Message to Bright Star – 15 August 2022


AUGUST 15, 2022

BRIGHT STAR OF GOD’S LOVE: Since the beginning of the third decade the White Cross has come up behind the Crucifix here and has gone high into the sky. The door in the middle of the Cross is opening and now there are St. Michael and many other Angels coming through. The Angels all come down and take their places all around the Chapel and the properties. There are hundreds of Angels – all in their warrior outfits. They are really beautiful; they all have swords or spears with them. And now it is like an escalator coming through the opening of the door and it is coming down to the Chapel. On both sides of it are beautiful rosebushes that make a path from the Cross to the Chapel, it is really beautiful. There are different coloured roses on the bushes and little rosebuds, pink, red, yellow and beautiful, beautiful to see.

Mother is coming through the door and Mother is also Our Lady of Grace, again tonight. All the Angels and the many Saints that also came through the door are singing Salve Regina. It is nothing like you hear, here on earth it is beautiful. As Mother is gliding down, She is bright as the sun. There is light coming from Mother’s Heart and from Her Hands and Feet. Beautiful white pure light going into the Chapel, bathing on all those that are here present, making each person here very bright and shiny. The light is shooting throughout the world also. It is going to many places and I especially see it going to Australia. Mother has a beautiful smile on Her Face tonight, She seems to be very happy and Heaven is rejoicing much, for the Feast of Our Lady today. Mother has now entered the Chapel, and She is looking about the chapel and She raises Her Hand.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love and I thank you for answering God’s Call. The Father has asked Me to come here again tonight, My son, because of the state of the Church and the world. Time is at its end, and Our children refuse to hear Our Words and heed them. Oh My son, be at peace, for Heaven sees all things and knows all things. To do one’s duty is just and right My son, so be at peace and offer your works to My Immaculate Heart. Your life is a gift from God, so offer Me every beat of your heart and every breath you take, and God will be with you throughout your day.”

“Oh, My son, I ask you all to pray for the land of the maple leaf. You have moved so for from your God. Oh, My children, there is a price to pay for electing people who go against the Will of God and put into practice things of the evil one. Your earth will shake, My children; your food will diminish. Oh, My children, so much could be avoided if you would fall on your knees and turn to your God and ask for forgiveness. My children this is so important, to repent before the Mercy of God has ended. For when His justice takes over, things will happen very quickly within the world. You will not get over one disaster before another will fall upon you.”

“I ask you also My children to pray for England for great sorrow is about to fall on this country. Pray for the United States for their White House has become a cesspool of sin. Oh, My children, pray that a new President will take over this country before it is too late. For they have taken the wide road, My children, and they do not listen to the Words from Heaven, but they continue on the path of perdition. Oh please in your charity, pray for all these souls that they will be saved. That they will ask for forgiveness before it is too late.”

“I ask you also to pray for Australia, for much devastation will fall upon this country. They have turned a deaf ear to the pleas of their Mother and to their God.”

“Oh, My children, if you could see what is about to befall the world, you will fall on your knees and ask your God for mercy. Many, My children, have decided to wait to see if things will be fulfilled; they are waiting for, “The Warning.” Oh how blind you are, My children, for when these things happen many will perish, and it will be too late. Now is the time of mercy My children, such a short time of mercy is left. Turn to your God and beg forgiveness. Oh, My little ones, beg your God to forgive those who have turned on their God and have put into practice many things, which are against the laws of God.”

“I ask you My children to also pray for My Son’s Church upon earth, it is in such darkness. Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, because his hour is almost here to flee Rome and this is one of the signs, My children, to know that the warning is at hand. Pray for Francis, My children. Ask God to show Mercy to him and that He will turn away from his ways and that he will ask God to forgive him. For he, too, will be called across the veil very shortly. And I ask you also to pray for Peter II who will soon take charge and lead My children. Oh, My son, your God has not forgotten you nor have you been forsaken. All that has been prophesied through, the years, My son, will come to fulfilment before the eyes of many disbelievers. Be at peace, My son, for I love you. And I Bless these three sons: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

BRIGHT STAR OF GOD’S LOVE: Mother has now come through the chapel, and She places Her Hand upon the head of each person that is here. As She does much light comes from Mother’s Hand into each person. It is hard to explain but each person becomes very lit up – full of light. Mother kisses each person on the forehead and now She is back at the front. Mother looks very happy tonight and She just, kind of, looks into the heart of each person here. Mother now raises Her Hand again and Blesses us:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My children I bring you My Love and I thank you once again for your faithfulness. So many things would already have come to pass if it were not for the few who continue to pray and offer sacrifice to their God for their brothers and sisters. This pure act of charity is asked by all to pray in this final hour, so that more souls could be saved. I love you so much My children and I assure you one day your reward will be great in Heaven. I love you My children and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

BRIGHT STAR OF GOD’S LOVE: St. Michael now has asked that we sing Salve Regina at the end of the prayers in honour of the Feast Day of Our Lady today.