Message to Lorena – 29 May 2022


May 29, 2022

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I, Prince of the Celestial Militia, come in the name of All Heaven to give you the LAST CALLS TO CONVERSION AND PREPARATION for My Common Soldiers as Soldiers of My Militant Army.

The Pandemics that emerge threatening the Globe, will be the Beginning of Sorrows and a beginning of the Great Tribulation, this next Pandemic that is at the Doors, symbolises the beginning of EVERYTHING announced by Heaven, as part of the Tribulation to arrive shortly little by little to the Warning.

Since when this happens, the World will be completely in a Chaos of all kinds, for this reason this Pandemic announces the Beginning of Sorrows. The great Elites are preparing a Terrible Vaccine that, more than anything else, will kill people’s Souls, so that the Holy Spirit can NO longer dwell in them.

That is why I ask you NOT to submit to this Terrible Vaccine, which will end the Spirituality of the Soul, ask for the protection of Heaven, so that Heaven comes to your aid and NOT be Vaccinated.

Heaven manifests itself in an extraordinary way in your lives, according to the Faith you have in your Creator, if this is a rickety Faith, the results will be poor, but if that Faith is great you will see Miracles and Prowesses, for this reason I ask you to Pray at all times.

The Horseman of Famine Rides around the World ready to Unsheathe his Sword, so prepare your homes with Water, Food, Medicines and Personal Hygiene Items, but above all prepare your Souls FOR WHAT COMES.

How can you prepare your Souls for a Good Death? Go soon to give a Good Confession, make a Good Confession of Life, also Pray and Fast, but most importantly, learn to live in the Divine Will.

The Martyrs, prepare their Souls for Martyrdom through the Anointing of the Holy Spirit that manages to strengthen them at the time of the test, but for this there must have been a Fusion of the same with its Creator from Heart to Heart, for this it is very IMPORTANT the Prayer Vigils, the Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament, knowing how to Merge with the Love of God entering into a Deep Ecstasy, which leads the Soul to feel the Love of God in all Its Fullness and the desire to surrender your life for Christ.

If you feel a call to Martyrdom and have not yet felt that Ecstasy with God, prepare to feel it, asking for the Anointing of the Holy Spirit in your Souls and Spirits, thus achieving a special connection with the Creator, which many of you have already felt.

If not, ask the Holy Spirit to come to your aid on this Pentecost, so that as a Gift from Heaven you can feel this Fusion of the Holy Trinity in you, when you reach this point you will not mind giving your life for God and it is when the Seed of Martyrdom will be born in you.

Remember that Martyrdom is a very Great Mission and you must prepare for it, it consists of Heroic Actions at the time of torture, which makes the person enter a state of ecstasy and even rise to Heaven through a Powerful Anointing of the Holy Spirit running through your entire body, this sensation will be stronger than Martyrdom itself. Therefore, making the Martyr able to withstand pain, ask this Pentecost for this Anointing of the Holy Spirit in you, which will enable you not only for Martyrdom, but also to endure the Great Tribulation with Great Courage.

Ask the Holy Spirit for this Gift and He will give it to you as it is very necessary for these turbulent times we are living, ask for this Grace and the Holy Spirit will give it to you, just ask for it with your Heart and Feed your spirit with the Spirit of God, fill yourselves of Divine Wisdom, ask for Gifts that help you Grow Spiritually and build the Church, not that fill you with Pride for wanting to star among men.

The Holy Spirit will NOT descend on those who have a proud heart for it, humble yourselves, cleanse your hearts, to be LIVING TABERNACLES and PREPARE YOURSELVES, TO RECEIVE THIS PENTECOST, THE OUTPUT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN YOUR LIVES.

I say goodbye to you with the War Cry,


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