Message 845 – 16 July 2022



Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Australia: The Harbour Bridge and Opera House will collapse – A very large Asteroid will come very close to the atmosphere. Spain will be punished very soon; France too, will be affected; Russia will flow over Northern Countries of Europe – England: a very sorrowful and sad event will occur, very soon, with the Royal House – China preparing to attack Taiwan- The Vatican will go into great flames; the enemy will place the Flag of Communism upon the Basilica – Japan: a huge earthquake will divide the Islands.

WILLIAM: It is about 4 pm. Saint Michael stands before me and he says to wait in supplication for the Queen of Heaven.

The White Cross appears very bright at the Holy Grounds. The Holy Cross seems to be very bright, going up and down, as it is not far from where I am situated. Around me are about 20,000 Archangels dressed in white, from Saint Michael’s Choir. The area around me up to the sky, lights up.

Our Blessed Mother comes down in a flowing white light and stands about 15 feet from the ground – about 5 feet from me. Our Lady bends over me and kisses my head – Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Our Holy Mother is very beautiful and is smiling as She greets me and says:

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved son of predilection, William, loved by Me, your Heavenly Mother and I Bless you, My precious son, future Vicar of My Holy Son Jesus and His Holy Church upon Earth. My holy son, who is waiting for Jesus to release him from the chains that are holding him in prison of wickedness. Be at peace, because this imprisonment of My dear son will be over very soon, because all that they have placed upon you, which is illegal and sinful, will be overthrown very soon and those of evil nature and intensions will see what it means to use the system to turn souls against good. Fear not, My son.”

Australia will receive many chastisements against the land and its people and they will realise what they have caused against My son, turning mankind to think carefully as to why they have caused so much suffering upon you. There will be more devastating floods and Sydney will be ruined, because the land will divide and bring the great monuments to ruin. The city will collapse and the Harbour Bridge will collapse with the Opera House and many people shall perish and the authorities will come to believe and understand what they have done to you.”

“You shall rise to great height because mankind will then believe in My Divine Son Jesus’ Words and the Words that I have delivered to you for 40 years, warning mankind, because the people of Australia had refused to believe in the Divine Messages given to them. Believe Me, My holy son, the people of this country will see what they have done to you, My holy Spouse of the End Times.”

“When the sky gets exposed to a light that will shine, very brightly, it will be an action caused by the reflection from an Asteroid, which will come very close to the atmosphere. This stone will be the cause of much disturbance in the atmosphere, as the Asteroid will be very large and if it would hit the Earth it would cause the annihilation of the Earth. Shield your eyes from the Light and stay where you are and pray.”

“My children, you still do not accept the Warnings that We of Heaven have sent you.”

Spain will be punished very soon, as the countries from the Middle East will attack it and bring fear upon the nations.”

France too, will be affected, causing the unsettlement of the nation, as it will bring the Muslims to uprise, bringing division in the nations.”

“My children are falling asleep not realising that Russia, the Bear, is awakening and will flow over Northern Countries of Europe, bringing war upon the nations of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Eastern Germany, very, very soon. They act as if nothing is occurring, but the attack upon the Ukraine is the very opening of the Great War. It began in 2014. Wake up, My children, as the world is preparing for the Third World War.”

England, a land that believes it will not be touched, will be surprised, because a very sorrowful and sad event will occur, very soon, with the Royal House. Pray, My children.”

China is preparing to attack Taiwan, which will make a clear way, for the U.S.A., will come to defend the nation, but it will bring great division for the U.S.A. Pray, My children, because mankind is bringing many claims.”

“Pray, My children, for South America and the smaller nations in between the South and North of America, because great waves are coming to divide the small nations, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. South America will fall apart bringing Communism upon some of the nations, but it will divide the people and bring great division – and the lack of food will also bring great division – upon the people. Pray children, pray, because it will only be much prayer that will change the way things go.”

“Pray for Pope Benedict, because he is trying, as his age is a sign that his time is very near. The Vatican will go into great flames and the enemy will place the Flag of Communism upon the Basilica to show the world that Communism has won.”

Volcanoes will erupt everywhere causing a great disturbance upon the world.”

Japan, hear Me now: A huge earthquake will divide the Islands. I seek prayer from many people, because it will be only prayer that will change the hearts of Our children.”

“Heed My Words, My beloved children, because the war has come and soon a person in power will be killed, which will bring forth great suffering for the world.”

“I will come again soon, as I wish to speak to Our children, as times are very serious. I Love you, sweet children and I give you an Angel from the Choir of the Archangels. Pray, My children and do not fear. Wear the Brown Scapular – it is a Sign of protection for your souls. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I Bless you, My holy son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Fear not, for help is on your way, very soon and your work will continue, because you are the one, We of Heaven, have chosen. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I Love you, My sweet child William.”