen to her; that is why she is so sorrowful.

Lord, have mercy on us all.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 31 January 2022

The Devil Wants Everyone to Receive the Injection

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I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the afternoon when the devil appeared. He was very tall and all in darkness. He came carrying a frypan. I could see the frypan base still had the remnants of scrambled eggs. I thought to myself, ‘what is he doing with a frypan?’

The devil said, “See, nobody will stop me. Everybody will receive the injection until I scrape the last frypan; I will not stop. The whole world must accept the needle because I will then be in charge of them. They will all belong to me.”

I said to him, “Get out, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!”

He said, “You cannot stop me, and you should receive the needle yourself.”

I said, “Never!”

I called to our Lord and said, “Lord Jesus, please come and protect me. I will not obey anyone except You.”