Several Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 8 10 13 17 22 and 23 April 2022

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 8 April 2022

A Soul Suffers Deeply Due to Greed and Materialism

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After midnight, like most nights, my room was full of souls again. I suffered excruciating pain in my leg for the Holy Souls.

The angel came. Teasing me, he said, “Your leg is now universal! Everybody wants your leg.”

I said, “Universal? That’s funny.”

The angel said, “Come with me.”

We went to Purgatory, where the angel showed me what I was to clean. I could see many dead leaves from a tree. These leaves represent souls that are dry, completely dry. I was cleaning these dry leaves, but they were very stubborn that I couldn’t get them off.

Suddenly, the angel stood beside me and said, “Watch. I will show you something; the greed of the world! They never give up, and some souls here are suffering like that.”

All of a sudden, in front of me, a field appeared, all brown with dry grass. In that field, I saw the biggest fat pig! I had never seen a pig that big. It was the size of an elephant. It was dark brown with big black patches. I watched as the pig repeatedly pulled bunches of the dry grass with its snout and would then immediately throw them out.

I exclaimed, “That’s a pig! What’s a pig doing in Purgatory?”

The angel said, “That fat pig is a person. Very greedy. The fatness represents greed. The more the person had, the more he wanted, and now he has to suffer so much. That is why I am showing you—so many material things but not enough, not enough, not enough! More and more and more and more! You would think he would blow up! But zero in the spiritual, complete dryness!”

The pig could not speak but only made grunting sounds. This was his punishment.

The angel said, “In Purgatory, God punishes people. God did not want to condemn him to hell because he did not commit really bad offences, but He punished him to show him that he is like a fat animal.”

“Valentina, it is up to you to help,” said the angel.

I thought, no wonder I am suffering. I said to the angel, “Yes, they do wrong on earth, and they don’t know me, but they criticise me, but when the moment comes, they want help.”

The angel said, “That is because you have the grace to help, and you console our Lord. It is up to you.”

“People have become materialistic and greedy, and they don’t want to know God. And this is all over the world. When they die unexpectedly or suddenly in war or accidents-then what comes in front of them is God who shows them the truth and judgement,” said the angel.

Lord be merciful to all of them.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 10 April 2022

Palm Sunday

The stains on the Church Floor

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Today at Holy Mass, during the Consecration, I noticed a Baby Boy around the Altar. I thought to myself, ‘Where is the little Baby coming from?’ I then realised that this was a vision that our Lord was giving me. I watched as the little Boy Jesus came down from the Altar. He had blonde wavy hair and was dressed all in white. He held something in His Hand that he was licking just like you would see a baby do; however, I did not know what it was. I could see all greenery around the Altar representing Palm Sunday.

As I watched Baby Jesus walk along the church floor, I noticed a trail of dirty marks on the floor, similar to when you drop a fig or piece of fruit and step on it and crush it. The stains were so thick and sticky.

I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, people will be going to Holy Communion and stepping on all of that; who will clean it all?’ The vision was so real.

Baby Jesus walked along the trail of dirty marks and then turned towards me, and with tears streaming down His Holy Cheeks, He pointed towards the stains and said, “Watch, the trail of sin. Why I Am showing you this is because I Am going to be very offended and sacrileged today. Many people will come full of unconfessed sin, not only in this church but all other churches, to receive My Body. Some with mortal sin because they have never confessed. They don’t know the value of My Body, and they offend Me so much. The stains represent sins, not only in this church but also in all other churches, and priests do not speak about it. They don’t tell people to repent, nor do they tell them not to come to the Altar to receive Me. How much I suffer!”

The trail of dirt that represents sin leads from the Altar, where Holy Communion is distributed, to the Tabernacle in the Chapel.

The tears ran down our Lord’s Beautiful Face like a little Baby. He said, “The trail of sin that will come to receive Me on such a big Feast Day. No repentance!”

I cried and became so emotional as I watched our Lord. Our Lord then departed and went back to the Tabernacle.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 13 April 2022

Chrism Mass

For the Shepherds, My beloved Sons Priests and Bishops who serve Me

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During the Chrism Mass, our Lord Jesus came, and He asked me to offer everyone present in the church, especially His priests and bishops. He said, “They are My biggest worry. Not all of them present here at this Chrism Mass are truthful to Me. Some yes and some not. Some please Me, and some don’t please Me.”

“Valentina, “I want you to think of My priests and bishops, in all the many places and churches throughout the world. It is a very essential thing that I brought you here tonight so that you can intercede for them and ask Me, for the day that they will stand in front of Me, when I will show them and judge them, so that I can still be a merciful and forgiving God to each one of them.”

I said, “Lord, but I am the least important to these people, these priests. They don’t even know Me.”

Our Lord Jesus smiled and said, “Valentina, what is most important are the hidden secrets between you and Me. That is all that matters. But one day, all will be revealed to them; each one of them will benefit from your offerings and prayers. They will be very grateful that you helped them.”

I said, “Lord Jesus be merciful to all your priests and bishops, give them Your special Grace to love You and to serve You and to be truthful to You.”

Earlier today, I wasn’t sure whether I would be going to the Chrism Mass because of bad weather. So, I decided that I would do my prayers at home instead.

Suddenly, our Lord appeared while I was praying the Divine Mercy prayers. With deep concern in His voice, He said, “You mean you are not going?”

“I want you to go because it is very important to offer all My priests and bishops at this Chrism Mass.”

I said, “Wow, Lord, if it is your Holy Will that I go, I will do what You ask of me.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your Graces and Your Mercy.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 17 April 2022

Easter Sunday

Souls Constantly Coming to my Room

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Souls are constantly coming. I thought I would have a little break, now that it is Easter, but not so.

It was about one-thirty in the morning. The souls coming to my room were crying and speaking in languages that I could not understand. I even heard children crying. They were begging and crying.

I also saw a lot of angels in my bedroom. The angels said, “In your presence, the people believe they will get healed automatically. They think they will get relieved from the pain they go through. Pray for them and offer them to our Lord Jesus so that He will have mercy on these people.”

Later in the morning, the angel took me to a place in Purgatory, where I saw souls lying in what looked like hospital beds — this represents that the souls are very sick. And I see that often. They are sick because they didn’t have time to repent. They are not bad people, but they need cleansing a little bit longer.

These souls need a lot of offerings and prayers to heal them for what they had done while on earth.

I offered them today in church during Holy Mass and continued praying from them and offering Rosary prayers. Slowly they progress.

Our Lord told me that for Easter, many souls went to Heaven.

He said, “I open Heaven for Easter but not for all of them. Many are still retained because they are not purified yet.”

During the Holy Mass, our Lord appeared all in the most beautiful brilliant white, and He was happy.

Our Lord Jesus said, “See, you have witnessed My Resurrection. I Am truly risen, and I live. Proclaim this to the people.”

“But for many, I Am still dead. They do not believe in Me, and they reject Me. They do not believe anymore in Me, My true Resurrection, and that I Am God.”

“I Am still very much offended by the world. Pray that they will come to acknowledge the real true God and that I Am in charge of everything.”

I said, “It must be beautiful in Heaven today. The whole of Heaven is rejoicing and praising You for Your Glory.”

Lord Jesus does not suffer anymore, but He suffers because we on earth offend Him.

Message #2 to Valentina Sydney Seer –  17 April 2022

Easter Sunday

We are breathing Toxic Air

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Blessed Mother appeared about five o’clock this morning, ever so humble and said, “Praise be Lord Jesus. God the Father sent me to give you a warning and to tell you that you are all breathing toxic air. There are so many toxins in the air, and it is very harmful to your lungs and to your health. They are trying to destroy you. They are trying to kill you.”

“Now in the world, it is so bad. They are constantly planning to harm you. So, pray and trust my Son and come close to Him so that He can protect you.”

I asked, “But who are these people?”

Blessed Mother said, “There are evil people everywhere in the world now. They are trying to do evil to their own people. Pray, pray and be careful.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, no wonder I am coughing, this dry cough that gets me during the night. I can’t understand.”

She smiled and said, “Yes because it affects your lungs. That is why, pray and trust in my Son Jesus.”

I was crying when Blessed Mother told me this. I said to her, “Blessed Mother, I am so grateful to God the Father that He is concerned for us here and thinks of us.”

“Of course He thinks of you. He loves you so much children. He is very concerned for you. That is why He sent me,” she said.

I said, “But what can we do? We can’t do anything here.”

She said, “What can you do? You can pray! Prayer is the only way.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for coming to warn us. Please pray for us and protect us.

Later in church, during Holy Mass, I thought about what our Blessed Mother told me in the morning. Our Lord said to me, “Just wait a little bit longer, and I will do everything possible to purify the world, and it will be beautiful. You can breathe again; you can do anything, but it is still a lot of suffering for the time being.”

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 22 April 2022

My Body is Torn Apart

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This morning while I was praying, I was taken by an angel to a place I had never seen before.

The angel said, “Our Lord wants you to witness something you have never witnessed before.”

Suddenly we found ourselves in a courtyard, and in front of us was a large building which looked like a warehouse. I could see quite a few people moving around in this courtyard. Initially, I thought this place might be somewhere in Purgatory, but it wasn’t.

Suddenly the angel and I stopped as we watched a man cut branches from a tree. The tree was of medium height, the size of a very large shrub, and it had many, many branches with dark fruits growing on them. I thought I would like to taste the fruit.

Immediately the angel said, “No! Don’t taste it! It’s a bitter fruit.”

As the man was cutting the branches with a very sharp saw, the people slowly started to gather around the tree. They started picking up the branches, which were quite thick, and there were many of them. They were carrying the freshly cut branches and throwing them into an opening of the large building. It looked like a warehouse for the disposal and recycling of these branches.

Suddenly our Lord Jesus came among these people. He came as a little Boy of about six to seven years old. He was screaming and crying and crying as He watched what was happening to the tree.

He said to the people, “No! Don’t cut them! Don’t cut them, don’t throw them away! You hurt Me. You have torn My Body apart.”

He screamed, “I want unity, to be all in one, not separation. That is My Church.”

“I established one Faith, one Easter, that is My Church. Only then you would heal My Wounds and My Body. I want unity. Only then would I be healed when unity would come,” He cried.

The tree represents the Body of Christ, and the branches represent the Church and the people.

As I watched this painful scene, our Lord Jesus gave me to understand how painful it is for Him. He was screaming because it was as though they were cutting off His Arms and Legs from His Holy Body. They were tearing His Holy Body apart.

I have never seen our Lord scream so much. He was screaming louder and louder each time, “No! Don’t cut them! Don’t throw them away.”

Our Lord came as a little Child crying and crying. It hurts Him so much, this division in the Church. They disobey our Lord. They have no idea how they offend Him. If only they could see how He suffers, they would console Him and become united.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 23 April 2022

The Excruciating Pain this War Gives to our Lord

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It was about three-thirty in the afternoon when I started praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. While I was praying, suddenly our Lord Jesus appeared.

He said, “Do you know that right now Putin gives Me so much pain; not with My Crown of Thorns, that I received during My Passion that was so excruciatingly painful, that I went through, but he pains Me now direct to My Sacred Heart, which is so painful. With his brutal killings and the destruction he is doing to innocent people and the little children.”

“Pray for My Mercy to enter and pray that with My Mercy, peace will descend. That is the way you will console Me.”

Lord, have mercy on the whole world.

Then I had a vision. Suddenly the angel appeared, and we found ourselves walking through this valley, _along _a beautiful straight road, like an allée, lined with trees both on the left and right side.

We then came to another part of this very long road; it went for miles and miles. The trees here were all burnt, charcoal black like they had been incinerated. There were only the tall stumps left on both sides of the road.

I said to the angel, “What does all this represent? It looks very depressing.”

The angel answered, “I’ll show you.”

“You walk through the Valley of Death. During this war, if Russia decides to launch a missile, the atomic missile, that’s what will happen. It will not only happen to the trees and nature, but it will happen to people. And it can happen at any time.”

“It also represents that if this happens, many people will die unrepentant, and their souls will be dry as well, and black like the tree stumps, without God.”

I said, “Oh, this is horrible.”

The angel said, “Valentina, you must proclaim the Mercy of God while you still can. Tell people to repent, to reconcile with God and to change their way of life because these things can all happen. Pray, so that our Lord will put His Almighty Hand here to stop this because they want to do it.”

This place was ever so depressing. It was complete desolation, just like after the bombing of an area, and all that is left has been incinerated. Here only the tree stumps remained, sticking out of the ground all black.

The trees must have been beautiful when they were lush green. The allée of beautiful tall trees, and a beautiful road, and then, all was incinerated. We live in times when we take everything for granted. We must pray for the world and for our Lord to intervene.