Message to Christina Gallagher – 16 July 2022

Message of Jesus to Christina Gallagher

16 July 2022

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OUR LORD: “My dear child, give once again to the people of the world, these words; My Sacred Heart sorrows as does My Immaculate Mother’s Heart. It bleeds from the lack of response of My children for the greatness of the gift of My Life to souls. How you people of the world have trampled that gift of My Life given to you in love but you do not know what awaits your world and what you will have to endure for your sins. You go deeper and deeper into the fog of evil. Lucifer is so joyous with your response to him as you receive his lure and seduction to every kind of sin. The world’s leaders are ready and prepared in so many ways to dispose of many of you and bring about a control of your body and person that will lead to the destruction of your soul. My Church is defiled and leading to the takeover of Lucifer, known to you as antichrist. You can not imagine how he will make you suffer and many will die at his hands. All you have will be at his disposal. People, you who are in darkness now and will not change – many of you will be lost for eternity. I offer you everything for Eternal Life but many refuse Light and Life.

My poor daughter, you were called by Me and My Immaculate Mother over these many years but the people preferred to respond to the seduction of Lucifer more eagerly. The fire will fall from the sky and many people throughout the world will tremble; others will die. There are many places throughout the world where I have sent my Immaculate Mother to call Her children but the true call of My Mother was not heard – to get you ready for the times you are now in. You will witness My Church’s closure and all of My sacraments mocked and disowned but with it will come suffering and death; death in body and soul for many. Many people look for new messages but have not responded to any. My dear child, you have given everything to respond to My call. See how they disbelieve you. They know of My Hand at work in healings, conversions and so many gifts which place My hallmark upon this work but many hate Me and, therefore, they hate you too. So many have refused to help you but all to their regret.

Father Gerard, keep close in unity with My little one. You both have saved souls beyond your imagination. I bless you daily and My Immaculate Mother places Her mantle around you.