Russia Will Invade Europe – 16 May 2022

TO: All European Governments and NATO Countries

FROM: Mr. William Costellia (Seer/Visionary of Australia)

DATE: 16 May 2022


Dear Mr. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Government Leaders of Europe and NATO

I wish you and your People well during this time of world crisis. The War in Ukraine is just the beginning. Please be careful and remain alert because Russia intends to invade Europe. Consequently, be on your guard and stand ready to counter-attack the Russian Forces.

This information is given by Jesus Christ, and the Mother of God. It is significant in relation to the forecast “Blood Moon’s” which are occurring in our solar system. In fact, today, 16 May 2022 it is visible around the world as an Eclipse. The following Message is prophetic and was given to a Seer in Argentina known as “Luz de Maria”:

Luz de Maria – THE MOST HOLY VIRGIN MARY – 17 October 2015

“Beloved, the anger and the power struggle for control of all mankind continues. This is a latent danger for My Son’s People throughout the world. Mankind does not deliberate the danger of World War III, although, since several instants ago, I have mentioned that the war would start because of a small country.”

“The alliances between nations will be betrayed and the Bear will take over the power to lead the invasion of Europe amid signs in the sun and the moon that My Son has allowed for His People to wake up, but since His People do not wake up, the earth cracks here and there, and shakes in a country and another.”

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“First blood moon in May

The second lunar eclipse (blood moon) of 2022 will occur the 7-8 of November