Message 840 – 15 April 2022




The world will soon go into a World War; many lands will be involved – The evil spirits now control the world, preparing mankind for the control of the Antichrist – Spain invaded and Christians martyred – War in Africa, South America and Asia, where China will move on Russia, many lands and Australia; France, Poland and Germany – Communist Forces will take Italy by surprise and Rome will be attacked heavily; Vatican taken over – This Vision is to strengthen you, Christina Gallagher, is a true Seer and believes strongly in you – U.S. and Canada invaded – Asteroid; Great Warning.

WILLIAM: This morning I had a Vision, which fulfilled part of the Vision which I had yesterday on Holy Thursday. I expected the Message from Jesus, which I was told some days ago I was going to receive, but had forgotten.

Last night I was in Ireland at a meeting with the Seer, Christina Gallagher. When the meeting finished she was walking apart from the crowd. She stopped and called me apart from everyone. I was with my wife and Bishop Broussard. It was an extraordinary meeting. Christina said I would become the Last Pope in a very short while. She spoke to me about many matters, of a very deep meeting. It was great. The Vision continued in the morning when I was speaking to her at 6.45 am. Jesus spoke to me and said that I had not forgotten to have the Apparition, because it was His Will. Today Jesus will give me a Message for the world.

It is 4.39 am. Saint Michael is approaching. Two Great Angels are standing with him – Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael. Saint Michael greets me and says:

SAINT MICHAEL: “Jesus will come shortly.”

WILLIAM: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael make the Sign of the Cross:

SAINTS MICHAEL, GABRIEL & RAPHAEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM:  The White Cross is shining very much. Jesus comes through it and the Angels kneel.

Jesus is dressed in pure white. I see His Hands and Feet with open Wounds, also His Sacred Heart. Jesus greets me and says:

OUR LORD: “Proceed to write, My holy Son.”

WILLIAM: Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM:  Jesus is smiling towards me and says:

OUR LORD: “I Bless you: + I Kiss your sad heart filled with much sorrow, but know well, My child, your sorrow will fill up with joy, very soon, because your release and resurrection will come very soon.”

“My beloved son, the world is entering the Passion and complete change, where mankind will be seeking peace, because they have not received it as was hoped, believing mankind to have true peace, without relying on the help of Jesus. My beloved children, have I not given mankind the way to receive a life of peace and happiness – in spite of the various crosses they receive in life – to follow the path of reaching the Divine Holy Will.”

“My children, My children: you have chosen to follow the path of the world, seeking everything that leads mankind away from God – away from Me, your Divine Saviour – but children, you need to reflect on your lives, because you are reaching a very important time for mankind.”

“I Love you, My children and seek your happiness and a life full of joy and peace. The time is NOW – not tomorrow – so please ask now, as time runs out for mankind.”

“I am living My Passion again, because so many of them have abandoned themselves to temptations given to man, by the evil ones. Please, dear children, you only need to pray and ask Me. The world will soon go into a World War, for many lands will be involved – not only by Russia, but more so by the evil spirits that now control the world, preparing mankind for the control of the Antichrist.”

“Know this, My children, when the world is at war, My children will turn to Me, but then the Great Warning will come to the surprise of many. The war will break out in Poland and all Northern countries, with France going into war, with Spain being invaded and Germany being confronted.”

“Watch out for Italy, because the Communist Forces will take it by surprise. Rome will be attacked heavily. The Vatican will be taken over.”

“The Middle Eastern countries will invade Spain, but the Christians will be martyred. The war will break open in Africa, in South America; the war will break out in Asia, where China will move on Russia and many lands and your country, Australia.”

“But know once the countries of the U.S.A. and Canada are invaded, you will know that the world will be in serious trouble; that the Third World War will continue for a short time and the world will be stormed by an Asteroid. Not long after that the signs will be given for the Great Warning. The Great Warning will give mankind six weeks to convert to Me, or will be lost.”

“Satan will be removed from the  time of the Warning and he will not be able to tempt mankind for six weeks.”

“Mankind must change its ways, or be lost. After six weeks Satan will be released again and the Antichrist will take shape of a great and gentle Leader. Mankind will be able to overcome him.”

“Remember, My sweet children, the time of your answer is now. Never forget the most Powerful Woman Who can help you and that is My Beloved Mother, Mary and Queen of all Hearts. I ask My children to think carefully and pray.”

“My Holy son, William, I gave you a Vision last night and early this  morning, where you met the Seer, (Christina Gallagher). This Vision is to strengthen you, for she is a very true Seer. She believes strongly in you. You will meet her once your case has been overturned, as you will travel to Ireland and many countries of Europe, to prepare them for the events to come.”

“Pray, My children, because you must read the Messages, even given to Christina and follow what I and My Holy Mother have given her.”

“My beloved children, re-read the Messages given to you throughout the world and take courage. Pray for the people who suffer in countries of war – Ukraine – and take courage, because you know that Jesus and Mary Love you.”

“Soon a very Great Earthquake will rock Indonesia and China. Pray for My children so they will wake up.”

“My beloved son, I Love you immensely. Fear not, because We of Heaven Love you very much and watch over you. You will have good news very shortly and you will be freed and sent home.”

“I Bless you and all those you love and those who love you. + I Bless you, My Holy child – I send you a Blessing. + My Holy Mother sends Her Love to you. Keep strong and remain at peace: In the Name of the Father and of Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I am your Jesus, King of your hearts. Be not afraid, because you will have many such Visions. I Love you, My Angel of Divine Love.”

“Shortly many people will understand why I call you this most important Title.”

WILLIAM: Jesus Blesses me three times:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. (three times). Peace be with you +. I Love you so much.”

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