Seven Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 19 20 24 25 Feb – 2 3 4 Mar 2022

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 19 February 2022

Jesus Attends a Meeting on Earth

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In the evening, I could not pray because there were too many Holy Souls in my bedroom for whom I was suffering. I thought, ‘How am I going to get up in the morning to go to Church,’ since I will not get enough sleep.

Suddenly our Lord Jesus appeared. I could first see the beautiful aura of Light coming, and then He appeared.

He said, “Valentina, My daughter, come with Me. I have to show you something.”

I walked with our Lord, and He said, “You know, I want to tell you something. I will take you to this church where a priest died. He did not die of the Coronavirus, but he died from another disease.”

As I looked down at myself, I noticed I was wearing a pale blue, almost white, but more white than blue dress. I thought to myself, ‘I never had this dress,’

Our Lord said, “Come, I will show you; this was his church where he used to serve Me.”

We climbed up a hilly path, our Lord in front of me and me following Him.

I thought to myself, ‘I am not going to touch anything.’

Without looking back, our Lord said, “Don’t worry, nothing will touch you, you are protected, you are with Me.”

We then climbed quite a few stairs to get to the top, finding ourselves at the entrance to a very old-fashioned little church made of stone.

Our Lord opened the little brown wooden church door, and we entered. Inside it was very old-fashioned and traditional. Then our Lord sat down on a small sofa, and He told me to sit next to Him. I did so.

He said, “You know how good I feel when I Am with you because you console Me, for how I suffer for the world, we are in it together.”

I would always say, “Oh poor Lord Jesus, how they offend You.” I would then see a Tear come out of His Eye and roll down His Cheek.

“Why I brought you here is that this was the place where the priest was serving Me. This was his church. I want you to pray for him and to offer him to Me when you go to Holy Mass,” said our Lord.

Our Lord did not reveal the priest’s name to me, but He said I would know who he was.

I asked, “Lord, are You cold or tired?” I asked this question as suddenly I felt a coldness on my left side, meaning that whoever this priest was who died needed prayer.

Our Lord looked tired. He was resting peacefully, leaning against my shoulder. Thinking that He was about to fall asleep, I turned to Him and asked, “Lord, what are we going to do now?”

He answered, “Well, for one thing, you can read the Gospel. You can read My Holy Word.”

Suddenly, as we were sitting there, a large church book-stand appeared to my right, and on it sat the most exquisite Book. The Book was quite large, and it sat open, all aglow in light, and the light was streaming out of it. Its covers were of a patterned texture, all in gold, and a fine trim of black leather surrounded it on the outer borders, with gilded page edges in gold leaf. I could see a lot of writing in the Book, separated into sections. The letters were of different sizes, some larger and some smaller, all perfect and beautiful.

In awe, I said, “It looks so beautiful.”

He said, “Do you know that this is the Eternal Book? All My Holy Words, from the very beginning of Creation, were written in Heaven. It is Eternal and will last forever. People should cherish this Book.”

I understood how precious are the teachings from our Lord’s Holy Words. From the beginning of Creation, all through the centuries, with the teachings from all the Holy prophets from the Old Testament through to the Apostles in the New Testament and beyond.

All of a sudden, our Lord stood up and said, “You know what, I Am going to wash My Feet.” I felt as if He had walked a lot on earth and needed to refresh His Feet. Our Lord then left and went to a side room.

Upon His return, He said to me, “Can you come with Me and give Me a pair of socks?”

I thought to myself, ‘Where am I going to find socks?’

We entered another little room, the Sacristy, and there I could see a little light-coloured cabinet. I opened the cabinet door, and inside, everything was neatly organised. After searching, I finally found a new pair of beige-coloured socks of a silky material, neatly folded.

I picked them up and then turned to our Lord and said, “Lord, will these do?”

He replied, “Yes, they will be fine. Put them there,” pointing to the sofa.

Our Lord put on the socks and then slipped on a pair of sandals. From there, we walked to another room, this time ascending higher. Again we sat down on another little sofa. The Lord spoke to me about various things regarding earthly life. He then said, “I do not have many children to console Me. I feel so relieved when people console Me. You know, I need a little bit of rest too, away from all this what I see in the world.”

He said, “Come with Me. I have to dress, and I want you to help me.”

Our Lord said, “I have to go to an important meeting, but I have to wear something like they wear on earth.”

I thought, ‘Poor Lord Jesus, He is tired working. I wonder what kind of meeting He has to go to?’ I did not have the courage to ask our Lord because, after all, He is God.

We now entered another room. I felt that we were ascending higher and higher each time we entered a room. Our Lord opened a cupboard, took out a shirt, and laid it on a small sofa. It was the most beautiful, crisp snow-white shirt.

He said, “But I need a tie because I Am going to go among people for this meeting, and they look at you to see if you are dressed properly.”

“I want you to get Me a tie,” He said.

I thought to myself, ‘Gee, Lord Jesus is going to wear a tie. Where am I going to find a tie?’

Suddenly, I could see a light-brown chest of small rectangular drawers with delicate little handles. I opened one of them, and to my surprise, it was all aglow, emanating a most beautiful golden light. As I placed my hand closer to the drawer, my fingers touched the light, and it felt material. I could really feel the light on my hands. I knew it was so holy. It was like touching something belonging to God.

I said to myself, ‘Everything here is so holy.’ I did not feel worthy of being here.

The tie was right on top, neatly folded. It was a light silvery colour with little deep blue patches here and there. It was beautiful.

I said, “Lord, this will match. It is so classy. You will look very handsome in this.”

Lord Jesus warmly smiled and said, “Put it there, and I will put it on.”

I said, “Lord, next time, remember to put one extra tie in there for when you need it.”

Our Lord then removed His tunic, and underneath, He was already wearing black pants and a long-sleeved soft white cotton undershirt. He put on the crisp snow-white shirt and buttoned it all the way to the top. I noticed our Lord wore a short, very thin, golden chain around His neck, with a little golden Cross at the end, and this remained under His shirt. He then put on His beautiful tie.

He said, “Valentina, I will be back at four o’clock in the afternoon. Will you be here when I come back?”

I answered, “Oh Lord, I can’t tell you whether I will be here. I don’t think I’ll be back by four o’clock.” I was thinking the earthly way, knowing I would be elsewhere at that time.

He said, “I would like you to be here. I will be very happy if I find you here.”

When I came back to my room, it was about six-thirty in the morning. It was nearly all night that I was taken away with our Lord. I found my room was all black, full of Holy Souls hanging off my ceiling and walls. I could hear crying and voices. I could not sleep anymore because my leg was aching in pain.

I offered the Holy Souls to our Lord at the Sunday morning Holy Mass at eleven o’clock.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 20 February 2022

Priests and Bishops Offend Jesus Terribly

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During Holy Mass, our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, I want to explain why I told you that many priests and bishops should not be around My Altar. I tell you one thing many of My bishops and priests went into perdition forever for doing wrong around My Altars. They did not serve me properly and completely. It is very sad. During the lives they offended Me terribly. They were disobedient.”

“Pray for My priests and Bishops,” He said.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 24 February 2022

The Prophecies are coming to Fulfilment

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During my prayers and suffering, the angel came and took me to Purgatory, where we visited suffering Souls.

Once we finished with the Souls, we came to a road where we met another angel. Next to this angel, I noticed a trolley with a long handle. The angel held the handle, and upon the trolley sat a shiny silver-coloured trunk, about a metre in length and half a metre high.

With curiosity, I asked this angel, “What have you got there?”

The angel was very happy and said, “Would you like to know what is in here, in this trunk? They are all your prophecies. All of them are here in this trunk. All your prophecies are now fulfilling. They are all coming true.”

On top of the trunk, I noticed a wide deep-red strip right across it. I said to the angel, “Oh, what does the red stripe represent?”

He answered, “It represents the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it also represents the blood people are shedding in the world.”

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 25 February 2022

Cenacle Prayer Group

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During the prayer of the Holy Rosary, the Blessed Mother Mary came and said, “My children, I come to remind you and ask you if you would offer this Rosary just for the war which has started in Ukraine.”

“So much suffering and misery for the whole nation. Russia has caused people to live in fear and confusion. There is bloodshed already, and if it continues, many will die, and there will be so much misery.”

“This war was not necessary. Let me remind you that the devil never sleeps but is constantly planning evil. Pray, my children, pray.”

My heart as a mother grieves so much for my poor children. I want to tell you that the Archangel Michael and his helpers are fighting the evil there right now. But we need your help and offering of many Rosaries to stop this war. Otherwise, this war can easily spread to other nations, and that will be tremendous suffering.”

With a gentle smile and the soft voice of a young girl, she said, “My daughter, I can’t see you. You’re right at the back. Come closer to me so that I can see you when I talk to you.”

I replied, “Blessed Mother, I don’t like to make myself important.”

She said, “It is not that you are important, but I like to see you.”

Blessed Mother would like that I sit near the front closer to her Statue during the Cenacle Prayers.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 2 March 2022

I Am in Charge of the Weather

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Our Lord said to me, “Did you hear that? They say that the severe flooding [in Australia] is due to La Niña. Tell them to think again. It has nothing to do with La Niña. This is all My doing. I Am in charge of the weather and of Creation, and I shift and permit this to happen. This is to wake up people so that they will turn back to God and say, ‘We must do something to turn back to God because He is trying to show us something through the weather’. At the same time, it causes many problems and grievances; all of this is for good reason. The material you can always replace, but people are dying, and they are without God; they are as dry as anything in their soul. Spiritually they are dead.”

I said, “Lord, it looks like You closed the heavens and let all the water out.”

He said, “All the prophecy, what is foretold must be fulfilled. Tell My children to repent because I Am a merciful God. These are My Signs that I give them throughout the world through the weather. But tell people not to despair with all that you go through because these things are bound to happen. Always trust Me.”

Lord, be merciful to us, for we offend You.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 3 March 2022

Crying Souls from Ukraine

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I suffered severe pain through the night, and I couldn’t sleep, and then I heard noises, and I saw the souls coming into my room, also, outside of my bedroom, beneath my window, I could hear such loud cries and lamenting. I could hear the cries of children, women and men. They spoke in what sounded like the Russian language. It was so horrible. I tried to dismiss the sounds, so I got up out of bed and sprinkled the window with Holy Water, but still, they were there.

Then our Lord spoke to me. He said, “Offer Me all that has happened now in Ukraine, the blood that has been spilt there, the sacrifice of their own lives for their land. I will accept the souls that you offer to me.”

I offered the souls to our Lord at Holy Mass. He then said, “Place all that is going on in Ukraine and with Russia and offer Me all the people who suffer there and who will continue to suffer by spilling their blood. This war was not necessary because it was the evil men who persisted for it to happen, and the innocent people had to suffer.”

“Pray, pray, pray so that peace will come to their land; otherwise, this war can spread further on, and this is very dangerous. Tell My children to offer some kind of sacrifices and prayers because the world is not certain; you are living in very confusing and dangerous times. What has now happened in Ukraine and Russia could affect every country in the world.”

“Offer them at the foot of My Holy Altar, all the people that suffer and those that have died so that I can accept them. Continue to pray for them because prayer is very essential.”

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 4 March 2022

Meditate on the Passion of Jesus

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Today during the Holy Rosary prayers, the Blessed Mary appeared and said, “Now my children, now that you have entered Lent, just think of how much my Son Jesus suffered for all of you, to save you and to redeem you. Step by step, examine your conscience and be sorry that you offend Him. Confess often your sins and ask Him to forgive you.”

“He is a merciful and loving God. Pray for the conversion of all sinners and pray for the world and be charitable to one another. Right now, this war between Russia and Ukraine is causing a lot of trouble and fear. But if you pray, anything can be stopped through your prayers.”

Blessed Mother, Queen of Peace, pray for us and pray for peace in the world.

Správa od Valentíny – vizionárka zo Sydney – 19.02.2022 Ježiš sa zúčastňuje stretnutia na Zemi

Večer som sa nemohla modliť, lebo v Mojej spálni bolo príliš veľa Svätých duší, pre ktoré som trpela. Pomyslela som si: ‚Ako ráno vstanem a pôjdem do kostola‘, keďže nebudem mať dostatok spánku.

Zrazu sa zjavil náš Pán Ježiš. Najprv som mohla vidieť prichádzať nádhernú auru Svetla a potom sa objavil On.

Povedal: „Valentína, dcéra Moja, poď so Mnou. Musím ti niečo ukázať.“

Kráčala som s naším Pánom a On povedal: „Vieš, chcem ti niečo povedať. Vezmem ťa do tohoto kostola, kde zomrel kňaz. Nezomrel na koronavírus, ale zomrel na inú chorobu.“

Keď som sa pozrela na seba, všimla som si, že mám na sebe bledomodré, takmer biele, ale skôr biele ako modré šaty.

V duchu som si pomyslela: ‘Nikdy som tieto šaty nemala’

Náš Pán povedal: „Poď, ukážem ti; toto bola jeho cirkev, kde Mi slúžil.“

Stúpali sme po kopcovitom chodníku, náš Pán predo mnou a ja som Ho nasledoval.

Pomyslela som si: ‚Nedotknem sa ničoho.‘

Náš Pán bez toho, aby sa obzrel, povedal: „Neboj sa, nič sa ťa nedotkne, si chránená, si so Mnou.“

Potom sme vyšli pár schodov, aby sme sa dostali na vrchol, a ocitli sme sa pri vchode do veľmi staromódneho kostolíka z kameňa.

Náš Pán otvoril malé hnedé drevené dvere kostola a my sme vošli. Vo vnútri to bolo veľmi staromódne a tradičné. Potom si náš Pán sadol na malú pohovku a povedal mi, aby som si sadla vedľa Neho. Urobila som tak.

Povedal: „Vieš, ako dobre sa cítim, keď som s tebou, lebo Ma utešuješ, lebo trpím za svet, sme v ňom spolu.“

Vždy by som hovorila: „Ó, úbohý Pane Ježišu, ako Ťa urážajú.“ Potom som videla, ako z Jeho oka vyšla slza a kotúľala sa po Jeho líci.

Povedal náš Pán: „Prečo Som ťa tu priviedol je, že toto bolo miesto, kde Mi slúžil kňaz. Toto bola jeho cirkev.

Chcem, aby si sa zaňho modlila a obetovala Mi ho, keď pôjdeš na Svätú omšu.“

Náš Pán mi neprezradil meno kňaza, ale povedal, že budem vedieť, kto to je.

Spýtala som sa: „Pane, si prechladnutý alebo unavený?“ Spýtala som sa túto otázku, keď som zrazu pocítila chlad na ľavej strane, čo znamenalo, že ktokoľvek bol tento kňaz, ktorý zomrel, potreboval modlitbu.

Náš Pán vyzeral unavene. Pokojne odpočíval opretý o Moje rameno. Myslela som si, že už zaspí, otočila som sa k Nemu a spýtala som sa: „Pane, čo budeme teraz robiť?

Odpovedal: „No, po prvé, môžeš čítať evanjelium. Môžeš čítať Moje Sväté Slovo.“

Zrazu, keď sme tam sedeli, sa po Mojej pravici objavil veľký kostolný stojan na knihy a na ňom stála tá najkrajšia Kniha. Kniha bola dosť veľká a sedela otvorená, celá žiarila svetlom a svetlo z nej prúdilo von. Jeho obaly mali vzorovanú textúru, celé v zlate, a na vonkajších okrajoch ho lemovala jemná čierna koža s pozlátenými okrajmi strán v plátkovom zlate. V Knihe som videla veľa písiem rozdelených do sekcií. Písmená boli rôznych veľkostí, niektoré väčšie a iné menšie, všetky dokonalé a krásne.

V úžase som povedala: „Vyzerá to tak krásne.“

Povedal: „Vieš, že toto je Večná Kniha? Všetky Moje Sväté Slová, od samého začiatku stvorenia, boli napísané v Nebi. Je večný a bude trvať večne. Ľudia by si túto knihu mali vážiť.“

Pochopila som, aké cenné sú učenia zo Svätých Slov nášho Pána. Od počiatku stvorenia, po celé stáročia, s učením od všetkých svätých prorokov od Starého zákona až po apoštolov v Novom zákone a mimo neho.

Náš Pán sa zrazu postavil a povedal: „Vieš čo, idem si umyť nohy.“ Cítila som, ako keby veľa chodil po zemi a potreboval si osviežiť nohy. Náš Pán potom odišiel a odišiel do vedľajšej miestnosti.

Keď sa vrátil, povedal mi: Môžeš ísť so Mnou a dať Mi ponožky?

Pomyslela som si: ‚Kde nájdem ponožky?‘

Vošli sme do ďalšej malej miestnosti, do sakristie, a tam som videla malú svetlú skrinku. Otvorila som dvere skrinky a vo vnútri bolo všetko pekne usporiadané. Po hľadaní som konečne našla nový pár béžových ponožiek z hodvábneho materiálu, pekne poskladané. Zdvihla som ich a potom som sa obrátila k nášmu Pánovi a povedala: „Pane, tieto budú dobré?

Odpovedal: „Áno, budú v poriadku. Daj ich tam,“ ukázal na pohovku.

Náš Pán si obliekol ponožky a potom si obul sandále. Odtiaľ sme prešli do ďalšej miestnosti, tentoraz stúpajúc vyššie. Opäť sme si sadli na ďalšiu malú pohovku. Pán mi hovoril o rôznych veciach týkajúcich sa pozemského života.

Potom povedal: „Nemám veľa detí, ktoré by Ma utešovali. Cítim veľkú úľavu, keď Ma ľudia utešujú. Vieš, aj JA si potrebujem trochu oddýchnuť, preč od toho všetkého, čo vidím vo svete.“

Povedal: „Poď so Mnou. Musím sa obliecť a chcem, aby si Mi pomohla.“

Náš Pán povedal: „Musím ísť na dôležité stretnutie, ale musím si obliecť niečo, čo nosia na Zemi.“

Pomyslela som si: ‚Úbohý Pán Ježiš, je unavený z práce. Zaujímalo by ma, na aké stretnutie musí ísť?‘ Nemala som odvahu opýtať sa nášho Pána, lebo On je predsa Boh.

Teraz sme vošli do ďalšej miestnosti. Cítila som, že stúpame vyššie a vyššie zakaždým, keď sme vstúpili do miestnosti. Náš Pán otvoril skriňu, vybral košeľu a položil ju na malú pohovku. Bola to najkrajšia, snehobiela košeľa.

Povedal: „Ale potrebujem kravatu, lebo na toto stretnutie pôjdem medzi ľudí a oni sa na teba pozerajú, či si správne oblečený.“

„Chcem, aby si Mi dala kravatu,“ povedal.

Pomyslela som si: ‘Jéj, Pán Ježiš bude nosiť kravatu. Kde nájdem kravatu?‘

Zrazu som uvidela svetlohnedú komodu s malými obdĺžnikovými zásuvkami s jemnými rúčkami. Otvorila som jeden z nich a na Moje prekvapenie celý žiaril a vyžaroval to najkrajšie zlaté svetlo. Keď som priložila ruku bližšie k zásuvke, Moje prsty sa dotkli svetla a bolo cítiť materiál. Naozaj som cítila svetlo na Mojich rukách, Vedela som, že je to také sväté. Bolo to ako dotknúť sa niečoho, čo patrí Bohu.

Povedala som si: ,Všetko je tu také sväté.‘ Necítila som sa hodná byť tu. Kravata bola presne navrchu, úhľadne zložená. Bola svetlo striebornej farby s malými tmavomodrými fľakmi tu a tam. Bolo to krásne.

Povedala som: „Pane, toto sa zhoduje. Je to také noblesné. V tomto budeš vyzerať veľmi pekne.“

Pán Ježiš sa vrúcne usmial a povedal: „Polož to tam a JA si to oblečiem.“

Povedala som: „Pane, nabudúce si tam nezabudni dať jednu kravatu navyše, keď ju budeš potrebovať.“

Náš Pán si potom vyzliekol tuniku a pod ňou už mal oblečené čierne nohavice a mäkkú bielu bavlnenú košeľu s dlhými rukávmi. Obliekol si snehobielu košeľu a zapol ju až po vrch. Všimla som si, že náš Pán mal na krku krátku, veľmi tenkú zlatú retiazku s malým zlatým krížikom na konci, ktorý mu zostal pod košeľou. Potom si dal svoju krásnu kravatu.

Povedal: „Valentína, vrátim sa o štvrtej hodine popoludní. Budeš tu, keď sa vrátim?“

Odpovedala som: „Ó, Pane, nemôžem Ti povedať, či tu budem. Nemyslím si, že sa vrátim o štvrtej.“

Uvažovala som pozemským spôsobom, vediac, že v tom čase budem inde.

Povedal: „Chcel by Som, aby si tu bola. Budem veľmi rád, ak ťa tu nájdem.“

Keď som sa vrátila do svojej izby, bolo okolo pol šiestej ráno. Bola to takmer celá noc, čo som bola odvedená s naším Pánom. Zistila som, že Moja izba bola celá čierna, plná Svätých duší visiacich zo stropu a stien. Počula som plač a hlasy. Už som nemohla spať, lebo ma bolela noha.

Pri nedeľnej rannej Svätej omši o jedenástej som obetovala Sväté duše nášmu Pánovi.

Správa od Valentíny – vizionárka zo Sydney – 20.02.2022 Kňazi a biskupi veľmi urážajú Ježiša

Počas Svätej omše náš Pán povedal: „Valentína, Moje dieťa, chcem ti vysvetliť, prečo Som ti povedal, že veľa kňazov a biskupov by nemalo byť okolo Môjho oltára. Hovorím vám jednu vec, mnohí z Mojich biskupov a kňazov išli navždy do záhuby za to, že robili zle okolo Mojich oltárov. Neslúžili Mi správne a úplne. Je to veľmi smutné. Počas životov Ma veľmi urazili. Boli neposlušní.“

Povedal: „Modlite sa za Mojich kňazov a biskupov.“

Správa od Valentíny – vizionárka zo Sydney – 24.02.2022 Proroctvá sa blížia k naplneniu

Počas Mojich modlitieb a utrpenia prišiel anjel a vzal ma do očistca, kde sme navštívili trpiace duše.

Keď sme skončili s Dušami, prišli sme na cestu, kde sme stretli ďalšieho anjela. Vedľa tohoto anjelika som zbadala vozík s dlhou rúčkou. Anjel držal rúčku a na vozíku sedel lesklý strieborný kmeň, asi meter dlhý a pol metra vysoký.

So zvedavosťou som sa opýtala tohoto anjela: „Čo tam máš?“

Anjel bol veľmi šťastný a povedal: „Chceli by ste vedieť, čo je tu, v tomto kufri? Všetko sú to vaše proroctvá.

Všetci sú tu v tomto kufri. Všetky vaše proroctvá sa teraz napĺňajú. Všetky sa napĺňajú.“ Na vrchu kufra som si všimla široký tmavočervený pás priamo skrze neho.

Povedala som anjelovi: „Ach, čo predstavuje ten červený prúžok?“

Odpovedal: „Predstavuje vzácnu Krv nášho Pána Ježiša Krista a predstavuje aj krv, ktorú ľudia prelievajú vo svete.

Správa od Valentíny – vizionárka zo Sydney – 25.02.2022 Modlitebná skupina vo večeradle

Počas modlitby posvätného ruženca prišla Preblahoslavená Matka Mária a povedala: „Deti Moje, prichádzam vám pripomenúť a poprosiť vás, či by ste obetovali tento ruženec práve za vojnu, ktorá sa začala na Ukrajine.

„Toľko utrpenia a biedy pre celý národ. Rusko spôsobilo, že ľudia žili v strachu a zmätku. Už je tu krviprelievanie a ak to bude pokračovať, mnohí zomrú a bude tam toľko biedy.“

„Táto vojna nebola potrebná. Dovoľte Mi pripomenúť, že diabol nikdy nespí, ale neustále plánuje zlo. Modlite sa, deti Moje, modlite sa.“

„Moje Srdce ako Matka veľmi smútim za Mojimi chudobnými deťmi. Chcem vám povedať, že archanjel Michal a jeho pomocníci tam práve teraz bojujú so zlom. Ale na zastavenie tejto vojny potrebujeme vašu pomoc a obetu mnohých ružencov. V opačnom prípade sa táto vojna môže ľahko rozšíriť na ďalšie národy, a to bude obrovské utrpenie.“

S jemným úsmevom a jemným hlasom mladého dievčaťa povedala: „Dcéra Moja, nevidím ťa. Si úplne vzadu. Poď ku Mne bližšie, aby Som ťa videla, keď sa s tebou rozprávam.“

Odpovedala som: „Požehnaná Matka, nerada sa robím dôležitá.“

Povedala: „Nie že si dôležitá, ale rada ťa vidím.“
Blahoslavená Matka si želala, aby som sedela vpredu bližšie k Jej Soche počas modlitieb vo Večeradle.

Správa od Valentíny – vizionárka zo Sydney – 02. 03. 2022 Som zodpovedný za počasie

Náš Pán mi povedal: „Počula si to? Hovorí sa, že silné záplavy [v Austrálii] sú spôsobené La Niñou. Povedzte im, aby sa ešte raz zamysleli. Nemá to nič spoločné s La Niña. Toto všetko robím JA. Mám na starosti počasie a stvorenie, posúvam sa a dovoľujem, aby sa to stalo. Toto má zobudiť ľudí, aby sa obrátili späť k Bohu a povedali: ‚Musíme niečo urobiť, aby sme sa vrátili k Bohu, lebo sa nám usiluje niečo ukázať skrze počasie‘. Zároveň to spôsobuje veľa problémov a krívd; toto všetko má dobrý dôvod. Materiál, ktorý môžete vždy nahradiť, ale ľudia umierajú a sú bez Boha; sú suché ako čokoľvek v ich duši. Duchovne sú mŕtvi.“

Povedala som: „Pane, zdá sa, že si zavrel nebesia a vypustil všetku vodu.“

Povedal: „Celé proroctvo, čo je predpovedané, sa musí splniť. Povedz Mojim deťom, aby činili pokánie, lebo Som milosrdný Boh. Toto sú Moje znamenia, ktoré im dávam po celom svete skrze počasie. Ale povedzte ľuďom, aby nezúfali so všetkým, čím prechádzate, lebo tieto veci sa nevyhnutne stanú. Vždy Mi dôverujte.“

Pane, buď nám milostivý, lebo Ťa urážame.

Správa od Valentíny – vizionárka zo Sydney – 3. 3. 2022 Plačúce duše z Ukrajiny

Celú noc som trpela silnými bolesťami a nemohla som zaspať a potom som počula zvuky a videla som duše prichádzať do Mojej izby, tiež mimo Mojej spálne, pod oknom, som počula také hlasné výkriky a nárek. Počula som plač detí, žien a mužov. Hovorili tým, čo znelo ako ruský jazyk. Bolo to tak hrozné. Usilovala som sa utíšiť zvuky, tak som vstala z postele a pokropila som okno svätenou vodou, ale aj tak tam boli. Potom ku mne prehovoril náš Pán. Povedal: „Ponúkni Mi všetko, čo sa teraz stalo na Ukrajine, krv, ktorá tam bola preliata, obetu svojich vlastných životov za svoju zem. Prijmem duše, ktoré Mi ponúkneš.“ Pri Svätej omši som obetovala duše nášmu Pánovi.

Potom povedal: „Obetujte všetko, čo sa deje na Ukrajine a v Rusku, a ponúknite Mi všetkých ľudí, ktorí tam trpia a ktorí budú naďalej trpieť prelievaním krvi. Táto vojna nebola potrebná, lebo to boli zlí ľudia, ktorí trvali na tom, aby sa stala, a nevinní ľudia museli trpieť.“

„Modlite sa, modlite sa, modlite sa, aby mier zavládol v ich krajine; inak sa táto vojna môže šíriť ďalej a to je veľmi nebezpečné. Povedz Mojim deťom, aby prinášali nejaké obete a modlitby, lebo svet nie je istý; žijete vo veľmi mätúcich a nebezpečných časoch. To, čo sa teraz stalo na Ukrajine a v Rusku, môže ovplyvniť každú krajinu na svete. „Obetuj ich pri úpätí Môjho Svätého oltára, všetkých ľudí, ktorí trpia a tých, ktorí zomreli, aby Som ich mohol prijať. Pokračujte v modlitbe za nich, lebo modlitba je veľmi dôležitá.“

Správa od Valentíny – vizionárka zo Sydney – 4. 3. 2022 Rozjímajte o Ježišovom umučení

Dnes počas modlitieb Svätého ruženca sa Panna Mária zjavila a povedala: „Teraz, deti Moje, teraz, keď ste vstúpili do Pôstu, myslite iba na to, koľko Môj Syn Ježiš trpel za vás všetkých, aby vás zachránil a vykúpil. Krok za krokom si spytujte svedomie a ľutujte, že ste Ho urazili. Často vyznávajte svoje hriechy a proste Ho, aby vám odpustil.“

„Je to milosrdný a milujúci Boh. Modlite sa za obrátenie všetkých hriešnikov a modlite sa za svet a buďte k sebe navzájom milosrdní. Práve teraz táto vojna medzi Ruskom a Ukrajinou spôsobuje veľa problémov a strachu. Ale ak sa modlíte, vašimi modlitbami sa dá všetko zastaviť.“

Preblahoslavená Matka, Kráľovná pokoja, oroduj za nás a oroduj za pokoj vo svete.