Four Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 1 5 7 August 2022

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 1 August 2022

Ask Me to Bless you on your Birthday

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Our Lord Jesus said, “Ask Me to bless you on your birthday. Thank Me for creating you and giving you life, and thank your parents for looking after you and raising you.”

I said, “Lord and Blessed Mother, how do you know everyone’s birthday? There are so many millions and millions of us on earth.”

He said, “It is very hard for you to understand. I Am the Creator, and I know each one of you.”

“Always thank Me for your life, your ups and downs, that you experience through your lives because I love you so much. I Am your Creator and your Father. How I love you when you are close to Me and how sad I Am when you drift away from Me.”

I said, “Thank You, Lord, that you remember my birthday.”

“How can I forget when You keep reminding Me,  ‘Lord, it’s my birthday!’ ” our Lord said with a smile.

We should be grateful because life is a gift from God. We are part of God. He created us, and we belong to Him.

So many people are in despair about their lives. You should turn to God; He will make you feel better, and He will change your way of life only if you allow Him.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 5 August 2022

Our Lord is Sacrileged

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During the prayers, our Lord said, “I tell you, the prayers from this prayer group are very powerful. A lot of good things come from this prayer group. Tell people to continue to pray.”

Soon after our Lord said this to me, I watched as the Tabernacle opened. I could see the Blessed Sacrament and a white feather right next to it. Then a most beautiful angel, with pure white wings, descended from the Tabernacle and went towards the right side of the Chapel.

Whilst looking at me and, with his hand, directing my eyes towards the Tabernacle, then in an urgent tone, the angel said, “ Sacrilege! Sacrilege! Our Lord is so sacrileged. Tell people they sacrilege our Lord in every church. They have to stop that; they need to repent! They need to repent, not offend Him! There is too much sacrilege in all the churches! Stop being silent. Speak the truth to people.”

The angel was so upset.

Then as I looked at the Tabernacle, the feather that was sitting there suddenly changed into the most beautiful colours of the rainbow; orange colours, some green, purple, and some red. Seeing the rainbow gave me such a good feeling that something nice or maybe some little miracle will happen here in this church.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, and have mercy on us.

Message 1 to Valentina Sydney Seer – 7 August 2022

Blessed Mother Constantly Prays and Intercedes for Us

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Our Blessed Mother said, “I want to tell you, as a Sorrowful Mother, how sorrowful I was when I stood beneath the Cross and how I plead for all of you, my children, because my Son died for you, for the sins committed in the world.”

“From that day on, I continue to pray for you and to intercede for you in Heaven. I have never stopped, not one day, to intercede for all of you. It is for your salvation, my children.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother.

Message 2 to Valentina Sydney Seer – 7 August 2022

The Holy Spirit Manifests During the Holy Mass

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During the Holy Mass today, our Lord said to me,  “They are planning a lot of evil on earth. I do not want to put fear in you because you trust in Me but tell people, “I knock, and I knock, and I warn humanity to change and repent, but I do not achieve anything. But woe to those who turn away from Me, making their eyes blind and their ears deaf to My call, and they refuse My Grace. Severe justice will come upon them.”

He said, “Also tell people, each time they (the evil doers) plan evil on earth, My Coming is closer, so do not fear. Tell people not to fear. The more evil they are planning on earth, the closer is My Coming. My Coming is very near. I want you to proclaim My Word to people and tell them to repent so that it will be beautiful when I arrive because My Coming is very, very close to you. I will not sleep nor let go of My people to suffer so much.”

“They plan evil. I plan good and salvation. I love you all, My children.”

Then our Lord said, “Valentina, I want you to offer Me everyone you think of. This is a high Mass, and Father Chris is celebrating the Mass. He is a very special priest. Pray for him. Tell him that I love him.”

“Valentina, you know, all the souls that you save and you offer them to Me, would you believe Me when I say that your name is universal? The voices are calling you, ‘ Valentina, Valentina, Valentina,’  all the time.”

I said, “Lord, you make me laugh, but I really truly hear these voices. I turn around to see who is calling me, I could be walking along the street or in the shops, and I could hear my name being called.”

Our Lord said, “Yes, because you are very united to the Holy Souls, and they all need help. I will tell you a little secret, no one, ever before, has saved so many souls as you did. You suffer, and you offer to Me, and many, many, many thousands of souls go to Heaven through your offering. How important it is to offer Me the Holy Souls. You should be very proud and happy.”

With a cheeky smile, our Lord said, “You are very popular, you know.”

Our Lord was joking with me as He always tries to cheer me up.

During the Holy Mass, when it was time to celebrate Holy Communion, Father Chris was preparing Holy Communion to distribute it, and I could see on the right side of the Altar the most beautiful saintly people. I could see at least three men wearing the most beautiful golden chasubles; these were special priestly garments. I think these men were Bishops as each wore a Mitre on their head. They were all seated in a row.

In the midst of these saintly men, the most brilliant Light exploded, and in the next moment, a huge white Dove appeared that instantly shot towards Father Chris, and as It did so, I could hear a loud  ‘swoosh’.  I usually see the Holy Spirit as a smaller Dove, but this was so huge. The Dove stood behind Father Chris with spread wings and then surrounded him with Its wings.

I was so in awe of the vision in front of me that I thought maybe Father Chris could see the Dove surrounding him. It was so powerful.

I said, “Lord Jesus, Father Chris’s homily today was so beautiful. He really spoke the truth about what is coming.”

Our Lord said, “Through the Holy Spirit, I guide him. I send the Holy Spirit to him because I love him, and he is very truthful to Me and very obedient to My Call. Pray for him.”